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DART Webcast: End of program and credits
Host Tiffany Nail: Before we go, we have some great prizes to give away. Our top two questions from the question board will receive a mission gift pack. Today's winners are Rich from Elk Grove and a student from Merion School. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit all these great questions. We hope you've enjoyed today's presentation. The DART launch is slated for Tuesday, Oct. 26, at 11:13 Pacific Time and 2:13 Eastern Time. Be sure to watch the launch as it happens here on NASA Direct. Many thanks to our guests, Air Force Weather Officer Lt. Barnhill, Tim Rumford and Bryan Baldwin from Orbital Sciences, and NASA's launch manager Omar Baez and Jim Snoddy. Thank you for your time and expertise. And thank you to all those who joined us today live. Stay tuned to NASA Direct for the DART and its 24-hour mission paving the way for future unpiloted rendezvous in space.