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ISS Update: Interviews (Dec. 10-14, 2012)
Interviews: International Space Station Update

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ISS Update: Nutrition Manager Talks About Children's Book “Space Nutrition” -- 12.14.12
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NASA Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean interviews Scott Smith, Manager of Nutritional Biochemistry at Johnson Space Center, about the children’s book he co-authored called “Space Nutrition.” The book talks about the history of spaceflight, the various space programs and of course space food.

Smith talks about how the project developed from a newsletter with illustrations to a children’s book. In the book he introduces the “scientific method” and highlights current space experiments and various nutrients and vitamins.

Smith says the book is useful for 5th – 8th graders who are curious about what’s going on in space. There is also a teacher’s guide to adapt the material for the classroom. However, the author wants the book to be helpful to everyone. The book is available in two forms: a PDF document version and an interactive iBook version for use on iPads. Both can be accessed for free at:


The interactive iBook is also directly available for free at iTunes:


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ISS Update: SPHERES with Telerobotics Project Manager Terry Fong -- 12.12.12
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NASA Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean talks with Terry Fong, Telerobotics project manager, about how the Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage and Reorient Experimental Satellites, or SPHERES, are being used for Human Exploration Telerobotics tests.

SPHERES was originally designed to use bowling-ball-sized satellites to test techniques that could lead to advancements in automated dockings, satellite servicing, spacecraft assembly and emergency repairs. However, robotics engineers on the ground are now working on concepts for using them to help relieve the crew of some of their duller tasks.

Fong says that several technologies are being tested using SPHERES, including COTS Smartphone as embedded robot controller, RAPID (robot middleware), DDS (CoreDX), DTN (Disruption Tolerant Networking), and ISS wireless network for robot operations.

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Questions? Ask us on Twitter @NASA_Johnson and include the hashtag #askStation.