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Launch Services Program Series: Gravity Probe B Mission

Tiffany Nail Host:
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services
Support Specialist

Preparing for Launch:
NASA takes you behind the scenes of the Gravity Probe B (GPB) mission. This program will review how GP-B will test two theories outlined in Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.
Event Date: April 18, 2004
Program Began: 4:30 p.m. EDT

+ View program introduction and welcome by KSC Director Jim Kennedy
Lt. Breea Lemm Special Guest:
Lt. Breea Lemm
Launch Weather
Overview: Lieutenant Breea Lemm, an Air Force weather officer, will give us an update on the launch day forecast, and what conditions are needed for a safe launch.
+ View weather briefing
Chuck Dovale Special Guest:
Chuck Dovale
NASA Launch
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Chuck Dovale will review the processing activities that have prepared the Delta II launch vehicle and Gravity Probe B spacecraft for launch, and explain key events to look for in the countdown.
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+ View Dovale's Question and Answer Session
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Robert Brumley Special Guest:
Robert Brumley
GPB Payload
Technical Manager
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Robert Brumley, Payload Technical Manager for Gravity Probe B, will discuss the spacecraft's unique capabilities, what scientists hope to learn from GPB, and the new technologies developed to make this mission possible.
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+ View Brumley's Question and Answer Session
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Prize Winners:
Fabian from Bronx - Spacecraft
Kevin from New Mexico - Spacecraft

The individuals above are our Grand Prize Winners. They will each receive a GP-B program package comprising a mission poster, decal and fact sheet.