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Gravity Probe B Webcast: Mission & Science Overview
Question Board

Pravin from Mumbai
What is GPB all about and what does it deal with?
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
Am I right that because of the rotation of Earth, the gravity is less dense above the equator?
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
Would the gravitational waves by ripples in time-space cause the gyroscope of Gravity Probe B to indicate the minute changes?
Dat from El Monte
How do you test the Relativity Theory by GPB, what proofs will we get?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
Simple question: Why is this important to the scientific community and everyone else?
Daniel from Lausanne
In what way will the gravity field of the moon affect the gyroscope? Can it give rise to some tide inside the helium dewar and affect the precision of the measurement?
John from Tulsa
I heard a rumor about another delay (possibly just a day) in the launch as of 10 am cst on 4/8/04...any truth?
Lucas from Waldo
Will this probe help you understand the inner workings of a Black Hole?
Shigemi from Tsukiyono
How to divide the effectiveness of general and special theory of relativity. (Revolution's effect)
Kyle from Lindsay, Canada
Assuming you prove Einsteins' theories to be correct, or false. Then what?
Ed Brown from Elkton
How did you create the ping ball sized crystals?
Jim from Ontario
Will this test help me understand what gravity is?
How were the pingpong-sized balls of quartz polished (to a perfect sphere)? By laser beam? How?
Sara from Defiance
What have we learned about Phenomena in the past yars that is different.
Richard from Orlando
Are you looking for the quantum effect of gravity if it exists? If so, how can you be sure that your measurements are minute enough?
Luis from Long Beach
How can you know measuring changes in the paths of the spheres won't be significantly affected by the observation required for measurement?
Lloyd from Edinburgh
Is it possible that this could lead to us being able to manipulate space time? Assuming that the theory is proven correct.
Fabian from Bronx
Since this is an orbital rendezvous mission and not an Earth resources one, why does it need a polar orbit?
Fidellis Wilson
Is it possible for human beings to walk on Mars?
Robert from Plant City
Is it possible that you will ever know the things that we don't hesitate to call outer space?
Colin from Dayton
Could this kind of experiment be performed on the ISS?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center