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MER-B Webcast: The Job of a Robo-Geologist
Question Board

Stephanie from Edmonton, Canada
Since the only cameras are on the rover itself, will you have any way of showing what the rover looks like roaming on Mars? (i.e., will you be using digital animation to give the public a feel for what the rovers look like on the surface?)
Stephanie from Edmonton, Canada
When Opportunity lands at Meridiani Planum, what will you do if it lands far away from the hematite? If you find olivine at either of the two rover sites, would that change the scientists' theories about the sites?
Stephanie from Edmonton, Canada
What is the difference between Terra Meridiani and Meridiani Planum? What is the correct name of the landing site?
Richard from Arcadia, Florida
Will using the RAT cause any problem with dust on camera lens or instruments?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
What steps are in place to handle a rover that does not respond correctly to the commands it is given? Is there a possibility of the rover doing its 'own thing'?
Russ from Yuba City, California
Will JPL/NASA labs be monitoring both rovers at the same time? Will the public be able to see both rovers working at the same time? Split screen stuff?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
When Spirit and Opportunity land on Mars, how long will we need to wait for the first photo?
George from Concord
How long till the units arrive on Mars? And how long can the robots run on Mars? How long did the last robot stay active?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
Are there any specific geological interests about the landing sites chosen for the MER rovers? Is there anything that would make you suspect that these landing sites would contain more relative information than another site?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
The rover will be moving around on the surface testing samples from various sites within the rover's range. If significant findings are found in one particular area, will they be investigated further, or will the rover maintain its original schedule?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
If significant geological findings do occur (i.e. evidence that Mars could have supported life) will another rover be sent to investigate this and bring back rock samples for further analysis on Earth? What are the options if something like this is found?
Anibal from Lisbon, Portugal
I would like to know if the latest Rover to Mars, is carrying the CD listing the people who have submitted their names? Thanks and best success.
David from Berkeley
How much more autonomous are the MER rovers compared to the Sojourner rover in terms of navigating across the Martian surface and going to targets?
David from Berkeley
How involved will the engineers who designed and built the rovers be in operations on the surface of Mars? Do they continue to work with the rovers, or do different engineers take over?
David from Berkeley
How were the components in the MER rovers tested to make sure they will operate under Martian environmental conditions
David from Berkeley
What improvements have been made in the rechargeable batteries (since Pathfinder) to insure that electrical power lasts longer?
Dan from Bronx, New York
I realize the two rovers sent towards Mars will be doing extensive geological experiments of the "red planet." What direct significance will these missions have on the future manned missions to Mars and more specifically, the future of colonizing Mars? I am assuming the idea of using nuclear rockets by then will be incorporated...will Mars have the basic "ingredients" for maintaining a colony based on nuclear fusion power?
Hgowari from Port Harcourt
When will MER-B land on Mars? Will there be a live broadcast?
Benny from Syracuse
Will the initial pictures from MARS be broadcast live?
Benny from Syracuse
Are there fail safes installed in these rovers (i.e., back up power sources) ?
Beatriz Vallina from Valdesoto, Spain
Hello, do you have any plan to use the rovers to study the MER airbags, parachutes or aeroshells that have been used during the entry/landing phase to check if they have worked as you planned and/or to check their state after the landing? Thank you.
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