Space Station Assembly

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Soyuz Prelaunch Timeline
The Soyuz crew arrives at the launch site more than five hours before launch. While technicians and engineers prepare the vehicle systems and launch pad, the crew suits up and enters the Soyuz. Hatches are sealed and tested, and the onboard systems are activated.

After the communications systems are verified and final vehicle checks are complete, the launch pad support structures are retracted. One minute before liftoff, the vehicle converts to onboard power and the last umbilicals are removed.

The following times are approximate. All times are keyed to elapsed time to liftoff.

T- 34 Hours Booster is prepared for fuel loading
T- 6:00:00 Batteries are installed in booster
T- 5:30:00 State commission gives go to take launch vehicle
T- 5:15:00 Crew arrives at site 254
T- 5:00:00 Tanking begins
T- 4:20:00 Spacesuit donning
T- 4:00:00 Booster is loaded with liquid oxygen
T- 3:40:00 Crew meets delegations
T- 3:10:00 Reports to the State commission
T- 3:05:00 Transfer to the launch pad
T- 3:00:00 Vehicle first and second stage oxidizer fueling complete
T- 2:35:00 Crew arrives at launch vehicle
T- 2:30:00 Crew ingress through orbital module side hatch
T- 2:00:00 Crew in re-entry vehicle
T- 1:45:00 Re-entry vehicle hardware tested
Suits are ventilated
T- 1:30:00 Launch command monitoring and supply unit prepared
Orbital compartment hatch tested for sealing
T- 1:00:00 Launch vehicle control system prepared for use; gyro instruments activated
T - :45:00 Launch pad service structure halves are lowered
T- :40:00 Re-entry vehicle hardware testing complete; leak checks performed on suits
T- :30:00 Emergency escape system armed; launch command supply unit activated
T- :25:00 Service towers withdrawn
T- :15:00 Suit leak tests complete; crew engages personal escape hardware auto mode
T- :10:00 Launch gyro instruments uncaged; crew activates on-board recorders
T- 7:00 All prelaunch operations are complete
T- 6:15 Key to launch command given at the launch site
Automatic program of final launch operations is activated
T- 6:00 All launch complex and vehicle systems ready for launch
T- 5:00 Onboard systems switched to onboard control
Ground measurement system activated by RUN 1 command
Commander's controls activated
Crew switches to suit air by closing helmets
Launch key inserted in launch bunker
T- 3:15 Combustion chambers of side and central engine pods purged with nitrogen
T- 2:30 Booster propellant tank pressurization starts
Onboard measurement system activated by RUN 2 command
Prelaunch pressurization of all tanks with nitrogen begins
T- 2:15 Oxidizer and fuel drain and safety valves of launch vehicle are closed
Ground filling of oxidizer and nitrogen to the launch vehicle is terminated
T- 1:00 Vehicle on internal power
Automatic sequencer on
First umbilical tower separates from booster
T- :40 Ground power supply umbilical to third stage is disconnected
T- :20 Launch command given at the launch position
Central and side pod engines are turned on
T- :15 Second umbilical tower separates from booster
T- :10 Engine turbopumps at flight speed
T- :05 First stage engines at maximum thrust
T- :00 Fueling tower separates
Lift off

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