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 Animation showing trip to the moon
To the Moon and Beyond
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 Ares rocket
NASA's Ares Rockets
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 Expedition 13 crew
Emeril Chats with Station Crew
Renowned chef Emeril Lagasse talks with the Expedition 13 crew about special recipes he prepared for them.
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 Shuttle Discovery is towed from the Mate-DeMate Facility at Dryden.
08.25.05 - Preparing Discovery
How the Shuttle gets ready for its flight atop NASA's 747.
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 Mission Planner screen image
NASA Mission Planner
Help NASA plot the course for future space shuttle and robotic missions -- and find out if you've got the right stuff.
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 Florida state quarter going to Pluto
12.21.05 - A 'State' of Exploration
Florida's state quarter, symbolizing the spirit of space exploration and discovery, is an important part of the New Horizons mission.
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 Discovery rides atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.
8.25.05 - Home at Last
Discovery returns home to Kennedy after a deorbit landing at Edwards Air Force Base.
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 MRO Spacecraft Arrives at KSC
05.25.05 - Preparing for Mars
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft arrives at Kennedy Space Center for final preparations.
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 Artist's concept of NOAA-N in orbit
05.11.05 - NOAA-N Launch Video Collection
View videos captured during live coverage of the NOAA-N launch.
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 NASA Test Director Ted Mosteller presents the Space Shuttle Status Report.
Space Shuttle Status Report - 05.23.05
Ted Mosteller, NASA test director, presents the latest Space Shuttle Status Report.
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 Susan Johnson, Space Shuttle Main Engine safety manager
02.25.05 - Keeping Engines Healthy
Susan Johnson explains the work life of a Space Shuttle Main Engine safety manager.
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 An artist's concept of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
01.31.05 - New Mission to Mars
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is next on the Mars-mission manifest.
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 An External Tank enters the Vehicle Assembly Building
01.20.05 - From Sea to Space
Preparing the massive orange External Tank for a Space Shuttle flight is a heavy task.
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 Artist's image of Huygens probe headed for Titan.
01.10.05 - Huygens Separates From Cassini
Small space traveler begins the last leg of its journey.
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 STS-114 Commander Eileen Collins
01.07.05 - Return to Flight Crew Visits Kennedy
Astronauts check-out STS-114 flight hardware.
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 The External Tank arrives at Kennedy Space Center
01.07.05 - External Tank Arrives
The tank that will help launch NASA's Return to Flight mission is now at Kennedy Space Center.
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 An SRB nose frustum is lowered into position.
12.15.04 - Some Assembly Required
SRB stacking marks the start of Space Shuttle assembly for Return to Flight.
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 Spirit exploring Mars
12.22.04 - Cut the Cake
NASA celebrates Spirit's incredible year on Mars!
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 Ice growing on test panels
12.14.04 - Super-Cool Tests
Engineers are growing ice to improve Space Shuttle safety.
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 Artist's rendering of comet impact
12.02.04 - What is a Comet Made Of?
NASA's Deep Impact mission to begin a new era of comet exploration.
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