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NASA will hold a media teleconference Wednesday, September 10, at 1 p.m. EDT to discuss new results regarding the naked-eye gamma-ray burst GRB 080319B. The burst's optical emission is the brightest seen to date and appears to have been aimed nearly head-on to Earth. Extensive observations from NASA's Swift satellite and ground-based observatories show the burst emission mechanism in unprecedented detail.

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Contact Information

Dial In:
-- Toll Free: 800.369.1122
-- Toll Numbers: 1.517.623.4705
-- Passcode: SWIFT

Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live at: > NASA News Audio


- David Burrows, NASA Swift X-ray Telescope lead, Penn State

- Judith Racusin, graduate student, Penn State

- Grigory Beskin, Relativistic Astrophysics Group Head, Special Astrophysical Observatory

- Dieter Hartmann, Professor, Clemson University

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