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ISS Update: Interviews (Aug. 13-Aug. 17, 2012)
Interviews: International Space Station Update

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ISS Update: Art Thomason Discusses the Aug. 20 Russian Spacewalk – 08.17.12
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NASA Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean talks with Spacewalk Officer Art Thomason inside the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center. Thomason narrates an animation depicting the events that will take place during the Russian spacewalk scheduled on Monday, Aug. 20.

Expedition 32 Commander Gennady Padalka and Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko are scheduled to conduct the 6.5 hour spacewalk.

The main task for Monday’s spacewalk is the removal of the Strela-2 hand operated crane from the Pirs docking compartment to the Zarya module. This allows for the undocking of Pirs at a later date making room for the Russian multipurpose laboratory.

The spacewalkers also will release a small 20 pound satellite and install debris shields. As time permits there are several get-ahead tasks such as retrieving experiments and installing a ladder.

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ISS Update: JAXA Aquatic Habitat Facility -- 08.15.12
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ISS Update commentator Brandi Dean interviews Associate International Space Station Program Scientist Tara Ruttley about the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Aquatic Habitat facility.

The Aquatic Habitat facility provides a new option for the study of small, freshwater fish on orbit. Scientists have multiple studies planned to look at the impacts of radiation, bone degradation, muscle atrophy and developmental biology.

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Ruttley explains that the facility is located in the Kibo module and is basically a set of two half-liter aquariums that can support up to 8 – 12 fish at a time. It systems include a filter, an LED lighting system, automatic feeders and a water oxygenation system.

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