Space Station Assembly

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Soyuz Launch Overview and Timeline
Prelaunch Countdown Timeline - Detailed Timeline

The following times are approximate. All times are keyed to elapsed time from liftoff.

Liftoff minus 2 hours, 30 minutes:
The crew enters through Orbital Module side hatch. The Orbital Module is used for operations during the orbital phase of the mission.

Liftoff minus 5 minutes:
Onboard systems are switched to onboard control.

Liftoff minus 0 seconds:
Soyuz launches.

Ascent/Insertion Timeline - Detailed Timeline

Liftoff plus 1 minute, 58 seconds:
First stage strap-on booster separation occurs when the pre-defined velocity is reached.

Liftoff plus 9 minutes:
Soyuz separates.

Orbital Insertion to Docking Timeline - Detailed Timeline

Note: Each orbit takes approximately 90 minutes.

LOS - Loss of Signal period, during which the Soyuz spacecraft does not have communications with the Russian Mission Control Center.

Flight Day 1, Orbit 3:
Engines are fired to begin moving the Soyuz toward the station by changing its velocity slightly (Delta Velocity Burn #1 - 'phasing burn').

Flight Day 1, Orbit 4:
Engines are fired again (Delta Velocity Burn #2 - another phasing burn) during LOS.

Flight Day 2, Orbit 17:
Engines are fired one more time to place the Soyuz in the correct position for rendezvous with the International Space Station the next day, during LOS.

Flight Day 3, Orbit 31:
The crew changes into Sokol spacesuits and enters the Descent Module, which contains all controls and displays needed for critical flight activities. The crew closes Descent Module/Habitation Module hatch.

Flight Day 3, Orbit 34:
Final approach and docking. The crew transfers to the Habitation Module and removes Sokol suits.

Flight Day 3, Orbit 35:
Station/Soyuz pressure equalization. When pressure on both sides of the hatch is equal, the crew opens the transfer hatch and enters the Station.

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