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Aura: The Mission and Spacecraft Michael Tanner
Question Board

Junichi from Niihama, Japan
What is the most distinguished equipment or feature of the Aura spacecraft among a lot of ozone-layer observing satellites in orbit at present?
Junichi from Niihama City
In spite of a lot of Earth observing satellites, how come NASA is supposed to launch the "Aura Mission & Spacecraft?" I'd like to know why!
Patrick Weston from St. Paul, Minnesota
Will Aura be looking at Earth, or Mars?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
From what I read the Aura spacecraft is based on the EOS Common Spacecraft design. What exactly is the EOS Common Spacecraft design? What other missions have used the EOS?
David Borne from Tampa
Which astronauts will comprise the crew of Aura? Are they being trained in RTF safety skills or just completely there?
Christian from Lena, Norway
What are the so-called "sprites" often seen from space? Will this mission give an explanation to this phenomenon?
Teresa from Leander, Texas
Although Aura is an Earth observing satellite, will it be capable of repairing any anomalies/erosions in the ozone?
Robert from Tuscon
What main points could be made about Aura, that would stimulate the interest of young potential Earth scientists and engineers in our schools, that would like to get involved with NASA programs such as this in the near future?
Yavor from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
How long will Aura remain in operation? How is NASA going to dispose of it after its mission is over? If it is simply left in orbit, as is common practice with other satellites, that will just create more potential "space junk" hazards for future orbiters.
Billy from Miller, South Dakota
Will Aura be able to help meteorologists make more accurate predictions by watching the climate changes and the ozone?
Azra Cekic from New York City
1. In this Aura Mission will there be any astronauts going in this vehicle in space? 2. What kind of evidence from this mission are we expecting to find? 3. Will the Aura mission be aired on television (to the public)?
Gene from Troy, Michigan
Will Aura instrumentation be able to measure high altitude emissions of carbon dioxide from jet aircraft and its affect on ozone formation?
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center