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Launch Series: SIRTF - Preparing for Launch

Cris Guidi Host:

Program Overview:
Join us for live coverage of the SIRTF mission following the pre-launch briefing from the Kennedy Space Center. Highlights include a live weather update on launch conditions, an update on the Delta II Heavy pre-launch activities.
Event Date: August 22, 2003
Program Began: 3:00 p.m. EDT

Joel TumbioloSpecial Guest:
Launch Weather
Officer and Chief
Weather Forecaster
Overview: Weather Officer Joel Tumbiolo gives us an update on the launch day forecast, and what conditions are needed for a safe launch.
+ View Program Introduction and Weather Briefing
Omar BaezSpecial Guest:
Omar Baez
NASA Launch
Overview: Launch Director Omar Baez gives us the latest on how the Delta II Heavy team is preparing for SIRTF's launch. He will also answer your questions on the launch vehicle.
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Michelle Thaller Special Guest:
Michelle Thaller
Education and Public
Outreach Program
Overview: Michelle Thaller is SIRTF's Education and Public Outreach Program Manager. She will give us an overview of the potential scientific implications from the observatory. She will also answer your questions on the science of the project.
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Prize Winners:
Lenora from Lakeland - Launch Director's Board
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon - Launch Director's Board
Blake from Hollywood - Mission Science Board
Andy from Grangemouth - Mission Science Board

The individuals above are our Grand Prize Winners. They will each receive a SIRTF program package comprising a mission poster, decal and fact sheet.