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Launch Services Program Series: Aura Mission

Tiffany Nail Host:
Tiffany Nail
Launch Services
Support Specialist

Mission Overview:
Learn all about this mission to understand and protect our home planet's atmosphere during this live webcast from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Event Began: July 8, 2004 at 5:30 p.m. EDT

View Question Boards:
+ View Aura Science and Technology Question Board
+ View Mission Profile and Aura Spacecraft Question Board
Dr. Ghassem Asrar Special Guest:
Dr. Ghassem Asrar
Associate Admin.
NASA's Office of
Earth Science
Program Introduction:
+ View program introduction and welcome
+ Read transcript
Captain Paul LucykSpecial Guest:
Capt. Paul Lucyk
Launch Weather
An Air Force weather officer will give us an update on the launch day forecast, and what conditions are required for a safe launch.
+ View Kennedy Welcome, Weather Forecast and Launch Manager Overview
+ Read Transcript
Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Special Guest:
Dr. Woodrow Whitlow
Deputy Director
Kennedy Space Center Welcome
Chuck Dovale Special Guest:
Chuck Dovale
NASA Launch
How do you prepare a rocket and spacecraft for the stresses of launch and life in space? Dovale will explain launch processing and key events to look for during the countdown.
Dr. Phillip DeCola Special Guest:
Dr. Philip DeCola
Aura Chief Scientist
+ Presentation Preview
Aura will carry four instruments, each designed to survey different aspects of Earth's atmosphere. Dr. DeCola will explain the science and technology behind this fascinating mission.
+ View Dr. DeCola's presentation
+ Read Transcript
Michael Tanner Special Guest:
Michael Tanner
Aura Program
+ Presentation Preview
Tanner will describe the upcoming mission and introduce the Aura spacecraft, a next generation Earth-observing satellite that aims to answer fundamental questions about Earth's atmosphere.
+ View Mr. Tanner's presentation
+ Read Transcript
Prize Winners:
Rich from Elk Grove
Yavor from Swarthmore

The above Grand Prize winners each received an Aura program package comprising an official launch poster, mission fact sheet, patch and lapel pin.