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DART Webcast: Mission Introduction
James Kennedy: I'm Jim Kennedy, director of NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Welcome to NASA Direct's webcast coverage for the DART mission. This sophisticated mission is NASA's latest experiment for the development of unpiloted space vehicles. Launched into space aboard a Pegasus rocket, DART will test our ability to construct a vehicle that can guide itself to a target in space.

The flight of DART will be conducted by the world's most experienced group of launch professionals: Kennedy Space Center's Launch Services Program team. DART's target will be the MUBLCOM satellite. During its 24-hour mission, DART will perform distant and close-proximity maneuvers around MUBLCOM that will challenge its piloting skills and guidance technology. If successful, DART's technology could be included in the design of future vehicles.

Once again, I thank you for tuning in to today's Webcast. The DART mission is an exciting test of new spacecraft technology, and thanks for following along.