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ISS Update: Interviews (Oct. 8-12, 2012)
Interviews: International Space Station Update

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ISS Update: Bill Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations – 10.10.12
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NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot interviews Bill Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations, about the SpaceX CRS-1 mission and the arrival of the Dragon capsule at the International Space Station.

Gerstenmaier talks about lessons learned from the SpaceX demonstration mission to the station back in May. SpaceX mission procedures differ somewhat than NASA’s procedures, yet the commercial launch company partnered with NASA to learn how to go to space and return to Earth safely.

The Expedition 33 crew worked in conjunction with ground controllers in Houston and Hawthorne, Calif. to capture and berth Dragon to the Harmony node during the station’s first commercial resupply mission.

After the crew releases Dragon 18 days later, the cargo capsule will be able to return frozen biological lab samples for the first time since the end of the Space Shuttle Program. Dragon will splashdown in the Pacific Ocean for recovery off the coast of southern California.

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