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MESSENGER Webcast: Mission Overview
Conclusion and Credits

Tiffany Nail: We now have some great prizes to give away. Our top two questions from the question board will receive a mission gift pack which includes an official MESSENGER launch poster, fact sheet, mission patch and lapel pin.

Today's winners are Juan from Spain and Art from Los Altos.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit all these great questions! Those of you whose questions were used today will also receive a mission patch, lapel pin, and fact sheet.

Be sure to check our NASA Direct! Web site for future missions and the opportunity to ask questions about your favorite mission and have them answered live on NASA Direct!

Most importantly, remember to join our virtual launch control center Aug. 2 to see live coverage of the MESSENGER launch scheduled for 2 a.m. Eastern daylight time.

I'm Tiffany Nail, thanks for joining us on NASA Direct!