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Robonaut Podcast Script
Kyle: Good morning America! This is Kyle Winters and
Alex: Alex Mason. We are coming to you from North Tama News, live at the Johnson Space Center. We are interviewing Adam Johnson and Bob Sanders. They are real astronauts.
Kyle: What is this new robot, Bob?
Bob: Well Kyle, the robot is named Robonaut and it is designed to look and operate like a human. It is also designed to help astronauts work on the ISS.
Alex: So Adam, what exactly can Robonaut do?
Adam: You see Alex, Robonaut is designed to help astronauts on the ISS. It has a human torso with human-like arms and hands. Plus it has a head with two high powered image cameras for eyes.
Kyle: How exactly is Robonaut powered up Bob?
Bob: Robonaut has a special power pack that looks like a backpack that powers him up.
Alex: So, what tasks does Robonaut do exactly?
Adam: Robonaut has a task board that has a few simple tasks including flipping switches, removing dust covers and installing handrails. Every time Robonaut completes a task, his trial list expands.
Alex: This is Alex Mason.
Kyle: and Kyle Winters. Thank you for talking to us.
Adam and Bob: No problem.