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Sites and Sounds of the Golden Record
NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft launched in August and September 1977. Aboard each spacecraft is a golden record, a collection of sites, sounds and greetings from Earth.

Golden Record Image right: The golden record. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Each identical golden record contains:

-- 117 pictures explaining Earth. This includes drawings and images that convey information about our solar system, images of people doing various activities and a variety of planets and animals, as well as scenes from around the world.

-- Greetings in 54 different human languages and greetings from humpback whales.

-- A selection of sounds from Earth. This ranges from natural sounds, like storms and volcanoes, to human-made noises such as trains, airplane and rocket take-offs, animals, tools being used, and a mother kissing a child.

Below are just a few of the sites and sounds on the records.


+ English -- "Hello from the children of planet Earth."

+ Hittite -- The message translated to English is "Hail."

+ Mandarin Chinese -- The message translated to English is "Hope everyone's well. We are thinking about you all. Please come here to visit when you have time."

+ Russian -- The message translated to English is "Greetings! I Welcome You!"

+ Spanish -- The message translated to English is "Hello and greetings to all."

+ Vietnamese -- The message translated to English is "Sincerely send you our friendly greetings."


+ Wild dog
+ Volcanoes, earthquake, thunder
+ Kiss, mother and child
+ Horse and cart
+ F-111 flyby, Saturn 5 rocket lift-off
+ Crickets, frogs


+ Larger view

drawing to show location of solar systemSolar system locator
+ Larger view

violin and musicViolin and music sheet
+ Larger view

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