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MER-A Webcast: Mars Rover
Question Board

Abe from Bucksport, Maine
When will the official names of MER-A and B be announced?
Roger from Miami Beach
How will the results from the Rovers be studied back on Earth?
Aren from Vermont
What are the rovers made of?
Wayne from Dardenne Prairie
How will the speed of descent be controlled to ensure a soft enough landing in order to protect the craft from damage?
William from Titusville
Why invent an inflatable landing ball that bounces on Mars surface---doesn't this system require a more hazardous landing than a controlled descent landing?
Charu from Nagpur, India
What if the rovers encounter a Martian sand storm on landing? Will that affect the mission? Are there any backup precautionary measures?
Roy from Tarpon Springs
What is the shelf-life of a rover on Mars
Jim from Grand Junction
Where exactly on each MER lander is the "CD-Rom" disks bearing students names, and can you show a picture of where the disks are located?
Perry from Liverpool, England
How do you get around the problem of the rovers getting flat tires?
Raymond from Perth Amboy
How will the samples get back to Earth?
Steve from Indialantic
How do you prevent sending Earth-based microbes via the Rover?
Mario from Pananá, Argentina
There is a NASA site in Spanish about MER Rovers?
Charles from Big Spring, Texas
How will you insure that the vehicle will come to a stop right side up? Does the rover have a base station like the one Sojourner used?
Lawrence from Moffett Field
Why wasn't a nuclear powered generator used instead of solar panels to provide an MER life expectancy greater than 90 days?
Callum from Dunfermline
How will it get to Mars without burning up in the force of gases on Mars?
Firas from Beirut
How can the Rover search for water resources?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
How long is the life of the rovers?
Chris from Clinton
Will these rovers ever have the capability to hold humans?
Bob from Ruffin
Will the public be able to access information from the MERs - images, etc.?
Mario from Gravelbourg
What is the MER's scientific equipment for tests? How do you control the rover properly considering the time the controller's signal takes to go and come back?
Leanna from North Quincy
Did you use curium to make the MER Rover?
Jaclyn from Rolling Meadows
Will you be able to keep track of all the rover is doing, when it's doing it?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
Will the current mapping satellite circling Mars be able to track and photograph the MER on entry and the Rover?
Arnold from Los Angeles
Can the two rovers talk to each other and can they help each other if an emergency comes up... like bad communications with Earth?
Brian from Melbourne, Florida
How can the Rover search for water resources?
Daniel from Adelaide
Why is there no windscreen wiper like device on the MER's solar panels to stop them from becoming covered with dust?
Guy from New Orleans
As the ship descends through the Martian atmosphere, how does the shape of the vehicle keep it from tumbling?
Richard from Arcadia, Florida
Will the CD with the names be on the Rover or Lander?
Alex from Calgary, Alberta
With the new rovers and their far larger size, is the 90 day life expectancy a realistic upper limit? Sojourner out lasted its expected life.
Daniel from Brisbane
How exactly will the cd-rom disks with the students' names be released on Mars?
Brian from Fort Meyers
Are you concerned that the rovers may introduce Earth born microbes on Mars?
Brian from Mort Meyers
Could the Rovers batteries be recharged by wind on Mars?
Brad from Lebanon
For prolonged studies, will environmental factors like atmospheric fines and thermal inversion be further studied or will these have been sufficiently integrated into the design of the rover vehicle. How are the imaging lenses protected from wind abrasion?
Danica from Reseda
What is the size of the launch vehicle? Will there be live coverage during the period that astronauts will be on MARS?
Joy from Los Angeles
Is there a chance that the rovers may not bring results? And is there a chance that these rovers may bring more results than expected?
Danna from Asuncion
How can I find out which Rover is carrying the CD ROM with my name? (I got a certificate)
Adrienne from Idyllwild
How fast will the rover be going when it gets to Mars?
Riccardo from Parma, Italy
Why haven't you made the rovers able to come back from Mars to carry more data or materials to examine better on Earth?
Jose from Caracas, Venezuela
What happens if the rover lands or turns over upside down, can it get back to normal position?
Bob from Coronado, California
Are there instruments on the rovers to prevent them from tipping over on the surface?
Antti from Espoo, Finland
Why isn't the main goal of the rovers to search for signs of life, past or present, on Mars? The European Beagle 2 lander mission is centered around finding signs of life.
Antti from Espoo, Finland
Would it be possible for the rovers to survive the Martian winter?
Ed from Arvada
How far will the MER rovers probably travel away from their landing site?
Ed from Arvada
Sojourner sent back a great picture of a Mars sunset. Will either MER try to do the same?
Burt from Coon Rapids
Can we actually get any video 'not real time of course' from the landers or is it all still images only?
Robert from Los Angeles, California
Why were the landing sites chosen near the equator?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center