Space Station Research Facilities and Capabilities

    The Space Station has a variety of multidisciplinary laboratory facilities and equipment available to support the National Laboratory operations. These capabilities have been built by NASA and its International Partners and can be made available on a time-shared basis to other US government agencies and private entities to pursue their own mission driven research and applications on the space station. Shared utilization of these capabilities will be detailed in negotiated agreements with NASA and/or the sponsoring International Partner agency.

Facility Updates

    With the extension of the space station to 2020 via the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, NASA is constantly evaluating additional state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, including tools to enable on-orbit analysis of biological samples. Check back here regularly for new facility updates.

Space Station Laboratory Layouts

    Visit this page for update laboratory maps of the space station's Destiny, Kibo and Columbus research modules, as well as locations of the available research facilities. Coming Soon!

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