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STEREO Collaborates with SDO on 3D Sun Maps
This movie shows a spherical map of the Sun as it currently appears, formed from a combination of the latest STEREO Ahead and Behind beacon images, along with an SDO/AIA image in between. The movie starts with the view of the Sun as seen from Earth, with the 0 degree meridian line in the middle. The map then rotates through 360 degrees to show the part of the Sun not visible from Earth. The black wedge shows the part of the Sun not yet visible to the STEREO spacecraft.

As the two STEREO spacecraft continue their journey along Earth's orbital path, one 70 degrees ahead of Earth and one 70 degrees behind, they have reached the point where they can almost see the Sun on the opposite side of Earth. And now the STEREO maps and movies are using SDO data to complete the picture.

SDO/AIA images are now being used to supply the "Earth-view" in the STEREO Latest Images and Daily Browse Images pages for dates after April 16, 2010. SOHO/EIT images are used for earlier dates, or if the SDO/AIA data are unavailable.

For more on these STEREO 3D images, visit: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/beacon/beacon_secchi.shtml