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Launch Series: SIRTF Mission Overview
Question Board

Isabella from Merritt Island
What kind of images will SIRTF obtain?
Jenny from Las Vegas
How far will SIRTF be positioned from Earth?
Kristin from Mooresville
How long will SIRTF be in space?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
Can SIRTF make photos from other Planets same the Hubble?
Clifford from Everette, Massachusetts
What would SIRTF look for and its cosmic scale range in parsecs, or astromical units?
Upamanyu from Calcutta, India
What is the work of SIRTF in space?
Ben from Brooklyn, New York
Why was an Earth-trailing solar orbit chosen for SIRTF? (as opposed to an Earth orbit, or one that orbits the Sun away from Earth). Thank you, Ben
Dexter from Sweden
What will it help us with? How much did it cost?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
How long SIRTF can stay in space?
Rich O. from Elk Grove, Illinois
With both the Hubble telescope and SIRTF, can they be used together to create better and clearer images? Can SIRTF be used with ground base telescopes?
Richard from Texarkana, Arkansas
Will SIRTF be used to view any objects within our own solar system? Also, will SIRTF be used to view the Earth in any way?
Carlos from Mexico City
Will the new telescope aid in the quest to uncover black holes?
Carl from Portland
Is the SIRTF aimed at the earth or into the vast darkness of space and other planets?
Sarah from Melbourne
How long do you expect the SIRTF mission to last? Will there be upgrade or servicing missions in the future for this telescope as there have been for Hubble?
Richard from Safety Harbor
How will the data be processed and output? How soon will it be available to the public?
Jennifer from Melbourne
How soon will you start receiving pictures from space?
Debbie from Melbourne
How will the data obtained be used with the data already coming from Hubble and Chandra?
Dominic from Apalachin
How will you recevieve the images from the new SIRTF telescope? Will the telescope have its own satellites or will it relay on other military satellites? If it relays on other satellits will they be our own or international ones?
Chan from Hong Kong
Why do you launch SIRTF? Can SIRTF detect ET or tenth planet?
Bill C. from York, Maine
How will we benefit from this upcoming launch?
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon, Asturias
Are you going to use SIRTF to study Kuiper belt objects? What kind of information will you obtain if so? Thanks!
Geoff from Buies Creek
What will SIRTF detect?
Michael from Fuquay-Varnina
What is the life expectancy of the SIRTF? the cost of the SIRTF?
Juan Rodriquez from Gijon (Spain)
What is the resolution of SIRTF images. If you take a picture of the Orion Nebula, for example, will we see, in infrared, the same details as in Hubble images?
Andrew from Knoxville, Maryland
What kind of telescope is going to be sent into space with this infrared technology? Is it similar to the Hubble?
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon (Spain)
The Universe has been studied by some infrared space observatories, like ISO or IRAS... Are you expecting any special discovery with SIRTF?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center