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Launch Services Program Series: MER-A

Jon Cowart Host:
Jon Cowart

MER-A Preparing for Launch:
This pre-launch program will give viewers an overview of the first MER rover's launch readiness, including the launch weather forecast, processing milestones and an in-depth look at the MER rover.
Event Date: June 7, 2003
Program Began: 2:17 p.m. EDT

Joel TumbioloSpecial Guest:
Joel Tumbiolo
Launch Weather
Overview: Joel Tumbiolo will provide an overview of the weather forecast and any weather issues that may cause concern at launch time.
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Omar BaezSpecial Guest:
Omar Baez
NASA Launch
Overview: Omar Baez will review the Delta II and MER-2 rover processing activities that have prepared the spacecraft for launch, and explain key countdown events.
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Matthew Wallace Special Guest:
Matthew Wallace
Mars Exploration
Rover Manager
Overview: Matt Wallace will discuss the unique characteristics and capabilities of the MER Rovers, and how they compare to the Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover.
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Prize Winners:
Chelle from Disneyland - Launch Director's Board
Don from Solvang - Launch Director's Board
Charles from Big Spring - Mars Rover Board
Mario from Gavelbourg - Mars Rover Board

The individuals above are our Grand Prize Winners. They will each receive a MER program package comprising a mission poster, decal, patch and lapel pin.