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NASA - Dr. David Sibeck - THEMIS Project Scientist NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
July 21, 2006
Photo of Dave Sibeck Photo of Dr. David Sibeck. Credit: NASA

Dr. David Sibeck has worked at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (1985-2002), NASA Headquarters (2003-4) and NASA GSFC (2005 - present). He is the author or co-author of over 175 scientific articles on Sun-Solar System Connection Physics. In addition to being Mission Scientist for THEMIS, he serves as Project Scientist for the LWS Geospace missions. He received the American Geophysical Union's MacElwane award in 1992 and is a fellow of that organization. He is an associate editor for Geophysical Research Letters, a corresponding editor for EOS, Campaign Coordinator for the National Science Foundation's Global Interaction campaign, and Executive Secretary for the International Living With a Star program. When time permits, he can be found in his garden, trimming and harvesting unusual fruit trees.

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