Meet the Launch Team

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NASA's Launch Services Program gives the 'go' for launch!
The launch team members assemble at their computers and communication consoles about three to four hours before launch.

The NASA launch manager is the highest authority during the countdown and provides NASA's "go/no-go" decision to the mission director.

Before liftoff, the launch manager checks with the launch team to make sure all the criteria are met and that the payload and rocket are ready to go.

Tim Dunn Tim Dunn, NASA Launch Manager (NLM)
The launch manager ensures that the countdown and launch decision processes are properly followed. The launch manager polls the launch team before passing along a "go/no-go" decision to the mission director.
James  Wood James Wood, NASA Chief Engineer (NASA CE)
The chief engineer is responsible for advising the launch manager of the launch vehicle's engineering and analysis status for launch.
NASA Logo Diana Menant Calero , Mission Manager (NASA MM)
The mission manager assesses the launch service and spacecraft readiness ahead of launch.
NASA LogoJeff Gramling, Project Manager (Goddard Space Flight Center, Md.)
The project manager oversees development of the spacecraft and its operation once in space. On launch day, it's up to the project manager to declare that the spacecraft is ready to carry out its mission.
Rick Boutin Rick Boutin, Safety and Mission Assurance Manager (SMA)
The Safety and Mission Assurance Manager monitors NASA safety and mission assurance requirements during the launch countdown. The SMA also makes sure the countdown is conducted properly and serves as the integrator of the launch vehicle.
Joe Lackovich Joe Lackovich, NASA Advisory Manager (NAM)
The advisory manager provides consultation for assessing the launch process and countdown.
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center