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This system uses a search engine and search algorithms provided by Microsoft. The search engine takes
into account multiple factors in determining the “Relevance” of search results. Relevance means how
strong an overall match is between what you have typed as your search terms and the entries in our
database among Experiments, Facilities, and Result Publications. Once the algorithms have run,
Explorer shows you the search result along with its Relevance computation presented as
a percentage indicating which results are more likely to be important to you.

Search algorithms consider such factors as:
The engine searches against all data fields included within the Experiment and Facility pages, as well as
metadata present in the background to increase search result accuracy. This includes (but is not limited
to) the following:
Search using AND
Search using OR
Search using parentheses ( )
Search using &
Search using |
Example: blood AND pressure
… searches for 'blood' and 'pressure’

Example: blood OR pressure
… searches for 'blood' or 'pressure’

Example: blood AND (pressure OR drops)
… searches for 'blood' and either 'pressure' or 'drops'

Example: blood & pressure
… searches for 'blood' and 'pressure’

Example: blood | pressure
… searches for 'blood' or 'pressure’
Search for exact matches with quotes Example: "Role of the Edocannabinoid"
… searches for that whole exact phrase as you’ve typed it
Exclude terms from search
(minus sign or NOT)
Example: blood -radiation
… searches for 'blood' but exclude entries containing the word 'radiation'
Example: blood not radiation
… searches for 'blood' but exclude entries containing the word 'radiation'
Search on synonyms of search word Example: ~blood
… searches for 'blood' including that word’s synonyms
Search for words that start with… Example: auto*
… searches for any words starting with 'auto'