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MER-A Webcast: Launch Director
Question Board

Adam from Toledo
If you lose power to the Delta Rocket, or lose engines in the middle of flight, is it possible to recover the rover? (assuming that the power loss was before it reached prescribed orbit and speed)
Steve from Rhodos/Greece
The MERs are surely the best robotic vehicles that we have! Are you sure they will work on the surface of Mars? And if they don't, how will you repair them?
Lawrence from Moffett Field
Why didn't we use a nuclear power generator for MER instead of solar panels to obtain an operational rover life expectancy of greater than 90 days?
Peter from Basel, Switzerland
How fast is the speed to flight to Mars?
Lance from Austin, Texas
Will cameras be mounted on either of the the rockets?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
Can you describe the mating and check out process of the MER and the Delta Rocket?
Ed from Indianapolis, Indiana
Can you describe in detail the steps the rover(s) will take to determine the existence of water on Mars?
Veneta from Varna/Bulgaria
What will happen if the rovers find a confirmation for recent life forms on Mars?
Chelle from Disneyland
When the Delta rockets release the booster rockets, are first three ejected and then the remaining six or are they released three at a time?
Chelle from Disneyland
How far into the mission is the spacecraft's distance calculated in "nautical miles"? What is the reason for using the nautical mile?
Terry P. from San Diego
What water source cools the the pad at take off?
Serene from Bartlett
How long will it take the rover to get to Mars?
Jesús from Madrid, Spain
ESA has launched its first mission to Mars. Japan also will launch next year other mission to the red planet. Is there any agreement with NASA in order to share knowledge (in addition to the scientific and technological, of course) and to coordinate all the countries in a unified Mars exploration?
Michael from Australia
What do you enjoy most about your job?
James from Orlando
What are the launch milestones in each of the launches, and why is MER B being launched on a Delta II "heavy" while MER A is not?
Don from Solvang
What is the reason for two instantaneous launch windows some 38 minutes and 12 seconds apart on MER-A?
Burt from Coon Rapids
Will this Delta flight do a "Roll Pitch Maneuver" like the shuttle does during its launch?
James from Cananduagia, NY
How precise does everything have to be in a mission like this as compared to a shuttle mission?
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