International Partner Research on the Space Station

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International Partner Research on the Space Station

It is the unique blend of unified and diversified goals among the world's space agencies that will lead to improvements of life on Earth for people of all nations. While the various space agency partners may emphasize different aspects of research to achieve their goals in the use of the space station, they are unified in several important overarching goals.

All of the agencies recognize the importance of leveraging the space station as an education platform to encourage and motivate today's youth to pursue careers in math, science and engineering: educating the children of today to be the leaders and space explorers of tomorrow.

Advancing our knowledge in the areas of human physiology, biology and physical sciences, and translating that knowledge to health, socioeconomic, and environmental benefits on Earth is another common goal of the agencies: returning the knowledge gained in space research for the benefit of society.

Finally, all the agencies are united in their goals to apply knowledge gained through space station research in human physiology, radiation, materials science, engineering, biology, fluid physics, and technology to enable the future of exploration missions: preparing for exploring beyond the space station.

You are welcome to visit the space station international partners' research sites to learn more about each agency's goals for space station utilization.

The Canadian Space Agency:      
     Life and Human Sciences
     Physical Sciences
The European Space Agency
The Federal Space Agency- Roscosmos
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

To learn about research opportunities from the space station's international partners, visit the International Partner Research Opportunities page.

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