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NASA - Presenter Bio: Chuck Goodrich
July 22, 2008

Chuck Goodrich is the program scientist for the THEMIS Mission. He is a discipline scientist at NASA Headquarters in the Science Missions Directorate Heliophysics Division focusing on Earth's magnetosphere and upper atmosphere.

Goodrich joined NASA Headquarters in February 2008 from Boston University, where he maintains his appointment as research professor and co-director of model coupling for the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling. In this role, he has developed a system-wide understanding of the challenges in modeling the solar-terrestrial system from the sun's surface to Earth's ionosphere.

Goodrich is the author of numerous papers on solar-terrestrial science, and he has received NASA Group Achievement awards for his contributions to the Voyager and International Solar Terrestrial Physics missions. He is a leader in producing animations to show the interaction of Geospace magnetic fields and plasma. These animations have appeared in Newscasts, NASA broadcasts and IMAX films.

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