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MER-B Webcast: Launch Director
Question Board

Stephanie from Edmonton, Canada
During the launch of MER-A, at about T+15 through to T+30 seconds, there appeared to be a splattering of a liquid onto the onboard camera. Was that by chance the rocket going through the clouds?
Peter from Leipzig
Is this a hope for a future manned crew to Mars? I hope that and I think it's the next step into space for mankind.
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
Can you tell me the speed from the Rover MER-A "Spirit" now?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
Can you describe the process the rovers went through to be ready to go to Mars? What kind of tests did they go through? How do you simulate being 35 million miles away from home?
David from Winter Springs
What is your spaceship's name going to be?
Mirtha from Manahawkin
Do you think there are people up there?
Jennifer from Edmonton, Canada
How is the process by which the MER Rovers will be traveling to Mars (trajectory speed, etc.) unique between the two rovers? How is it different from the Mars Pathfinder rover?
Richard from Melbourne
I have just recently read that the mission is being postponed for several more days because of an issue with a band of cork insulation on the Delta launch vehicle. This seems to be such an odd choice for an insulation material on the spacecraft. Why is cork being used on the outside of the launch vehicle in such a humid environment with such strong sunlight as well? Thank you.
Aristides from Buenos Aires
Which are the principal weather issues, in detail, that can cause concern at launch time?
Jesse from Southaven
Is it possible in the near future, once the space station is completely finished, to add a rocket package and all the other things that would be needed to send the station to Mars?
Klaus from Aabybro, Denmark
During this long trip to Mars, what is the top speed the craft will achieve? Thank you for your time!
Cristina from Spain
Dear Sir/Madam, Imagine there is a problem with the thrusters or the propellant of a MER during the launch/cruise phase. What is the minimum number of trajectory correction maneuvers you can do to assure that every MER is going to arrive at Mars? When would you do these trajectory correction maneuvers? Thank you.
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center