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ISS Update: Interviews (Nov. 5-9, 2012)
Interviews: International Space Station Update

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ISS Update: SPARTAN and the Spacewalk – 11.06.12
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NASA Public Affairs Officer Kelly Humphries talks with Anthony Vareha, International Space Station SPARTAN flight controller. SPARTAN, short for Station Power Articulation and Thermal Analysis, is in charge of the station’s electrical systems, the solar arrays and external thermal control systems.

SPARTAN was monitoring an ammonia leak on a photovoltaic radiator on the station’s truss structure and noticed an increasing rate of flow. They worked with mission managers and other flight controllers to identify a way to bypass the leak and ensure ongoing power for critical station systems.

Expedition 33 crew members Suni Williams and Aki Hoshide conducted a spacewalk on Nov. 1 to stop the flow and reroute the ammonia. SPARTAN is continuing to monitor the ammonia flow and evaluating if more troubleshooting is necessary.

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