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DART: Launch, Mission and Technology Webcast
Question Board

Tom from Huntsville
Will the DART mission's capabilites be used in the CEV?
David from Melbourne
What if the rendezvous does not take place due to a techical hitch or other interference such as a solar flare or otherwise??
Al Murray from Burlington, Massachusetts
What are the differences between the DART, the European Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) and the Russian Progress/Soyuz Automated Approach and Docking system? Are the spacecraft compatible with the universal docking ports on the ISS?
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
Is DART going to take the place of the Russian Progress cargo ship for ISS without space shuttle missions in the near future?
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
Could you tell me the difference between the Russian Progress cargo vehicle and DART?
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
ESA is going to send its own ISS Module automatically to ISS, I hear. Is DART going to help ESA's mission or the Japanese Experimental Module (JEM) to dock with ISS?
Frank from KSC
Why demo the spacecraft by approaching to only five meters? Why not even closer? If it's because of limitation of AVGS tracking system, what other sensor systems would be used for closer ranges towards docking?
Bret from Dalton, New Hampshire
Will any of this program go to the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope?
Gregor from Ljubljana
What are the reasons for using the Pegasus XL instead of the Delta 2 rocket?
Nesanel from Monsey
What launch vehicle will launch DART?
Here from Venku
Is it possible to travel at the speed of light with DART technology or by any other means?
Marc from Bowie, Maryland
How can you tell if the L-1011 is in the drop box?
Marc from Bowie, Maryland
What happens when the DART spacecraft reaches orbit?
Mark from Bowie, Maryland
For the viewers that will be watching this mission on NASA TV, will they be able to see live shots of the L-1011 taking off from Vandenberg?
Rich O. from Elk Grove, Illinois
During the recent ground tests, a number of maneuvers were demonstrated, including a collision avoidance maneuver, horizontal approaches toward the target satellite, and moving to a docking and hold position to within 16 feet of the target satellite. How were these tests conducted on Earth to simulate what happens in space?
Pawan from Sharjah
What type of engine will be used to propell the DART, and what will be the maximum speed attained by the spacecraft when it reaches the polar orbit? What type of technology has been applied on the spacecraft to prevent it from the solar flares and other harmful radiation in space?
Pawan from Sharjah
What is the mission plan after the docking takes place? Will it have the technology to detect any problem in the spacecraft it's docking with?
Ron from London
Since this is an orbital rendezvous mission and not an Earth resources one, why does it need a polar orbit?
Pawan from Sharjah
The space shuttles will retire after 2010, as said by Mr. Bush, and a new exploration vehicle will be made which can travel in space as well as even land on planets. If the DART test is successful, how will it be helpful to such an exploration vehicle which has not been invented until now, and for which the research is still going on?
Kevin from Wallington, New Jersey
How come they started launching rockets/shuttles from such a place as Florida with its potential for hurricanes? I would think the desert would be a more logical choice.
Junichi Maki from Niihama-City
Is DART going to play an important role to assemble the modules of spacecraft that will explore NASA's future on missions to the Moon and/or Mars?
Junichi from Niihama City
Can you shift DART from automatic mode to manual mode? I think that Manual Mode is as important as Automatic Mode for DART in case of an emergency like SOYUZ TMA docked with ISS to hand over Expedition 9 by 10 on October 15th.
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center