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NASA - Presenter Bio: Nicola Fox
July 22, 2008

Nicola Fox is the deputy project scientist for the Living With A Star, Radiation Belt Storm Probe Mission. Her research focuses on space weather, with particular emphasis on data analysis. She has studied Earth's auroras using data primarily from the Polar spacecraft. More recently she has looked at the variability of Earth's radiation belts.

Fox has presented talks at scientific meetings and conducted media interviews on the subject of space weather, including live interviews on CBS and NPR networks. She has participated in several documentaries on space weather, including "Live from the Sun" and "Live from the Aurora" projects and a NASA CONNECT special on the northern lights. She is actively involved with the education and outreach efforts for NASA's Heliophysics program, acting often as a spokesperson for the theme. She has organized successful teacher workshops and mentored many teachers and students.

Prior to joining the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 1998, she was a National Research Council Research Fellow at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. She won European Geophysical Society Young Scientist Awards in 1993 and 1995, an International Solar Terrestrial Physics Program Outstanding Performance Award in 1997 and NASA Group Achievement Awards in 1998 and 2000. She served as Associate Editor for Geophysical Research Letters, 1997–2004 and Associate Editor for Journal of Atmospheric & Solar Terrestrial Physics, 2000–2005. When not working, she enjoys going out with friends, movies, music, hiking and being the mother of a very active 15-month-old son, James.

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