Benefits from Space Station Research - How ISS Research Affects me?

    Several recent patents and partnerships have already demonstrated Earth benefits of the public's investment in ISS research. Early research accomplishments, such as those identified here, give us hints about the value of a fully utilized ISS after assembly is complete.

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Space Station for Researchers

  • Just for Researchers

    Just for Researchers

    Discover how NASA partners with industry, academia and federal, state, regional and local entities for research and development.

Space Station for Kids

  • Just for Kids

    Are you a student interested in some of the cool experiments and activities related to space station science and technology? Visit us here.

Space Station for Educators

  • Space Station for Educators

    Are you an educator ideas for projects or experiments that could be done on ISS? Interested in getting involved in ISS educational programs? Want useful media to explain microgravity concepts and activities? Visit us here.

Space Station Research Benefits

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