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Launch Series: SIRTF - Preparing the Delta II Heavy for Launch
Question Board

Pierre from Omaha
How long does it take to assemble a Delta II on the pad and how many people are involved in the process?
Ju from Manila
What is the difference with Hubble's attached systems such as the NICMOS, ACS and the new infrared telescope?
Carl from Portland
Is the SIRTF aimed at the Earth or into the vast darkness of space and other planets?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
Is SIRTF larger then Hubble?
Rich O. from Elk Grove, Illinois
If I remember correctly the Delta II Heavy was first used on the MER-B launch a couple months ago. What did you learn from that launch that you have improved on this launch vehicle? How has going to a heavy launch vehicle improved the launch process?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
How heavy is the Telescope ?
William from Pittsburgh
How much energy will the Delta IV rocket expend as it launches SIRTF into orbit?
Lenora from Lakeland, Florida
Does the weight of the cargo determine the window you use to carry the payload into space. If not just how do you determine the window ?
Andy from Grangeville
What do you feel is the most difficult part of vehicle processing? Where could the most issues occur?
Jerry from Shrewsbury
Do you anticipate any issues with the cork this time as you had with the MER-B mission?
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon, Spain
Do you have to take special safety precautions to prevent problems with the SIRTF liquid helium tank during this launch?
Juan Rodriguez from Gijon, Spain
I have read that you had to reschedule the launch of SIRTF because you are using a tracking and instrumentation ship in the Indian Ocean to support launch. Why don't you use tracking and data relay satellites?
Beatriz Vallina from Valdesoto, Spain
How can you assure that the 85 cm diameter primary mirror of SIRTF will not suffer any damage during the launch?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
Will the Delta II rocket have to be modified/customised in any way (as compared to launching something like the MER Rovers) so that it can accommodate the "warm launch architecture" of the SIRTF system?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
The Delta II heavy rocket was used to launch MER-B into space, and now it is being used to launch SIRTF into space. MER-B is on its way to Mars, while SIRTF will remain in an Earth orbit. How can the same rocket be used for these two very different applications? Can the engines of the rocket be controlled so that it can be used for such diverse missions?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center