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MER-B Webcast: How are MER-A and MER-B Different?
Question Board

Luke from Comox
What does MER-A do? What does MER-B do?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
The Mars Pathfinder Rover was only intended to have a mission of 30 days, however, it kept sending information for several months. Is the mission duration of 90 days for the MER Rovers an adjusted length as a result of Pathfinder's extended mission, or is it due to improved battery power systems? If so, what do you expect the "real" mission length to be?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
Other than geographical location, what are the differences in terrain between Gusev Crater (Spirit) and Terra Meridiani (Opportunity)? Will any differences in terrain affect the battery life of the rovers, or has this been considered when building the rovers? For example, if one terrain is more 'hilly' the rover will use more power navigating that terrain than the other rover.
Jaclyn from Rockaway
Why does the Opportunity (MER-1) need to launch on a Delta II Heavy when the Spirit (MER-2) launched on the Delta II since they both are identical?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
Can the rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, after landing on Mars go to the Viking Landers from the year 1975?
Rowland from St. Louis
Is there going to be a telemetry page on the MER website?
Junichi from Niihama City
What is the difference between MER-1 and MER-2? Do they have a much different mission?
Junichi from Niihama City
Why don't you take bacteria on Earth and observe how it reacts on Mars?
Junichi from Niihama City
Do you have a plan to take some kind of bacteria to Mars on MER?
Wim from Antwerp, Belgium
Can MER-A and MER-B communicate with each other in any way ?
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