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Aura: Science and Technology Dr. Philip DeCola
Question Board

Junichi from Niihama City
What are the most distinguished features of the "Aura Science and technology" mission versus any other ozone-layer observing satellite?
Junichi from Niihama City
Compared with other Earth observing satellites now in orbit, what are the most distinguishing features of Aura science and technology?
Junichi from Niihama City
While ultra-violet rays do a lot of harm to life on Earth, the rays are good to some extent, though... What is the max-level of UV-exposure for us to be able to survive on Earth? How soon in the future would the complete extinction of Ozone-layers is calculated?
Rich from Elk Grove, Illinois
How will AURA help in weather forecasts? Will AURA find a link between the OZONE and the weather patterns here on Earth?
Danny from Allendale
I have some questions about ozone and AURA. How thick is the ozone? If AURA finds that ozone is not recovering by itself, is there any way to put the ozone molecules on the right altitude?
Robert from York, Sc
Because of the fact finding mission on the global atmosphere changes, what kind of future forecasts/predictions can be made for the next millennium and further on the atmospheric conditions or ozone depletion rates since this is a limited sampling
Nancy from Naples
We have all been told of global warming and the dangers of the ozone layer being depleted. If these are related could AURA possibly make the world stand up and take notice and action to the problems and could it not correct itself if given a chance?
Sara from Riverdale, Georgia
What planet will Aura be studying?
Chris A. P. from Manila
If ever Aura detected that our ozone layer is in danger, what can NASA do to improve the ozone layer?
Louis from Houston
I'm told that the speed of light varies with gravity and temperature. How then is the distance of stellar objects determined with accuracy.
Sagar Agarwal from Mumbai, India
Can Aura study or check the presence of the atmosphere on different planets as well as Earth? Can Aura predict the time it will take for our ozone to become depleted?
Rebecca from Macomb, Illinois
If we stopped using oil and started using water or electric powered cars today, how long would it take for the ozone to stop being depleted from what is still in the atmosphere? Can it be saved?
Bill from Miramar
Will the EPA use any of the information gathered from the Aura mission, to employ any future policy?
Junichi from Niihama City
My opinion is that UV-Rays do a lot of good for human beings medically. But the question is how much exposure we do we receive? At present, which level of colors is supposed to be set for human beings, Green, Yellow or Red?
Brian from Oak Ridge, North Carolina
How does the weakening magnetosphere affect the current cycle of molecules such as ozone and many of the atmospheric pollutants that can be found throughout our atmosphere? Does the ozone break up more easily than do the pollutants when exposed to higher the "usual" levels of radiation due to the weakened magnetosphere?
Curt from Dayton
Can we create a Helios type aircraft to fly non-stop, carrying an ozone building device? Can any of the ozone depleting chemicals, such as freon, be used as a fuel for such an aircraft?
Suma from Mumbai
What kind of fuel is used in this vehicle? How would this vehicle be refilled, if required?
Chuck from Reames
I once found on this website a movie of the entire earth taken by a satellite monitoring green house gas emissions. It appeared to be daily snapshots joined together to put this movie in motion. I have the movie downloaded on my computer but don't know where I found it. Could you please find it for me and send me a link to its location? Thanks
Yavor from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
How will the analysis performed by Aura be different from previous ozone layer surveys? I've seen many images showing the progression of the hole in the ozone layer, is that analysis not sufficient? Given the fact that we're already imaging the ozone layer, do we need this expensive new satellite?
Palak from Chicago
Will Aura warn us of high ozone levels? What is the difference between Aura and other weather satellites, other than study?
Michael from Belgium
Will Aura be able to make a map of the molecules we have in our atmosphere? Are we expecting to find a new type of molecule? If yes, what instrument will be used for this?
Junichi from Niihama City
Suppose decreasing OZONE-LAYER above Earth is the cause of Ultra-Violet rays. If human beings and other living things are exposed to the rays, what kind of damage could be caused?
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