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Gravity Probe B Spacecraft Webcast
Question Board

Blaxe from Deruyter
What is the aerodynamics of the spacecraft and how did you know what was the right design?
Adam from Ontonagon
If the Theory of Relativity is found to be true, how will it affect our view of space as looking back in time, and would it really affect our calculations as to how long it takes for light to reach Earth?
Abhishek from Indore
What is Gravity Probe B basically?
Ang Yi Ci from Singapore
Could the spacecraft and the telescope be damaged easily and why did you made it to near round shape?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
How many gyroscopes are in the GPB? What is the procedure if one or more of the gyroscopes would fail?
John from Miami
When and if it accomplishes its mission will it be used for other missions?
Paul Carlozzi from Sunrise, Florida
Would the temporal experiments of the Gravity Probe B be viewable at NASA Direct or anywhere else? Will it be possible to see the results of the fully operational shield generator output resultants?
Geoffrey from Hong Kong
When will be this mission end? And also where it will fly to?
Heidi from Raleigh
How long is your probe going to be in space? And how is does it land back on Earth?
Fabian from Bronx
How will the GPB collect its data and how will the data prove or disprove the theories being tested?
Kevin Lindsey from New Mexico
Currently I'm a student at New Mexico State University. My questions are how will the Gravity B spacecraft's mission change how we view time and space? How long will it take before the result are given to the public? I think this is a very exciting project and I wish the best for everybody at NASA.
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center