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NASA - Dr. Alain Roux - THEMIS Scientist
July 21, 2006

Dr. Alain Roux studied physics at the University of Orsay where he obtained his "Doctorat d'Etat". He holds a permanent position as "directeur de recherche" at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. He was recently the director of the French national program on solar terrestrial relations (Programme National Soleil Terre), and he is a former member of Solar System Working Group (SSWG) from ESA. Alain Roux was one of the original proposer of the ESA-Cluster mission, drawing the attention of ESA on the importance of carrying multipoint measurements in space. He has taken an active part in CLUSTER at all stages of the preparation of the mission and now in the data analysis and interpretation phase. In addition to being co-I on several experiments on CLUSTER, he is co-I and IDS on PWS-Galileo, and co-I on RPWS-Cassini. Alain Roux has worked in non-linear plasma physics: wave-wave and wave-particle interactions, triggered emissions, heating of ionospheric ions via resonant absorption and generation of Auroral Kilometric Radiation. He has also been extensively working on substorms, from an experimental, as well as a theoretical view point. For instance he and his colleagues have suggested that ballooning modes play a key role at dissipating the current in the near Earth plasma sheet. He was the main organizer of the third International Conference on Substorms (ICS3), held in Versailles. His most recent works include interpretation of data from the Galileo spacecraft. Alain Roux is author or co-author of about 105 publications in refereed journals.

Dr. Roux is responsible for supplying the THEMIS Search Coil Magnetometer sensor, which is almost identical to the unit used on CLUSTER. This role is based on his institutional experience, and Dr. Roux's similar role in instrument development and oversight on previous missions. Additionally he will participate in data analysis and theoretical investigations during Phase E.

Hobbies: photography, sports (ski, mountain bike, tennis)

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