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Launch Services Program Series: MESSENGER

Cheryle Mako Host:
Cheryle Mako
Integration Manager
Launch Services
MESSENGER: Science and Technology
The MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging mission will reveal the secrets of the planet Mercury. We'll take you behind the scenes of this exciting mission to one of our terrestrial neighbors.

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Dr. Orlando FigueroaSpecial Guest:
Dr. Orlando Figueroa
NASA's Office of
Earth Science
Program Introduction and welcome
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Dr. Ralph McNutt Special Guest:
Dr. Ralph McNutt
Project Scientist
Overview: The MESSENGER spacecraft will study Mercury as no spacecraft has done before. Learn about the science and technology of this exciting mission with the expertise of Dr. McNutt.
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Prize Winners:
Robert from Tucson, Arizona
Hardik from Ahmedabad

The individuals above are our Grand Prize Winners. They will each receive a MESSENGER program package comprising an official launch poster, mission fact sheet, patch and lapel pin.