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MER-A Webcast: Mission Overview
Question Board

Brad from Kingston
What planet do we plan to move to in the next 50 billion years?
James from Sacramento
What is the expected battery life of the two rovers? What percentage of on-board power is derived from solar collectors? How far will the rovers roam from accompanying base units (ie., Carl Sagan Station)?
Frank from Raleigh
If MER discovers proof of surface water on Mars, where did the water go and what caused it to disappear?
Peter from Basel
What is the speed of the rover on Mars?
Kenneth from San Mateo
Why are we sending two separate Mars Rovers on flights so close together?
Ed from Indianapolis, Indiana
Should the MER software need to be changed in an emergency, how fast can you get an update to the rover(s), assuming the latency of 20-40 minutes due to the distance to Mars?
Arnold from Los Angeles
Can the two rovers talk to each other and can one help the other if there is a problem?
Richard from Arcadia, Florida
The height of Pathfinder was 42.694", is this Lander the same height? I did the machining on Pathfinder as I worked for JPL at that time!
Brian from Melbourne, Florida
What is the surface range on the MER-1 Surface Crawler and its average speed?
Brian from Melbourne, Florida
What is the data transmission rate of the high gain antenna, and its transmitting power?
Mark from Greensburg, Pennsylvania
What temperature is it on MARS?
GeoBurn from Litchfield Park
Will the images that the MERs take be available on a daily basis and how many images should we expect to see to view and study?
Brooke from Victoria, Australia
When was Mars first discovered? And do you ever think man will be able to walk on Mars?
Robert from Perth, Australia
What is the long term goal for this mission? For example, human expansion or mining?
Joy from Los Angeles
Approximately how long will this expedition take, and is the mission to further explore whether humans can live on Mars or simply wanting to know more about Martian geology?
Giovanna from Barleta (Ba)
I want to know if you have more material on the "Mars mission" and some of films.
Riccardo from Parma, Italy
What would you do if rovers found water on Mars? Or forms of life?
Juan Rodríguez from Gijón (Spain)
Hello! Can you decide another landing site or make some trajectory correction maneuvers while the space probe is traveling from Earth to Mars? Thank you!
Danica from Reseda
What is the temperature that is outside the space vehicle when it lands on Mars?
John from St. Joseph, Michigan
Is there any hope of finding sedimentary rocks? If so, what might this tell us about the presence of liquid water in Mars' past?
Mike from Trinec, Czech Republic
I think, the rovers are made from stainless materials. But, are they waterproof (for theoretical situation if they land in a place with water :-) )?
Mike Henggeler from Peoria
How do you know the MERs are entering Mars atmosphere correctly? (Not too steep and not too shallow?) And how would you know if it didn't enter correctly?
Antti from Espoo, Finland
How are you prepared for possible communications problems with the rovers?
Bob from Billerica
Are there any plans to land on the Martian poles where there are visual signs of water and carbon ice? I am aware of the previous mission which had a computer error upon attempting to land on the polar cap.
Bob from Billerica
Will there be any TV networks, such as C-SPAN, who will carry complete coverage of the landers activities? The major networks usually only offer sound bite coverage.
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