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 11.07.07 - Discovery Returns Home After Successful Mission
Discovery and its crew landed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday at 1:01 p.m. EST after completing a 15-day journey of more than 6.2 million miles in space.
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 11.06.07 - NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis To Move To Launch Pad Saturday
Space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to roll out to Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., on Saturday, Nov. 10.
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 11.06.07 - NASA TV Coverage Set For Briefings, Space Station Work
The station crew will conduct three spacewalks and robotically move two components this month to prepare for delivery of a European laboratory.
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 11.06.07 - NASA Honors Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter
NASA will honor Mercury astronaut and retired Navy Commander Scott Carpenter with the presentation of an Ambassador of Exploration Award for his involvement in the U.S. space program.
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 11.06.07 - Scientists Discover Record Fifth Planet Orbiting Nearby Star
Astronomers have announced the discovery of a fifth planet circling 55 Cancri, a star beyond our solar system.
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 11.05.07 - NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery Set To Land Wednesday
The space shuttle Discovery crew is scheduled to complete a 15-day mission to the International Space Station with a landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., on Wednesday, Nov. 7.
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 11.01.07 - Successful Rocket Motor Test Helps NASA's Shuttle and Ares I
NASA's Space Shuttle Program successfully fired a four-segment reusable solid rocket motor Thursday, Nov. 1, at a Utah test facility.
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 11.01.07 - NASA Updates Briefing Schedule to Preview Next Shuttle Mission
NASA briefings on the next space shuttle mission have been rescheduled to Friday, Nov. 16.
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 10.30.07 - NASA to Establish Nationwide Lunar Science Institute
NASA has announced its intent to establish a new lunar science institute.
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 10.30.07 - New Center Assignments for Moon Exploration
NASA announced Tuesday which agency centers will take responsibility for specific work to enable astronauts to explore the moon.
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 10.31.07 - NASA Selects 38 Partnerships to Advance Key Technologies
On Wednesday, NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program Seed Fund announced the selection of 38 partnerships that will advance key technologies to meet critical needs for NASA’s mission.
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 10.29.07 - NASA to Announce Work Assignments to Enable Lunar Exploration
On Tuesday, Oct. 30, NASA will take another important step toward returning astronauts to the moon by assigning key future Constellation Program work to its field centers.
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 10.29.07 - Discovery, Space Station Crew News Conference
The 10 crew members flying aboard Discovery and the International Space Station will hold a news conference at 6:48 a.m. CDT on Oct. 31.
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 10.25.07 - NASA Showcases Next International Space Station Component
NASA's Kennedy Space Center will hold a media event at 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Oct. 31, to highlight the next pressurized element to be launched to the International Space Station.
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 10.24.07 - Media Accreditation Deadlines for Next Shuttle Mission
NASA has set media accreditation deadlines for the upcoming space shuttle mission, STS-122. Shuttle Atlantis is targeted to launch Dec. 6.
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 10.23.07 - Nov. 9 Briefings Preview Next Shuttle Mission
The mission will deliver the European Space Agency's Columbus Laboratory to the International Space Station.
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 10.23.07 - NASA Satellite Images Show Rapid Growth Of California Wildfires
Images from NASA satellites illustrate how quickly wildfires have spread throughout Southern California.
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 10.22.07 - Statement by NASA Administrator on Pilot Survey
The withholding of data under the Freedom of Information Act is under review.
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 10.23.07 - Discovery Begins Mission to the Space Station
The crew will deliver the Harmony module on the orbiter's 34th flight.
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 10.23.07 - TV and Web Coverage of Discovery's Mission
NASA is providing continuous television and Internet coverage of space shuttle Discovery's mission, designated STS-120, to the International Space Station.
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