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Gravity Probe B Webcast - Delta II Rocket and Launch Processing
Question Board

Kenny from England
What measurements will the probe take and how will they be interpreted in relation to known theories?
Brett from Galloway
Are there more planets out there we will find after Sedna?
Reier from Minneapolis
Given the strict proceedures in developing the gyroscopes and other equipment, won't the stresses of lift-off damage or "contaminate" the accuracy of those instruments?
Justin from Lagrange
Are you trying to prove a theory of Einstein's?
Ang Yi Ci from Singapore
Will the rocket explode or the weather delay the launch and will the probe look out for other planets near the stars?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
What specific procedures and precautions were done with handling of the GPB because of the delicate nature of the equipment while assembling the rocket?
Sana from Bath
What makes the galaxy spin around?
Thorat from Vadodara
Are there many planets in this universe? If yes, then we must find them via extra engg. I think we must use some type of frequency ray to contact them, and by using Einstein's equation we should make a space shuttle.
Thorat from Vadodara
In this universe all stars are made by using pressure. Is there any pressure on Earth? If yes, then it may be a gravitational force. So that pressure we are calling gravitational force.
Baqir from Quetta, Pakistan
My question is, will it be better for the probe to orbit the Sun or Jupiter for better sensitivity, due to greater mass than Earth's?
Marc from Bowie, Maryland
After the Delta II Rocket clears SLC-2, will viewers be able to see the cameras facing forward and aft?
James from Long Beach
Why should this probe prove this particular theory of Einstein's? What can be done to prove others, and are you working on ways to do so?
Kris Walker from La Jolla
Is there a specific webpage that is updated every minute or so so that one can determine over the web if the launch goes off on time?
Adam from Toledo
If you lose power to the Delta rocket, or lose engines in the middle of flight, is it possible to recover the spacecraft? (assuming that the power loss was before it reached prescribed orbit and speed)
Lance from Austin, Texas
Will cameras be mounted on either of the the rockets?
Chelle from Disneyland
When the Delta rockets release the booster rockets, are first three ejected and then the remaining six or are they released three at a time?
Terry P. from San Diego
What water source cools the the pad at take off?
Aristides from Buenos Aires
Which are the principal weather issues, in detail, that can cause concern at launch time?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center