Experiments by Hardware - 04.25.18

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Biology and Biotechnology
  Animal Biology - Invertebrates
Ageing (Drosophila Motility, Behaviour and Ageing)
Biosfera (Investigation of a Closed Ecological System)
CERISE (RNA Interference and Protein Phosphorylation in Space Environment Using the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans)
CGBA-SM (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus - Synaptogenesis in Microgravity)
Chaos Carolinensis Behavior and Locomotion in Microgravity ( Chaos Carolinensis Behavior and Locomotion in Microgravity)
Epigenetics (Epigenetics in spaceflown C. elegans)
FIT (Fungal Pathogenesis, Tumorigenesis, and Effects of Host Immunity in Space)
Flatworm Regeneration (KS5: Role of Gravity and Geomagnetic Field in Flatworm Regeneration)
Fruit Fly Lab -02 (FFL-02) (The effects of microgravity on cardiac function, structure and gene expression using the Drosophila model)
Fruit Fly Lab-01 (FFL-01) (ARC ISS Drosophila Experiment)
Fruit Fly Lab-03 (FFL-03) (Does Spaceflight Alter the Virulence of a Natural Parasite of Drosophila)
ICE-First-Aging (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Aging)
ICE-First-Apoptosis (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Apoptosis)
ICE-First-Cells (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Cells)
ICE-First-Development (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Development)
ICE-First-Genomics (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Genomics)
ICE-First-Muscle Proteins (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Muscle Proteins)
ICE-First-Radiobiology (International Caenorhabditis elegans Experiment First Flight-Radiobiology)
Matryeshka-R BUBBLE (Matryeshka-R BUBBLE)
NanoRacks-AFEX (NanoRacks-Ames Fruit-Fly Experiment)
NanoRacks-Heart Flies (NanoRacks-Heart Effect Analysis Research Team conducting FLy Investigations and Experiments in Spaceflight)
NanoRacks-UF-Squids-1 (NanoRacks-University of Florida-Squids-1)
NanoRacks-VCHS-C. elegans (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effects of Microgravity on Neural Development of C. elegans)
Nematode Muscles (Alterations of C. elegans muscle fibers by microgravity)
RadSilk (Integrated Assessment of Long-term Cosmic Radiation Through Biological Responses of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori, in Space)
Regeneratsia-Planaria (Regeneration-Girardia) (Studying the Impact of Various Spaceflight Factors on the Process of Regeneration in Terms of Morphological and Electro-Physiological Indicators (Regeneratsia-Planariya (Regeneration-Girardia)))
Space Aging (Study of the effects of space flight on the aging of C. elegans)
Space Tango Payload Card Fruit Flies (Activity of Mutated Drosophila in Microgravity)
Statoconia (Otoconium) (Study of the Growth Potential of Statoconia in the Organ of Balance of Gastropods in Weightlessness (Statoconia))
Tenebrio Molitor ( Effects of Microgravity on the Life Cycle of Tenebrio Molitor)
  Animal Biology - Vertebrates
ADF-Otolith (Avian Development Facility - Development and Function of the Avian Otolith System in Normal Altered Gravity Environments)
ADF-Skeletal (Avian Development Facility - Skeletal Development in Embryonic Quail)
AQH Microscope Checkout (AQH Microscope Checkout)
Akvarium (Aquarium) (Study of the Resistance of a Modeled Closed Ecosystem and Chains of Its Components in Microgravity)
Bone Densitometer Validation (Bone Densitometer Hardware Validation )
CBTM (Commercial Biomedical Testing Module: Effects of Osteoprotegerin on Bone Maintenance in Microgravity)
CBTM-2 (Commercial Biomedical Test Module - 2)
CBTM-3-Sclerostin Antibody (Commercial Biomedical Testing Module-3: Assessment of sclerostin antibody as a novel bone forming agent for prevention of spaceflight-induced skeletal fragility in mice)
CBTM-3-Vascular Atrophy (Commercial Biomedical Testing Module-3: STS-135 space flight's affects on vascular atrophy in the hind limbs of mice)
Embryo Rad (Lifetime Heritable Effect of Space Radiation on Mouse embryos Preserved for a long-term in ISS)
MDS (Mice Drawer System)
Medaka Osteoclast (Medaka Osteoclast)
Medaka Osteoclast 2 (Effect of microgravity on osteoclasts and the analysis of the gravity sensing system in medaka)
Mouse Epigenetics (Transcriptome analysis and germ-cell development analysis of mice in the space)
Mouse Immunology (Mouse Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cell Priming and Memory Response during Spaceflight)
Mouse Immunology-2 (Effect of Space Flight on Innate Immunity to Respiratory Viral Infections)
Poligen (Polygene) (Identifying the Genetic Features Determining Individual differences in the Resilience of Biological Objects to Long-term Spaceflight Factors Studies with the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster (Poligen))
Rodent Research-1 (Rodent Research Hardware and Operations Validation)
Rodent Research-1 (CASIS) (Muscle Atrophy of Muscle Sparing in Transgenic Mice)
Rodent Research-2 (CASIS) (Time-dependency of morphological and molecular changes in the musculoskeletal system of mice exposed to the spaceflight environment)
Rodent Research-3-Eli Lilly (Assessment of myostatin inhibition to prevent skeletal muscle atrophy and weakness in mice exposed to long-duration spaceflight)
Rodent Research-4 (CASIS) (Tissue Regeneration-Bone Defect)
Rodent Research-5 (RR-5) (Systemic Therapy of NELL-1 for Osteoporosis)
Rodent Research-6 (RR-6) (Rodent Research-6 (RR-6))
Rodent Research-7 (RR-7) (Effects of Spaceflight on Gastrointestinal Microbiota in Mice: Mechanisms and Impact on Multi-System Physiology)
Rodent Research-9 (RR-9) (Effects of the Space Environment on the Blood and Lymphatic Vessels of the Head and Neck, the Knee and Hip Joints, and the Eyes)
Space Pup (Effect of space environment on mammalian reproduction)
Zebrafish Muscle (Effects of the gravity on maintenance of muscle mass in zebrafish)
  Cellular Biology
ADCs in Microgravity (Efficacy and Metabolism of Azonafide Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) in Microgravity)
ARIL-1 (Effect of Spaceflight Factors on the Expression of Producer Strains of Interleukin 1α, 1β, and ARIL)
Actin (Role of Weightlessness on Metabolism)
BIOKIS (BIOKon In Space)
CBOSS-01-02-Renal (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: Human Renal Cortical Cell Differentiation and Hormone Production)
CBOSS-01-Colon (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: Use of NASA Bioreactor to Study Cell Cycle Regulation: Mechanisms of Colon Carcinoma Metastasis in Microgravity)
CBOSS-01-Ovarian (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: Evaluation of Ovarian Tumor Cell Growth and Gene Expression)
CBOSS-01-PC12 (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: PC12 Pheochromocytoma Cells - A Proven Model System for Optimizing 3-D Cell Culture Biotechnology in Space)
CBOSS-02-Erythropoietin (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: Production of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin by Mammalian Cells)
CBOSS-02-HLT (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: The Effect of Microgravity on the Immune Function of Human Lymphoid Tissue)
CGBA-KCGE (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus - Kidney Cell Gene Expression)
CIS (Effect of Microgravity and Radiation on Eukaryotic, Endothelial and Osteoblasts)
CORM (The Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as an Antiapoptotic Countermeasure for Retinal Lesions Induced by Radiation and Microgravity on the ISS: Experiment on Cultured Retinal Cells)
Cardiac Myocytes (Conversion of Adipogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Mature Cardiac Myocytes)
Cardiac Stem Cells (Functional Effects of Spaceflight on Cardiovascular Stem Cells)
Cell Mechanosensing (Identification of gravity-transducers in skeletal muscle cells: Physiological relevance of tension fluctuations in plasma membrane)
Cell Shape and Expression (Microgravity and Cells:  Morphotype and Phenotype Correlation)
Chondro (Study on the Development of Methods to Produce Artificial Cartilage)
DomeGene (Dome Gene Experiment)
Drug Metabolism (Repurposing Metformin as an anti-cancer agent: microgravity studies in Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
ESCD (Study of Embryonic and Stem Cell Development in Microgravity)
EXPOSE-R AMINO (Photochemical Processing of Amino Acids and Other Organic Compounds in Earth Orbit)
EXPOSE-R ENDO (Response of Endolithic Organisms to Space Conditions)
EXPOSE-R IBMP (Exposure of Resting Stages of Terrestrial Organisms to Space Conditions)
EXPOSE-R ORGANIC (Evolution of Organic Matter in Space)
EXPOSE-R OSMO (Exposure of osmophilic microbes to the space environment)
EXPOSE-R SUBTIL (Mutational Spectra of Bacillus subtilis Spores and Plasmid DNA Exposed to High Vacuum and Solar UV Radiation in Space Environment)
Endothelial Cells (Effects of Spaceflight on endothelial function:  molecular and cellular characterization of interactions between genome transcription, DNA damage and induction of cell senescence)
Evolution of E. coli Resistance to Antibiotics in Microgravity (Evolution of E. coli Resistance to Antibiotics in Microgravity)
Expose-E (Expose-E)
Expose-R (Expose-R)
Fischer Rat Thyroid Low Serum 5 (Fischer Rat Thyroid Low Serum 5%)
Fish Scales (Investigation of the Osteoclastic and Osteoblastic Responses to Microgravity Using Goldfish Scales)
Heart Cells (Effects of Microgravity on Stem Cell-Derived Heart Cells)
Invitrobone (Effect of Microgravity at Bone Cell and Tissue Levels)
Lactolen (The Effects of Space Flight Factors on a Lactolen Producer Strain (Lactolen))
Leukin-2 (Role of Interleukin-2 Receptor in Signal Transduction and Gravisensing Threshold of T-Lymphocytes-2)
Lung Tissue (The Effect of Microgravity on Stem Cell Mediated Recellularization)
MIS (Microbes In Space: Effects of Microgravity and Space Radiation on Growth Kinetics and Mutation Processes in E. Cloacae and Acinetobacer Baumanii Cells)
MYOGRAVITY (Multidisciplinary Approach to the Analysis of the Functional Alterations Induced by Microgravity in Human Satellite Cells, and Study of Possible Countermeasures)
Magnetic 3D Cell Culturing (Magnetic 3D Cell Culture for Biological Research in Microgravity)
Maturation Study of Biofabricated Myocyte Construct (Maturation Study of Biofabricated Myocyte Construct)
Metabolic Tracking (Comparative Real-time Metabolic Activity Tracking for Improved Therapeutic Assessment Screening Panels)
Mezhkletochnoe Vzaimodeistvie (Intercellular Interactions in Space Flight)
Micro-10 (Influence of microgravity on the production of Aspergillus secondary metabolites (IMPAS) – a novel drug discovery approach with potential benefits to astronauts’ health)
Micro-11 (Spaceflight-Altered Motility Activation and Fertility-Dependent Responses in Sperm)
Micro-7 (MicroRNA Expression Profiles in Cultured Human Fibroblasts in Space)
Micro-8 (Genotypic and Phenotypic Responses of Candida albicans to Spaceflight)
Micro-9 (Yeast colony survival in microgravity depends on ammonia mediated metabolic adaptation and cell differentiation)
Microgravity Expanded Stem Cells (Microgravity Expanded Stem Cells)
MyoLab (Molecular Mechanism of Microgravity-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy - Physiological Relevance of Cbl-b Ubiquitin Ligase)
NANOROS (Nanotechnology Solutions against Oxidative Stress in Muscle Tissue during Long-term Microgravity Exposure)
NIP (Interaction of Sprayed Proteins (luciferin and luciferace) By Bioluminescence Image)
NLP-Cells (National Laboratory Pathfinder - Cells)
NLP-Cells-Jatropha Biofuels (National Laboratory Pathfinder - Cells - Jatropha Biofuels (NLP-Cells-3,4,6,7))
NanoRacks-BIT-1 ( NanoRacks-Beijing Institute of Technology-1: DNA Mismatch during a PCR Reaction Exposed to the Space Environment)
NanoRacks-CellBox-PRIME (NanoRacks-CellBox-Primary Human Macrophages in Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-CellBox-Thyroid Cancer (NanoRacks-CellBox-Effect of Microgravity on Human Thyroid Carcinoma Cells)
NanoRacks-ISS University Research (UR) - 1 (NanoRacks-The Investigation of Countermeasures to Modulate and Augment the Immune System)
NanoRacks-SABOL (NanoRacks-Self-Assembly in Biology and the Origin of Life)
NanoRacks-SyNRGE³ (NanoRacks-Symbiotic Nodulation in a Reduced Gravity Environment-Cubed)
NeuroRad (Biological Effects of Space Radiation and Microgravity on Mammalian Cells)
Night Vision (Eyespots and Macular Pigments Extracted from Algal Organisms Immobilized in Organic Matrix with the Purpose to Protect Astronaut's Retina)
Osteo-4 (Osteocytes and mechano-transduction)
OsteoOmics (Gravitational Regulation of Osteoblast Genomics and Metabolism)
PADIAC (PAthway DIfferent ACtivators)
PKinase (Mechanisms and Functional Consequences of Protein Kinase C Isoform Translocation in Monocytes Exposed to Microgravity)
ROALD (ROle of Apoptosis in Lymphocyte Depression)
ROALD-2 (Role of the Endocannabinoid System in human Lymphocytes Exposed to Microgravity-2)
SERISM (Role of the Edocannabinoid System in Pluripotent Human Stem Cell Reprogramming under Microgravity Conditions)
SMEK (Effect of Microgravity on Kinetic Properties of Enzymtic Reactions - Hydrolysis of Sucrose in Cerevisiae Cells of Saccharomycetes)
STL-MRMC (High Throughput Pan-omic Approaches to Study the Effect of Microgravity on Responses of Skin Endothelial Cells to Insult )
STL-Microbial Immunity (Space Tissue Loss - Microbial Immunity)
STL-Regeneration (Space Tissue Loss - Stem Cell Regeneration)
STL-Regeneration-Keratinocytes (Space Tissue Loss - The Effects Microgravity on Stem Cell-Based Tissue Regeneration: Keratinocyte Differentiation in Wound Healing)
STL-TATRC2 (Examination of the effects of microgravity on the trophic capability of stromal vascular fraction cells from lipoaspirated human adipose tissue )
STaARS BioScience-3 (Spaceflight Effects on Vascular Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cell Processes)
STaARS BioScience-5 (STaARS BioScience-5)
Space Tango Cell Culture Hardware Test (Cell Culture Hardware Test)
Space Tango Payload Card E. Coli Antibiotic Sensitivity Experiment (Antibiotic Properties and Sensitivity of E.Coli in Microgravity)
Space Tango Payload Card Smooth Muscle Cell Culture (Smooth Muscle Cell Culture)
StelSys (StelSys Liver Cell Function Research)
Stem Cell Differentiation (Stem Cell Differentiation)
Stem Cells (Study on the Effect of Space Environment to Embryonic Stem Cells to Their Development)
Synthetic Bone (Assessing Osteoblast Response to Tetranite™ in Microgravity Conditions to Induce Osteoporosis)
T-Cell Act in Aging (T-Cell Activation in Aging)
TripleLux-A (Gene, Immune and Cellular Responses to Single and Combined Space Flight Conditions - A)
TripleLux-B (Gene, Immune and Cellular Responses to Single and Combined Space Flight Conditions - B)
  Macromolecular Crystal Growth
APCF-Camelids (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Extraordinary Structural Features of Antibodies from Camelids)
APCF-Crystal Growth (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Solution Flows and Molecular Disorder of Protein Crystals: Growth of High Quality Crystals, Motions of Lumazin Crystals and Growth of Ferritin Crystals)
APCF-Crystal Quality (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Effect of Different Growth Conditions on the Quality of Thaumatin and Aspartyl-tRNA Synthetase Crystals Grown in Microgravity)
APCF-Lipoprotein (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of Human Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Subfractions in Microgravity)
APCF-Lysozyme (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Testing New Trends in Microgravity Protein Crystallization)
APCF-Octarellins (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of the Next Generation of Octarellins)
APCF-PPG10 (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Protein Crystallization in Microgravity, Collagen Model (X-Y-Gly) Polypeptides - the case of (Pro-Pro-Gly) 10)
APCF-Rhodopsin (Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility - Crystallization of Rhodopsin in Microgravity)
CASIS PCG 11 (Neutron Crystallographic Studies of Human Acetylcholinesterase for the Design of Accelerated Reactivators)
CASIS PCG 13 (In Situ Space Protein Crystal Growth)
CASIS PCG 4-1 (Protein Crystallography to Enable Structure-Based Drug Design)
CASIS PCG 4-2 (The Effect of Microgravity on the Co-crystallization of a Membrane protein with a medically relevant compound.)
CASIS PCG 5 (Microgravity Growth of Crystalline Monoclonal Antibodies for Pharmaceutical Applications)
CASIS PCG 6 (Neutron Crystallographic Studies of Human Acetylcholinesterase for the Design of Accelerated Reactivators)
CASIS PCG 7 (Crystallization of LRRK2 Under Microgravity Conditions)
CASIS PCG HDPCG-1 (Crystallization of Huntingtin Exon 1 Using Microgravity)
CASIS PCG HDPCG-2 (Advancing Membrane Protein Crystallization By Using Microgravity)
CPCF-2 (Commercial Protein Crystallization Factory - 2: Producing Protein Crystals with Highly Refined Crystal Structure for the Development of New-Generation Medicines)
CPCG-H (Commercial Protein Crystal Growth - High Density)
CPCG-HM (Commercial Protein Crystal Growth - High density protein crystal growth Modified )
DCPCG (Dynamically Controlled Protein Crystal Growth)
ESA-GCF (European Space Agency - Granada Crystallisation Facility)
Glykoproteid-K (Extraction and Investigation of surface glycoproteins E1-E2 Alphavirises on Earth and in Space)
InterleIkin-K (Production of Hight Quality Crystals of Interleukin -1Alpha, -1Beta and Receptor of Antagonist of Interleukin-1)
JAXA Low Temp PCG (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Protein Crystallization Growth)
JAXA PCG (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Protein Crystallization Growth)
JAXA PCG Demo (JAXA High Quality Protein Crystal Growth Demonstration Experiment)
JAXA-GCF (Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency - Granada Crystallization Facility High Quality Protein Crystallization Project)
Kaf (Crystalization of th Protein Caf1M and its Combination with the Terminal Peptide Caf1 as the Elements for the Development of a New Generation of Antimicrobial Medicinal Preparations and Components of Vaccines from Yeasts)
Kristallizator (Crystalization of Biological Macromolecules and Generation of Biocrystal Film in the Conditions of Microgravity)
LMM Biophysics 1 (The Effect of Macromolecular Transport of Microgravity Protein Crystallization)
LMM Biophysics 3 (Growth Rate Dispersion as a Predictive Indicator for Biological Crystal Samples Where Quality Can be Improved with Microgravity Growth)
Microgravity Growth of Antibody Crystals in the Hand Held High Density Protein Crystal Growth (Microgravity Growth of Single Antibody Crystals for Structure Determination)
Mimetik-K (Crystalization of antigen Binding Fragment of Monoclonalical Antibody to Glucosaminilmuramildepeptide)
Nano Step (In-situ Observation of Growth Mechanisms of Protein Crystals and Their Perfection Under Microgravity)
NanoRacks-EGAHEP (NanoRacks-Egypt Against Hepatitis C Virus Microgravity Protein Crystal Growth)
NanoRacks-PCG Therapeutic Discovery (NanoRacks-Protein crystal growth in microgravity to enable therapeutic discovery )
NanoRacks-PCG-1 (NanoRacks-Protein Crystal Growth-1)
On-Orbit Crystals (Exploiting On-orbit Crystal properties for Structural Studies of Medically and Economically Important Targets)
PC4NC (Protein Crystals for Neutron Crystallography (PC4NC) Large volume crystal growth of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase complexes by counter-diffusion in microgravity for neutron diffraction studies)
PCG-EGN (Protein Crystal Growth-Enhanced Gaseous Nitrogen Dewar)
PCG-STES-IDQC (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Improved Diffraction Quality of Crystals)
PCG-STES-IMP (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Crystallization of the Integral Membrane Protein Using Microgravity)
PCG-STES-MM (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Synchrotron Based Mosaicity Measurements of Crystal Quality and Theoretical Modeling)
PCG-STES-MMTP (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Crystallization of the Mitochondrial Metabolite Transport Proteins)
PCG-STES-MS (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System - Crystal Growth Model System for Material Science)
PCG-STES-RDP (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Engineering a Ribozyme for Diffraction Properties)
PCG-STES-RGE (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Regulation of Gene Expression)
PCG-STES-SA (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Science and Applications of Facility Hardware for Protein Crystal Growth)
PCG-STES-VEKS (Protein Crystal Growth-Single Locker Thermal Enclosure System-Vapor Equilibrium Kinetics Studies)
PCS (Protein Crystallization in Space: Characterization of the Effect of Microgravity on the Crystal Growth Behavior of Lipases)
Protein Crystal Optimization (Optimization of Protein Crystal Growth for Determination of Enzyme Mechanisms through Advanced Diffraction Techniques)
Protein Crystallography (Crystallization of Medically Relevant Proteins Using Microgravity)
SPC (Soluble Protein Crystallization: Obtaining Crystals of Soluble Proteins FcgIII and FcgeII with a Perfect Crystal Structure)
Vaktsina-K (Vaccine-K) (Structural Research on Protein Candidates for an AIDS Vaccine in Earth and Space Conditions (Vaktsina-K)
ZCG (Zeolite Crystal Growth)
AES-1 (Antibiotic Effectiveness in Space-1)
APEX-02-2 (Advanced Plant EXperiments-02-2)
Amphibody (The Antibody V(D)J Recombination Machinery in Normal and Altered Gravity)
Astrovaktsina (Cultivating Escheria coli Producer of CAF1 Protein in Weightlessness)
BASE-A (Bacterial Acclimation and Adaptation to the Space Environment Conditions-A)
BEST (Biomolecule Extraction and Sequencing Technology )
BRIC-23 (Biological Research in Canisters-23)
BRIC-NP (BRIC - Natural Product under Microgravity)
Bacteriophage (Study of the Effects of Spaceflight Factors on Bacteriophages)
Bif (Study of the Effects of Spaceflight Factors on the Technological and Biomedical Characteristics of Bifidobacteria)
BioNutrients (BioNutrients)
Biodegradatsia-1 (Biodegradation-1) (Initial Stages of Biological Deterioration and Biological Damage in Space using the Bioproby Kit-1)
Bioekologia-M (Bioecology-M) (Obtaining Highly-Efficient Strains of Microorganisms for the Production of of Biological Petroleum Degrading Compounds, Organophosphate Substances,
Plant Protection Means, and Exopolysaccharides used in the Petroleum Industry (Bioekologiya-M))

Bioemulsia-Bioreactor-1 (Research and Development of a Self-Contained Reactor of the Shielded Type For Production of Biomass of Microorganisms and Biologically Active Substances)
Biokin-4 (Microbial Growth Kinetics Under Conditions of Microgravity)
Biokultura (Bioculture) (Effects of Space Radiation on Food Biocultures)
Biorisk-KM-metally (metals) and Biorisk-KM-polimery (polimers) (Influence of Factors of the Space Environment on the Condition of the System of Microorganisms-Hosts Relating to the Problem of Environmental Safety of Flight Techniques and Planetary Quarantine)
Biotrack-A (Studying the Impact of Streams of Heavy Charged Particles from Space Radiation on the Genetic Properties of Cells in Producers of Biologically Active Substances)
CFS-A (Growth and Survival of Colored Fungi in Space)
CGBA-APS (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus - Antibiotic Production in Space)
Cell Science-Validation (Bioculture System Hardware Validation)
DNARM (DNA Repair in Microgravity: Investigation of the Effects of High Levels of Radiation on DNA Repair Mechanisms in Microgravity)
EcAMSat (E. coli AntiMicrobial Satellite)
Extremophiles (Extremophiles)
ISS High Efficiency Particle Filter Analysis (International Space Station High Efficiency Particle Filter Analysis)
ISS Internal Environments (International Space Station Internal Environments)
Kaskad (Cascade) (Studying the Processes of Culturing Various Types of Cells (Kaskad))
Konyugatsia-EFR (Optimizing the process of genetic material transmission using bacterial conjugation)
MDRV (Microbial Drug Resistance and Virulence)
MELONDAU (MELiSSA ON board DAnish Utilisation flight)
MSK-1 (Cultivation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Bone Marrow in Space Flight)
Micro-12 (Investigating the Physiology and Fitness of an Exoelectrogenic Organism Under Microgravity Conditions)
Micro-2 (Gravitational Effects on Biofilm Formation During Space Flight)
Micro-2A (Microbial biofilm formation during space flight)
Micro-4 (Genotypic and Phenotypic Changes in Yeast Related to Selective Growth Pressures Unique to Microgravity)
Micro-5 (Investigation of host-pathogen interactions, conserved cellular responses, and countermeasure efficacy during spaceflight using the human surrogate model Caenorhabditis elegans)
Micro-6 (Genotypic and Phenotypic Responses of Candida albicans to Spaceflight)
Microbe (Effect of Spaceflight on Microbial Gene Expression and Virulence)
Microbe-A1 (On-board Microorganism Monitoring in Spacecrafts)
Microbe-I (Microbial Dynamics in International Space Station - I)
Microbe-III (Microbe-III)
Microbe-IV (Microbiological monitoring in the International Space Station-KIBO)
Microbial Observatory-1 (Microbial Tracking Payload Series)
Microbial Tracking-2 (International Space Station—Microbial Observatory of Pathogenic Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi (ISS-MOP) Project)
Microspace (Microbial Life in Space: Response to Environmental Factors in a Space Vehicle)
Myco (Mycological Evaluation of Crew Exposure to ISS Ambient Air)
Myco (for 1YM) (Mycological Evaluation of Crew Exposure to ISS Ambient Air 1 Year Mission)
Myco-2 (Mycological Evaluation of Crew Exposure to ISS Ambient Air - 2)
Myco-3 (Mycological Evaluation of Crew Exposure to ISS Ambient Air - 3)
NanoRacks-DSHS-Making Tempeh in Microgravity (NanoRacks-Del Superior High School-The Making of Tempeh in Microgravity Experiment)
NanoRacks-Project MERCCURI (NanoRacks-Comparison of the Growth Rate and DNA Characterization of Microgravity Exposed Microbial Community Samples)
Nanobiosym Genes (Proof-of-Concept for Gene-RADAR® Predictive Pathogen Mutation Study)
OChB-1 (Influence of Factors of Space Flight on Superoxide Strain Producer)
POEMS (Passive Observatories for Experimental Microbial Systems)
Plazmida (Plasmid) (Transfer of Plasmid DNA During Conjugation in Spaceflight (Plazmida))
RJR (Augmented) Microbial Sampling (RJR (Augmented) Microbial Sampling)
SPEGIS (Streptococcus pneumoniae Expression of Genes in Space)
STaARS BioScience-1 (STaARS BioScience-1)
STaARS-iFUNGUS (Intraterrestrial Fungus)
Space Tango Payload Card Exomed Microbiome Bacteria (Exomed Microbiome Bacteria)
Space Tango Payload Card MMARS-1 (Space Tango Payload Card MMARS-1)
Spore (Study of Space Environment Effects on PY17 Bacterial Spores onboard Space Shuttle)
URC-Microbial-1 (University Research Centers - Microbial - 1)
VIABLE ISS (eValuatIon And monitoring of microBiofiLms insidE International Space Station)
Yeast-GAP (Yeast-Group Activation Packs)
MEPS (Microencapsulation Electrostatic Processing System)
  Plant Biology
ADVASC (Advanced AstrocultureTM)
APEX-03-1 (Advanced Plant EXperiments 03-1)
APEX-03-2 TAGES-Isa (Transgenic Arabidopsis Gene Expression System - Intracellular Signaling Architecture)
APEX-04 (Epigenetic change in Arabidopsis thaliana in response to spaceflight - differential cytosine DNA methylation of plants on the ISS)
APEX-05 (Spaceflight-Induced Hypoxic-ROS Signaling)
APEX-06 (Using Brachypodium distachyon to Investigate Monocot Plant Adaptation to Spaceflight)
APEX-CSA2 (Advanced Plant Experiment - Canadian Space Agency 2)
AT-Space (Arabidopsis Thaliana in Space: Perception of Gravity, Signal Transduction and Graviresponse in Higher Plants)
Aniso Tubule (Roles of cortical microtubules and microtubule-associated proteins in gravity-induced growth modification of plant stems)
Arabidopsis thaliana (Life Cycle of Arabidopsis thaliana in Microgravity)
Asian Herb in Space in 2016 (Asian Herb in Space in 2016)
Auxin Transport (Studies on gravity-controlled growth and development in plants using true microgravity conditions)
BPS (Biomass Production System)
BRIC-16-Cytoskeleton (Biological Research In Canisters - 16: Investigations of the plant cytoskeleton in microgravity with gene profiling and cytochemistry)
BRIC-16-DNA (Biological Research In Canisters - 16: The Impact of Spaceflight on Arabidopsis: Deep Sequencing and DNA Arrays as Collaborative Readouts of the Transcriptome of Arabidopsis Seedlings and Undifferentiated Cells in Space)
BRIC-16-Regulation (Biological Research In Canisters -16: Actin Regulation of Arabidopsis Root Growth and Orientation During Space Flight)
BRIC-17-1 (Biological Research In Canisters-17-1: Undifferentiated Cell development in Arabidopsis plants in Microgravity)
BRIC-17-2 (Biological Research in Canisters-17-2: Understanding Anoxic Response in Arabidopsis)
BRIC-18-1 (Development of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance By Opportunistic Bacterial Pathogens During Human Space Flight)
BRIC-18-2 (Mechanisms for plant adaptation to space environment)
BRIC-19 (Biological Research in Canisters-19 )
BRIC-20 (Biological Research in Canisters-20)
BRIC-21 (Biological Research in Canisters-21 (BRIC-21))
BRIC-22 (Biological Research in Canisters-22)
BRIC-LED-001 (BRIC-LED Tech Demo)
BRIC-SyNRGE (Biological Research in Canisters Symbiotic Nodulation in a Reduced Gravity Environment)
Biological Nitrogen Fixation (Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Microgravity via Rhizobium-Legume Symbiosis)
Biotube-MICRO (Biotube-Magnetophoretically Induced Curvature in Roots )
CARA (Molecular Biology of Plant Development in the Space Flight Environment)
Cambium (Cambium)
Cell Wall (Reverse Genetic Approach to Exploring Genes Responsible for Cell Wall Dynamics in Supporting Tissues of Arabidopsis Under Microgravity Conditions)
CsPINs (Dynamism of Auxin Efflux Facilitators, CsPINs, Responsible for Gravity-regulated Growth and Development in Cucumber)
EuTEF-Expose-Seeds (European Technology Exposure Facility-Expose-Seeds)
Ferulate (Regulation by Gravity of Ferulate Formation in Cell Walls of Rice Seedlings)
Genara-A (Gravity Related Genes in Arabidopsis - A)
Germination of ABI Voyager Barley Seeds in Microgravity ( Germination of ABI Voyager Barley Seeds in Microgravity)
Gosum (Comparison of Seed Growth on Earth and in Space)
Gravi-2 (Threshold Acceleration for Gravisensing - 2)
HydroTropi (Hydrotropism and Auxin-Inducible Gene expression in Roots Grown Under Microgravity Conditions)
Khlorophyl (Observation of the Chlorophyll Chromatography Process in Weightlessness)
Lada-VPU-P3R (Validating Vegetable Production Unit (VPU) Plants, Protocols, Procedures and Requirements (P3R) Using Currently Existing Flight Resources)
MULTI-TROP (Multiple-Tropism: Gravity, Nutrient and Water Interaction of Stimuli for Root Orientation in Microgravity)
Multigen (Molecular and Plant Physiological Analyses of the Microgravity Effects on Multigeneration Studies of Arabidopsis thaliana)
NanoRacks-AGAR (NanoRacks-Algal Growth and Remediation)
NanoRacks-Terpene (NanoRacks-Terpene Extraction in Microgravity )
ORZS (The Optimization of Root Zone Substrates (ORZS) for Reduced Gravity Experiments Program)
PESTO (Photosynthesis Experiment and System Testing and Operation)
PGBA (Plant Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus)
Petri Plants-2 (Characterizing Arabidopsis Root Attractions-2)
Plant Gravity Perception (Gravity Perception Systems)
Plant Gravity Sensing (Utilization of the micro gravity condition to examine the cellular process of formation of the gravity sensor and the molecular mechanism of gravity sensing)
Plant Habitat-01 (PH-01:  An Integrated Omics Guided Approach to Lignification and Gravitational Responses: The Final Frontier)
Plant RNA Regulation (Transcriptional and Post Transcriptional Regulation of Seedling Development in Microgravity)
Plant Rotation (Plant circumnutation and its dependence on the gravity response)
Plant Signaling (Plant Signaling (formerly known as Seed Growth-1))
Polca (Effect of weightlessness on the distribution of calcium in the statocytes of Rapeseed roots (Brassica napus))
Rastenia-Gorokh (Plants-Pea) (Studying the Features of the Growth and Development of Plants, and Technology for their Culturing in Spaceflight on the ISS RS (Rastenia-Gorokh (Plants-Pea)))
Resist Tubule (Mechanisms of Gravity Resistance in Plants From Signal Transformation and Transduction to Response)
Resist Wall (Role of Microtubule-Membrane-Cell Wall Continuum in Gravity Resistance in Plants)
Seedling Growth-1 (Seedling Growth-1)
Seedling Growth-2 (Seedling Growth-2)
Seedling Growth-3 (Seedling Growth-3)
Space Algae (Domesticating Algae for Sustainable Production of Feedstocks in Space)
Space Tango Payload Card Plant Germination and Growth (Plant Germination and Growth Module Evaluation)
SpaceSeed (Life Cycles of Higher Plants Under Microgravity Conditions)
TAGES (Transgenic Arabidopsis Gene Expression System)
Tropi (Analysis of a Novel Sensory Mechanism in Root Phototropism)
Veg-01 (Veggie hardware validation test)
Veg-03 (Veg-03)
Veggie PONDS Validation (Veggie PONDS)
WAICO (Waving and Coiling of Arabidopsis Roots at Different g-levels)
Zhenshen-T (Ginseng-T) (Study of the Development of Cell Cultures to Evaluate the Possibily of Increasing Biological Activity)
  Vaccine Development
Antigen (Antigene) (Optimizing Heterologous Expression in Saccharomyces Yeast in Microgravity Based on the Example of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Synthesis)
NLP-Vaccine-MRSA (National Laboratory Pathfinder - Vaccine - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
NLP-Vaccine-Salmonella (National Laboratory Pathfinder - Vaccine - Salmonella)
NLP-Vaccine-Survey (National Laboratory Pathfinder - Vaccine - Survey)
NanoRacks-NDC-CCSJ-Beta-Amyloid Peptide (NanoRacks-NDC-Calumet College of St. Joseph-Beta-Amyloid Peptide)
RASV (Recombinant Attenuated Salmonella Vaccine)
Space Tango Payload Card SEED-1 and -2 (SEED-1 and SEED-2)
Earth and Space Science
EXPOSE-R PHOTO (DNA Photodamage:  Measurements of Vacuum Solar Radiation-induced DNA Damages within Spores)
EXPOSE-R PUR (Responses of Phage T7, Phage DNA and Polycrystalline Uracil to the Space Environment)
EXPOSE-R SPORES (Spores in Artificial Meteorites)
EXPOSE-R2-BIOMEX (EXPOSE-R2-BIOlogy and Mars EXperiment)
EXPOSE-R2-BOSS (EXPOSE-R2-Biofilm Organisms Surfing Space)
EXPOSE-R2-P.S.S. (EXPOSE R2- Photochemistry on the Space Station)
Meteor (Meteor Composition Determination)
Tanpopo (Astrobiology Exposure and Micrometeoroid Capture Experiments)
AMS-02 (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer - 02)
BTN-Neutron - Database (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-Database (BTN-Neutron -Database))
BTN-Neutron - Design (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-Design (BTN-Neutron -Design))
BTN-Neutron - Earth and Mars (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-Earth and Mars (BTN-Neutron -Earth and Mars))
BTN-Neutron - Ground Segment (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-Ground Segment (BTN-Neutron -Ground Segment))
BTN-Neutron - ISS (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-ISS (BTN-Neutron -ISS))
BTN-Neutron-Radiation-ISS (Study of the Fluxes of Fast and Thermal Neutrons-Radiation (BTN-Neutron -Radiation-ISS))
CALET (CALorimetric Electron Telescope)
CXBN-2 (Morehead State University Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite)
EXCISS ( Experimental Chondrule Formation at the International Space Station)
ExHAM-Interstellar Carbonaceous Solids (Quest for the Compositional identification and Chemical evolutional understanding of the Interstellar Dust)
HaloSat (HaloSat – A CubeSat to Study the Hot Galactic Halo)
ISS-CREAM (Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass for the International Space Station)
MAXI (Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image)
NICER (Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer)
NanoRacks-NanoRocks (NanoRacks-NanoRocks: Collisional Evolution of Particles and Aggregates in Microgravity)
Platan-Argon (Searching for Low-Energy Heavy Nuclei of Solar and Galactic Origin using the PLAstic Track ANalyzer- Argon (PLATAN- Argon))
Platan-Cosmic Rays (Search for Low Energy Heavy Particles of Solar and Galactic Origin)
Platan-Ferrum (Searching for Low-Energy Heavy Nuclei of Solar and Galactic Origin using the PLAstic Track ANalyzer- Ferrum) (Platan-Ferrum))
Platan-Ferrum Galactic Cosmic Rays (Searching for Low-Energy Heavy Nuclei of Solar and Galactic Origin using the PLAstic Track ANalyzer-Ferrum Galactic Cosmic Rays (PLATAN-Ferrum Galactic Cosmic Rays))
Platan-ISS (Searching for Low-Energy Heavy Nuclei of Solar and Galactic Origin using the PLAstic Track ANalyzer- ISS (PLATAN- ISS))
Platan-Sun (Searching for Low-Energy Heavy Nuclei of Solar and Galactic Origin using the PLAstic Track ANalyzer- Sun (PLATAN- Sun))
  Earth Remote Sensing
ASIM (Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor)
AgCam (Agricultural Camera - AgCam name used historically from 2005-2010, later version known as ISSAC)
AuroraMAX (Coordinated Aurora Photography from Earth and Space (AuroraMAX) )
CATS (Cloud-Aerosol Transport System)
CEO (Crew Earth Observations)
CEO-IPY (Crew Earth Observations - International Polar Year)
CubeRRT (CubeSat Radiometer Radio Frequency Interference Technology Validation)
Diatomeya (Diatom) (Stability of Geographical Position and Configuration of Borders of Bioproductive Water Zones of the World Oceans, Observations by Orbiting Station Crews)
Earth Imagery from ISS (Earth Imagery from ISS)
HREP-HICO (HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload - Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean)
HREP-RAIDS (HICO and RAIDS Experiment Payload - Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System (RAIDS))
IMAX (IMAX Documentary film: A PERFECT PLANET)
ISERV (ISS SERVIR Environmental Research and Visualization System)
ISS RapidScat (ISS-RapidScat)
ISSAC (International Space Station Agricultural Camera)
Imedias (Observation of Environmental Phenomena)
MCE (Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment)
Molnia-Gamma (Lightening-Gamma) (Investigating Atmospheric Burst of Gamma-Ray and Optical Emissions During Thunderstorm Activity (Molniya-Gamma))
Molnia-SM (Lightening-SM) (Study of the Electrodynamic Interaction Processes in the Earth’s Atmosphere, ionosphere, and Magnetosphere Using the ВФС-3М Videophotometric System (Molniya-SМ))
Molniya-SM (Lightening-SM) (Investigation of Lightning Discharges in the Earth's Atmosphere and Lower Ionosphere)
OCO-3 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3)
Plankton-Linza-SA (Characterizing the Effects of Atmospheric, Hydrophysical and Geological Factors on Biological Productivity of Oceanic Waters Surrounding The Republic of South Africa)
Rusalka-MKS (Mermaid-ISS) (Development of Methods to Determine the Carbon Dioxide and Methane (Greenhouse Gases) Content in the Earths Atmosphere from On-Board ISS)
SAGE III-ISS (Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III-ISS)
SMILES (Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder)
STP-H5 FPS (STP-H5-Fabry Perot Spectrometer for Methane)
STP-H5 LIS (STP-H5-Lightning Imaging Sensor)
Seiner (Development of Procedures of Interactions of the Crew in the Russian Segment of ISS and the State Fishery Committee During the Process of Searching and Exploring Productive Fishing Regions in World Oceans)
TEMPEST-D (Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems – Demonstration)
TROPICAL CYCLONE (The Cyclone Intensity Measurements from the ISS (CyMISS))
Total & Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS) (Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor)
Uragan-Electrostantsia (Hurricane-Electric Power Station) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Electrostantsia (Uragan - Electrostantsia ))
Uragan-GC (Hurricane-GC) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - GC (Uragan-GC))
Uragan-Katastrofa (Hurricane-Disaster) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Katastrofa (Uragan - Katastrofa))
Uragan-Kolka (Hurricane-Kolka) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Kolka (Uragan - Kolka))
Uragan-Okruzhayuschaya Sreda (Hurricane - Environment) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Okruzhayuschaya Sreda (Uragan - Okruzhayuschaya Sreda ))
Uragan-Pamir (Hurricane-Pamir) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Pamir (Uragan - Pamir))
Uragan-Pochva (Hurricane-Soil) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Pochva (Uragan - Pochva))
Uragan-Prikaspy (Hurricane-Prikaspy) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Prikaspy (Uragan - Prikaspy))
Uragan-Sel (Hurricane-Mudflow) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Sel (Uragan - Sel))
Uragan-Stikhiynoe Bedstvie (Hurricane-Natural Disaster) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Stikhiynoe Bedstvie (Uragan - Stikhiynoe Bedstvie))
Uragan-Ural (Hurricane-Ural) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters- Ural (Uragan- Ural))
Uragan-Vizual (Hurricane-Visual) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Vizual (Uragan - Vizual))
Uragan-Voda (Hurricane-Water) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Voda (Uragan - Voda))
Uragan-Volga (Hurricane-Volga) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Volga (Uragan - Volga))
Uragan-Yug (Hurricane-South) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Yug (Uragan - Yug))
Uragan-Zapovednik (Hurricane-Nature Reserve) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Zapovednik (Uragan - Zapovednik))
Uragan-Zemlya (Hurricane-Earth) (The Experimental Testing of an Earth-Space System for Monitoring and Predicting the Development of Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Zemlya (Uragan - Zemlya))
Volny (Waves) (Observation, in the Near-IR Range of the Spectrum, of Wave Disturbances in the Middle Atmosphere (Volny))
Volny-PK-1 (Waves-PK-1) (Waves: Observation in near Infrared Spectral Band Undulatory Disturbance in the Middle Atmosphere Layers of the Earth of Technogenic and Naturally Occurring Origin)
Vsplesk (Burst) (Monitoring Seismic Effects—Bursts of High-Energy Particles in Near-Earth Space (Vsplesk))
Dellingr/RBLE (Dellingr/RBLE)
Solar-SOLACES (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus - SOLar Auto-Calibrating EUV/UV Spectrophotometers)
Solar-SOLSPEC (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus -Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus -SOLar SPECtral Irradiance Measurements)
Solar-SOVIM (Sun Monitoring on the External Payload Facility of Columbus -SOlar Variable and Irradiance Monitor)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Detector for the Analysis of Solar Neutrons (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Detector for the Analysis of Solar Neutrons)
  Near-Earth Space Environment
Obstanovka (1 etap) (Environment (1st stage)) (Investigating Plasma Wave Processes of Very Large Spacecraft Interaction with the Ionosphere in the Near-surface Region of the ISS (Obstanovka))
Plazma-Progress (Plasma-Progress) (Observation of the Reflective Characteristics of the Spacecraft Plasma Environment during Engine Firing in Space Using Ground-Based Instruments (Plazma-Progress))
Relaksatsia-Groza (Relaxation-Thunderstorm) (Processes of Relaxation in the Ultraviolet Band Specrum by High-Velocity Interaction of Exhaust Products on ISS - Groza (Thunderstorm) (Relaksatsiya - Groza (Thunderstorm)))
Relaksatsia-Spectr (Relaxation-Spectrum) (Processes of Relaxation in the Ultraviolet Band Specrum by High-Velocity Interaction of Exhaust Products on ISS - Spektr (Spectrum) (Relaksatsiya - Spektr (Spectrum)))
Relaksatsia-Stend (Relaxation-Stand) (Processes of Relaxation in the Ultraviolet Band Specrum by High-Velocity Interaction of Exhaust Products on ISS - Stend (Stand) (Relaksatsiya - Stend (Stand)))
Relaksatsia-UF-Vkhod (Relaxation-Ultraviolet Entry) (Processes of Relaxation in the Ultraviolet Band Specrum by High-Velocity Interaction of Exhaust Products on ISS - UF- Vkhod (UV-Entry)(Relaksatsiya - UF- Vkhod (UV-Entry)))
Relaksatsia-Vykhlop (Relaxation-Exhaust) (Processes of Relaxation in the Ultraviolet Band Specrum by High-Velocity Interaction of Exhaust Products on ISS - Vykhlop (Exhaust) (Relaksatsiya - Vykhlop (Exhaust)))
SEDA-AP (Space Environment Data Acquisition Equipment - Attached Payload)
THOR (Thor:  What Happens Above Thunderstorms?)
Educational and Cultural Activities
  Classroom Versions of ISS Investigations
BOP (Bone Proteomics)
CSI-01 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 01: C. elegans and Seed Germination)
CSI-02 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 02: Silicate Garden, Seed Germination, Plant Cell Culture and Yeast)
CSI-03 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 03: Spiders and Butterflies)
CSI-05 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 05: Spiders, Fruit Flies and Directional Plant Growth)
CSI-06 (Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus Science Insert - 06: Ants in Space)
EPO-Kit C (Education Payload Operations - Kit C: Plant Growth Chambers)
ESA-EPO-Earth Guardian (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Earth Guardian)
ESA-EPO-FOAM Stability (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-FOAM Stability)
ESA-EPO-Scripts (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Scripts)
Education-SEEDS (Space Exposed Experiment Developed for Students)
JAXA EPO 9 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 9)
MATI-75 (Educational Demonstration of the Effects of Shape and Size on the Recovery of Precompressed Plastic Material)
OEE (Oil Emulsion Experiment)
One Strange Rock Virtual Reality (National Geographic Channel–Virtual Reality Educational Video for Television Series–“One Strange Rock”)
SSAF2013 (Space Seeds for Asian Future 2013)
Sed (Brazilian Seeds Phaseolus vulgaris: Demonstration of gravitropis and Phototropism Effects on Germination of Seed in Microgravity)
Seeds (Seeds in Space)
Windows on Earth (Windows on Earth)
  Commercial Demonstrations
Buzz Lightyear (Buzz Lightyear)
ESA-EPO-Convection (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Convection)
Golf (Photo and Video Filming Onboard the Russian Segment of ISS)
Made In Space Fiber Optics (Optical Fiber Production in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-ArduSat-1 (NanoRacks-ArduSat-1)
Popular Mechanics (Commercial Promotion of Popular Mechanics Journal)
SCN (Space Cup Noodle)
SkinCare (SkinCare)
  Cultural Activities
CSA Comm and Outreach (Canadian Space Agency Communication and Outreach)
Communications and Outreach 2-ARISS (Communications and Outreach 2 - ARISS)
Communications and Outreach 2-Podcasts (Communications and Outreach 2 - Podcasts)
Communications and Outreach-2 Flight Kit Photos (Communications and Outreach-2 Flight Kit Photos)
Get Fit for Space (Get Fit for Space Challenge with Bob Thirsk)
JAXA EPO 1 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 1)
JAXA EPO 2 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 2)
JAXA EPO 3 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 3)
JAXA EPO 4 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 4)
JAXA EPO 5 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 5)
JAXA EPO 6 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 6)
Music and Space ( Music and Space)
NanoRacks-JAMSS-2, Lagrange-1 (NanoRacks-JAMSS-2, Lagrange-1 )
Suitsat-1 (Suit Satellite-1)
Taste In Space (Taste In Space)
Zvyozdnaya Pochta (Starmail) (ISS Russian Segment Downlink of Text Messages and Earth Pictures)
  Educational Competitions
CASIS PCG 9 (Wisconsin Crystal Growing Contest-Wisconsin Space Crystal Mission)
Kids In Micro-g (Kids In Micro-gravity (2009-2010))
Kids In Micro-g-2 (Kids In Microgravity-2 (2010-2011))
NanoRacks-AHS-Rust Development (NanoRacks-Atidim High School-Rust Development in Space )
NanoRacks-BSYVHS-Yeast Activity (NanoRacks-Ben Shemen Youth Village High School-Yeast Breathing Activity)
NanoRacks-IComp-Space Cowboy Builders (NanoRacks-Irish Centre for Composites Research-St. Nessan’s Community College: Effects of microgravity on the solidification of reinforced concrete)
NanoRacks-Mission Discovery (NanoRacks-Mission Discovery ISS Bio-Medical Experiments)
NanoRacks-Mission Discovery 2 (NanoRacks–Mission Discovery Biomedical Experiments 2)
NanoRacks-Mission Discovery 3 (NanoRacks-Mission Discovery ISS Biomedical Experiments 3)
SPHERES-Zero-Robotics (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Zero-Robotics)
SPHERES-Zero-Robotics-High School Tournament (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Zero-Robotics-High School Tournament)
SPHERES-Zero-Robotics-Middle School Summer Program (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Zero-Robotics-Middle School Summer Program)
  Educational Demonstrations
AstroPi (AstroPi)
CASPER (Cardiac Adapted Sleep Parameter Electrocardiogram Recorder)
E-Learning (Electronic - Learning)
EPO (Education Payload Operations)
EPO-Demos (Education Payload Operation-Demonstrations)
EPO-Educator (Education Payload Operations-Educator)
EPO-International Toys in Space (Education Payload Operations-International Toys in Space)
EPO-Kit D (Education Payload Operation - Kit D)
EPO-Lewis and Clark-Demo (Education Payload Operations- Lewis and Clark- Demonstrations)
EPO-MAEA (Education Payload Operations-Museum Aerospace Education Alliance)
EPO-Robo (Education Payload Operations - Robotics)
EPO-Tomatosphere II ( Education Payload Operations-Tomatosphere II)
ESA-EPO (European Space Agency - Education Payload Operations)
ESA-EPO-Cristoforetti (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Convection-Cristoforetti)
ESA-EPO-GERST (European Space Agency - Education Payload Operations GERST)
ESA-EPO-LaPlace (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations -LaPlace)
ESA-EPO-Mission X (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Mission X)
ESA-EPO-PARMITANO (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-PARMITANO)
ESA-EPO-Peake (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operation-Peake)
Education-SA (Education - South Africa: Demonstration of Mass and Weight of Objects, and Action of Reactive Forces in Microgravity)
Education-Solar Cells (Education - How Solar Cells Work)
EuTEF-EVC (European Technology Exposure Facility-Earth Viewing Camera)
ISS Ham Radio (ARISS) (International Space Station Ham Radio (also known as Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS)))
In-flight Education Downlinks (International Space Station In-flight Education Downlinks)
JAXA EPO 10 (JAXA Education Payload Observation 10 )
JAXA EPO 12 (JAXA Education Payload Observation 12)
JAXA EPO 7 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 7)
JAXA EPO 8 (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Education Payload Observation 8)
Kibo Kids Tour (Kibo Kids Tour)
LEGO (Commercial Promotion of LEGO® Toys)
LEGO Bricks (LEGO® Bricks, formerly known as NLO-Education-2)
Particle Flux (Particle Flux Demonstrator)
Photosynth (PhotosynthTM Three-Dimensional Modeling of ISS Interior and Exterior)
Sally Ride EarthKAM (Sally Ride Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students)
Saturday Morning Science (Science of Opportunity)
Science off the Sphere (Science off the Sphere)
Space Tango Payload Card Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis)
Story Time From Space (Story Time From Space )
Tomatosphere 5 (Tomatosphere 5)
Tomatosphere-III (Tomatosphere-III)
Tomatosphere-IV (Tomatosphere-IV)
Tomatosphere-US (Tomatosphere-US)
Top (Educational Demonstration of Top Spinning Motions in Space)
Try Zero-G (Try Zero-Gravity)
Try Zero-G for Asia (Try Zero-G for Asia )
YouTube Space Lab (YouTube Space Lab)
  Engineering Education
EQUiSat (EQUiSat)
EnduroSat One (EnduroSat One)
Konstructor (Filming of Space Robot "Jitter" Assembled out of Legos)
MAI-75 (Space Devices and Modern Technology for Personal Communication)
  Student-Developed Investigations
Candida albicans Growth Inhibition (Inhibition Efficiency of Lactobacillus Bacteria on Candida albicans Growth)
Fizika-Obrazovanie (Educational Demonstration of Basic Physics Laws of Motion)
Genes in Space-1 (Genes in Space-1)
Genes in Space-2 (Genes in Space-2)
Genes in Space-3 ( Genes in Space-3)
Genes in Space-4 (Genes in Space-4)
Genes in Space-5 (Genes in Space-5)
International Space School Educational Trust-1 (ISSET-1) (International Space School Educational Trust-1 (ISSET-1))
NanoRacks-AHS-Pollen Propulsion (NanoRacks-Ambassador High School-Pollen Propulsion in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-Awty-BE-HDPE Rad Shielding (NanoRacks-Awty-Radiation Shielding and Monitoring)
NanoRacks-Awty-Yeast Cell Growth in a Microgravity Environment (NanoRacks-Awty-Yeast Cell Growth in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-BE WiSE-Alum Crystal Growth (NanoRacks-Better Education for Women in Science and Engineering-Alum Crystal Growth)
NanoRacks-CCHS-The Effect of Microgravity on the Magnetic Qualities of Magnetorheological Fluids Over Time (NanoRacks-Carmel Christian High School-The Effect of Microgravity on the Magnetic Qualities of Magnetorheological Fluids Over Time)
NanoRacks-CCS-Ethanol Production Rate ( NanoRacks-Carmel Christian School-The Effects of Microgravity and Tardigrades on the Ethanol Production by Yeast)
NanoRacks-CCS-Germination Rates of Mushrooms (NanoRacks-Carmel Christian School-Microgravity’s Effects on the Germination Rates of Panellus stipticus Fungus)
NanoRacks-CMS-Styrofoam Recycling (NanoRacks-Chevel Modiin Shoham-Styrofoam recycling process in microgravity)
NanoRacks-COSMOS (NanoRacks-Crystallization Of Silver Nitrate in Microgravity On a Silver Cathode)
NanoRacks-CR-1 (NanoRacks-CUBERIDER-1)
NanoRacks-CR-2 ( NanoRacks-CUBERIDER-2)
NanoRacks-DBYHS-Artemia (NanoRacks-Darca Bat Yam High School-Emergence of Artemia Eggs)
NanoRacks-DCHS-Graphene SuperCap Temp (NanoRacks-Desert Christian High School-Effects of Microgravity on the Operation of Graphene Based Supercapacitors Under Elevated Temperatures)
NanoRacks-DCHS-Microgravity Effects on Graphene Based Supercapacitors (NanoRacks-Desert Christian High School-Microgravity Effects on Graphene Based Supercapacitors Experiment)
NanoRacks-DHS-Cheeseballs (NanoRacks-Dickinson High School-Space Cheeseballs)
NanoRacks-DTSMA-Effectiveness of Antibiotics (NanoRacks-David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy-Antibiotic Effectiveness on Escherichia Coli in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-DreamUp Xtronaut Crystal Growth (DreamXCG) (NanoRacks-DreamUp Xtronaut Crystal Growth (DreamXCG))
NanoRacks-DreamUp Xtronaut Microbe (DreamXM) (NanoRacks-DreamUp Xtronaut Microbe (DreamXM))
NanoRacks-Duchesne-Light Wavelengths on Algae Production (NanoRacks-Duchesne-Algae Production in Microgravity with Variable Wavelengths of Light)
NanoRacks-Duchesne-Plant Growth Chamber (NanoRacks-Duchesne-The Effects of Microgravity and Light Wavelength on Plant Growth)
NanoRacks-ECS-Fungal Growth III (NanoRacks-Espoo Christian School-Fungal Mycelium Growth III)
NanoRacks-ECS-Fungus Growth (NanoRacks-Espoo Christian School-Fungus Mycelium Growth Research Comparison in Microgravity and on Earth)
NanoRacks-ECS-Funky Fungus (NanoRacks-Espoo Christian School-Fungus Growth Experiment)
NanoRacks-ESS-V3PO (NanoRacks-Edith Stein School-Vegetative Propagation of Plants in Orbit)
NanoRacks-FCA-Concrete Mixing (NanoRacks-Faith Christian Academy-Concrete Mixing Experiment )
NanoRacks-FCC-Coagulation Crystallization (NanoRacks-Fremont Christian School-Microgravity Crystallization and Protein Coagulation Research Comparison)
NanoRacks-FCHS-Robot (NanoRacks-Fremont Christian High School-Micro-Robot)
NanoRacks-GSH-Arugula Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Girl Scouts of Hawai`i- Arugula Plant Growth)
NanoRacks-GSH-Microgreen Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Girl Scouts of Hawai`i-Microgreen Plant Growth)
NanoRacks-HBES-Antibacterial Products (NanoRacks-Henry Bauerschlag Elementary School-Antibacterial Products )
NanoRacks-JKHA-Composting in Space (NanoRacks-Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy-Determining the effect of microgravity on the decay of vegetable mater)
NanoRacks-LCS-Protein Aggregation (NanoRacks-Loomis Chaffee School-Effect of microgravity on protein aggregation)
NanoRacks-LGHS-Iron Corrosion (NanoRacks-Los Gatos High School-Corrosion Behavior of Pure Iron )
NanoRacks-Lipid Mimic Self-Assembly (NanoRacks-Self-Assembly of Mesoscopic Lipid Mimics)
NanoRacks-MA-Effect of Microgravity on Bacterial Growth (NanoRacks-Minnehaha Academy-Effect of Microgravity on Bacterial Growth)
NanoRacks-MA-Fluid Flow (NanoRacks-Minnehaha Academy-The Effect of Microgravity on Fluid Flow Efficiency)
NanoRacks-MA-Latex Polymer Coalescence (NanoRacks-Minnehaha Christian Academy-Coalescence of Water-Based Latex Polymers)
NanoRacks-MA-Phototropism (NanoRacks-Minnehaha Academy-Phototropism of Rice in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-MA-Vibration Cancellation (NanoRacks-Minnehaha Academy-Vibration Cancellation in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-MBG-Cuscuta (NanoRacks-Midreshet Ben-Gurion-Cuscuta Parasitic Plant Growth)
NanoRacks-MCHS-CO2 Monitor (NanoRacks-Maranatha Christian High School-Carbon Dioxide Monitor)
NanoRacks-MCHS-Phototropic Experiment (NanoRacks-Maranatha Christian High School-Garden Cress Plant Growth and Phototropic Response Experiment)
NanoRacks-MCS-CO2 Sensor (NanoRacks-Maranatha Christian Schools-Measuring CO2 levels aboard the International Space Station)
NanoRacks-MCS-Spirulina Experiment ( NanoRacks-Modesto Christian School-Comparing the Growth of Spirulina on Earth and in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-MH EASA-Corrosion of Metals in Microgravity (NanoRacks-McMinnville High Engineering Aerospace & Sciences Academy-Corrosion of Metals in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-MH EASA-Plant Damage & Recovery in Microgravity (NanoRacks-McMinnville High Engineering & Aerospace Sciences Academy-Plant Damage & Recovery in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-MHS-Exoskeleton Density (NanoRacks-McMinnville High School-Exoskeleton Density Analysis of Mealworms in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-MHS-Plant Growth Without a High Voltage Electric Field (NanoRacks-Modesto High School-The Effect of Microgravity on Plant Growth Without a High Voltage Electric Field)
NanoRacks-NCESSE-1 (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education -1)
NanoRacks-NCESSE-2 (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education -2)
NanoRacks-NCESSE-America (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science-America (SSEP Mission 11))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Antares (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Antares (SSEP Mission 2))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Aquarius (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Aquarius (SSEP Mission 1))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Casper (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science-Casper (SSEP Mission 10))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Charlie Brown (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Charlie Brown (SSEP Mission 5))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Endeavor (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science-Endeavor (SSEP Mission 9))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Falcon (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Falcon (SSEP Mission 3))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Kitty Hawk (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science-Kitty Hawk (SSEP Mission 8))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Odyssey (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Odyssey (SSEP Mission 7))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Orion (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Orion (SSEP Mission 4))
NanoRacks-NCESSE-Yankee Clipper (NanoRacks-National Center for Earth and Space Science Education-Yankee Clipper (SSEP Mission 6))
NanoRacks-NDC-Ames for Space-Bacteria Testing (NanoRacks-NDC-Ames for Space-Bacteria Testing)
NanoRacks-NDC-BMS-Vermicomposting (NanoRacks-NDC-Bell Middle School-Efficiency of Vermicomposting in a Closed System)
NanoRacks-NDC-CHS-Bacterial Lag Phase (NanoRacks-National Design Challenge-Centaurus High School-The Effects of Simulated Gravity on Bacterial Lag Phase in a Micro-Gravitational Environment)
NanoRacks-NDC-CHS-The Green Machine (NanoRacks-National Design Challenge-Chatfield High School-The Effect of Microgravity on Two Strains of Biofuel Producing Algae with Implications for the Production of Renewable Fuels in Space Based Applications)
NanoRacks-NSL Satellites Ltd-Oil Bubbles (NanoRacks-NSL Satellites Ltd-Oil Bubbles)
NanoRacks-NSL Satellites Ltd-Rock Candy in Space (NanoRacks-NSL Satellites Ltd-Rock Candy in Space)
NanoRacks-OTS-Decay Rate in Space (NanoRacks-Ort-Tivon School-Determining the effect of microgravity on the rate of decay of vegetable matter)
NanoRacks-Quest-HeatHumidityBehavior (NanoRacks-The Quest Institute-The Behavior of Heating, Cooling, and Humidity in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-RCHS-Battery Life (NanoRacks-Riverside Christian High School-Battery Life in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-RCHS-E. Coli Growth (NanoRacks-Riverside Christian High School-E. Coli Bacteria Growth in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-RCHS-E. Coli Growth with UV Exposure (NanoRacks-Riverside Christian High School-E. Coli Bacteria Growth with UV Exposure in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-RCS-Bacteria Growth (NanoRacks-Riverside Christian Schools-Bacteria Growth Experiment )
NanoRacks-RCS-Battery Performance (NanoRacks-Riverside Christian Schools-Battery Performance Experiment)
NanoRacks-RSL-01 (NanoRacks-Ramon SpaceLab-01)
NanoRacks-SAS-Melanin-Containing E. coli Growth ( NanoRacks-Singapore American School-Analyzing Effectiveness of Melanin in Enhancing E. coli Growth)
NanoRacks-SDSA YSI-Liquid Bridge Deformation and Particle Motion Under Mechanical Rotation (NanoRacks-San Diego Science Alliance Youth Space Institute-Liquid Bridge Deformation and Particle Motion Under Mechanical Rotation)
NanoRacks-SDSA YSI-Radiation Blocking (NanoRacks-San Diego Science Alliance Youth Space Institute-Radiation Detection and Mitigation)
NanoRacks-SDYSP-Phototropism (NanoRacks-San Diego Youth Space Program-Investigating Garden Cress Phototropic Response in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-SHHS-Polyurethane Repair Kit (NanoRacks-South Houston High School-Polyurethane Repair Kit for ISS)
NanoRacks-SII-Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Surya Institute Indonesia-Oryza Sativa Plant Growth in Microgravity Conditions)
NanoRacks-SUD-Micro Aerobic Metabolism (NanoRacks-SMA Unggul Del-Micro aerobic Metabolism of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-Slime Mold (NanoRacks-Slime Mold Organization)
NanoRacks-The Hydrofuge (NanoRacks-The Hydrofuge Plant Chamber Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS Plant Seed (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School Plant Seed Growth )
NanoRacks-VCHS-Algae Water Purification (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effect of Microgravity on Chlorella Vulgaris H₂O Purification)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Ant Colony Behavior (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Ant Colony Behavior in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-B. Subtilis (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria Growth)
NanoRacks-VCHS-BAM-FX (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-BAM-FX–Enhanced Broccoli Seed Germination, Plant Growth and Zinc Biofortification on Orbit)
NanoRacks-VCHS-BAM-FX-2 (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effect of BAM-FX Nutrient Solution on Plants in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Bacterial Chemotaxis (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Bacterial Chemotaxis)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Bacterial Growth and Kanamycin Resistance (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Bacterial Growth and Kanamycin Resistance in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Brine Shrimp (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effects of Microgravity on Brine Shrimp)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Electric Field on Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effect of an Electric Field on Plant Growth Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Electromagnetic Ferrofluid (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Electromagnetic Effects on Ferrofluid)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Electroplating (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Electroplating)
NanoRacks-VCHS-ISS Background Radiation (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-ISS Background Radiation Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Improved Multiple Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Growing Wisconsin Fast Plants, Chives, and Dandelions in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Instrumentation (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Effectiveness of Three Thermal Cooling Solutions)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Liquid Detergents (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Mixing Fluids With Liquid Detergents)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Magnetorheological Fluids (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effect of a Varied Magnetic Field on Magnetorheological Fluid Behavior in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Memory Loss (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Memory Loss Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Observing Background Radiation and Magnetic Fields in Microgravity (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Observing Background Radiation and Magnetic Fields in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Plant Growth )
NanoRacks-VCHS-Plant Inoculum (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Plant Inoculum Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Probiotic Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-The Effect of Microgravity on Probiotic Growth)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Protein Crystallization in Space (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Protein Crystallization in Space)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Silver Crystal Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Silver Crystal Growth)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (NanoRacks‐Valley Christian High School-The Effects of Gravity on the Metabolic Processes of a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Thermal Conductivity (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Thermal Conductivity Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Water Crystallization (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Formation of Crystals in Distilled Water in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-VCHS-Wisconsin Fast Plant Growth in a Vibration Environment (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School-Wisconsin Fast Plant Growth in a Vibration Environment Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCHSD-Crystal Formation in Microgravity (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School of Dublin-Crystal Formation in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-VCHSD-Evaluating Solar Liquid Power in Space (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School of Dublin-Evaluating Solar Liquid Power in Space: Converting Electromagnetic Radiation to Electricity)
NanoRacks-VCHSD-Polyvinyl Alcohol (NanoRacks-Valley Christian High School of Dublin-Polyvinyl Alcohol Thin Film Experiment)
NanoRacks-VCJHS-Fluid Density (NanoRacks-Valley Christian Junior High School-Mixing Liquids of Different Densities in a Microgravity Environment)
NanoRacks-VCJHS-Heat Conductivity (NanoRacks-Valley Christian Junior High School-Heat Conductivity)
NanoRacks-VCJHS-High Temperature Dispersion in Microgravity (NanoRacks-Valley Christian Junior High School-High Temperature Dispersion in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-VCJHS-Penicillin Growth (NanoRacks-Valley Christian Junior High School-Penicillin Growth Preferences in a Microgravity Environment )
NanoRacks-WA-Resurrection Plant Growth (NanoRacks-Wheaton Academy-Resurrection Plant Growth Experiment in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-WCHS-E. Coli and Kanamycin (NanoRacks-Whittier Christian High School-E.Coli Bacteria and Kanamycin Antibiotic)
PRISMSpace-1 (PRISMSpace-1)
Pioneering Mars (Pioneering Mars: Turning the Red Planet Green with Earth's Smallest Settlers)
Quest Institute Lab-1 ( Quest Institute Multi-Experiment, Educational Investigation #1)
SEM (Space Experiment Module)
UTBI (Under The Background Influence)
Human Research
  Bone and Muscle Physiology
Biopsy (Effect of Prolonged Space Flight on Human Skeletal Muscle)
Bisphosphonates (Bisphosphonates as a Countermeasure to Space Flight Induced Bone Loss)
Brain-DTI (Brain-DTI)
Check-Saliva (Salivary Markers of Metabolic Changes during Space Missions)
EDOS (Early Detection of Osteoporosis in Space)
EDOS-2 (Early Detection of Osteoporosis in Space-2)
Foot (Foot Reaction Forces During Space Flight)
Force Shoes (In-flight Demonstration of Portable Load Monitoring Devices-Phase I: XSENS ForceShoeTM)
HPA (Hand Posture Analyzer)
Hip QCT (Feasibility Study: QCT Modality for Risk Surveillance of Bone - Effects of In-flight Countermeasures on Sub-regions of the Hip Bone)
Hybrid Training (Effect of the Hybrid Training Method on the Disuse Atrophy of the Musculoskeletal System of the Astronauts Staying in the International Space Station for a Long Term-initial verification in ISS)
Intervertebral Disc Damage (Risk of Intervertebral Disc Damage after Prolonged Space Flight)
Izokinez (Evaluation of Work Capacity and Functions of Skeletal Muscles in Humans)
Lokomotsii (Effect of Microgravity Upon Kinematic, Dynamic and Electromyographic Characteristics of Human Locomotion)
MUSCLE BIOPSY (Muscle Biopsy)
Marrow (The MARROW study (Bone Marrow Adipose Reaction: Red Or White?))
Muscle (Study of Low Back Pain in Crewmembers During Space Flight)
Myotones (Muscle Tone in Space)
Nanoparticles and Osteoporosis (Nanoparticles-based countermeasures for Treatment of Microgravity-induced Osteoporosis)
Renal Stone (Renal Stone Risk During Spaceflight: Assessment and Countermeasure Validation)
Sarcolab (Myotendinous and Neuromuscular Adaptation to Long-term Spaceflight)
Spinal Elongation (Spinal Elongation and its Effects on Seated Height in a Microgravity Environment)
Spinal Ultrasound (Sonographic Astronaut Vertebral Examination)
Sprint (Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study)
Subregional Bone (Subregional Assessment of Bone Loss in the Axial Skeleton in Long-term Space Flight)
TBone (Assessment of the effect of space flight on bone quality using three-dimensional high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT))
Tendometria (Assessment of Functional Properties of the Neuro-Muscular Apparatus)
  Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
BP Reg (A Simple In-flight Method to Test the Risk of Fainting on Return to Earth After Long-Duration Spaceflights)
Biological Rhythms (The Effect of Long-term Microgravity Exposure on Cardiac Autonomic Function by Analyzing 24-hours Electrocardiogram)
Biological Rhythms 48hrs (for 1YM) (The effect of long-term microgravity exposure on cardiac autonomic function by analyzing 48-hours electrocardiogram (for 1YM))
Braslet (Validation of On-Orbit Methodology for the Assessment of Cardiac Function and Changes in the Circulating Volume Using Ultrasound and Braslet-M Occlusion Cuffs, SDTO 17011 U/R)
CCE (Cardiovascular Responses During Rest and Exercise, and Evaluation of Energy Inputs During Exercise)
CCISS (Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Control on Return from ISS)
Card (Long Term Microgravity: A Model for Investigating Mechanisms of Heart Disease with New Portable Equipment)
Cardio Ox (Defining the Relationship Between Biomarkers of Oxidative and Inflammatory Stress and the Risk for Atherosclerosis in Astronauts During and After Long-duration Spaceflight)
Cardio-ODNT (Dynamics of the Main Factors of Cardiac Function, of Central and Regional Circulation in Rest and During the Influence of Lower Body Negative Pressure)
CardioRespir (Cardiorespiratory Adaptation to the Space Environment)
CardioScience (Study of Cardiovascular Deconditioning Under Weightlessness Conditions)
Cardiocog-2 (Cognitive Cardiovascular Experiment)
Cerebral Autoregulation (Human Cerebral Autoregulation during Long-duration Spaceflight)
Circa (24-Hour Pattern of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Weightlessness)
Drain Brain (Strain-gauge Plethysmographic Analysis of the CErebral DRainage Experimented and Assessed in the Micro-gravitational Setting)
Dykhanie (Regulation and Biomechanics of Respiration in Space Flight)
EKE (Assessment of Endurance Capacity by Gas Exchange and Heart Rate Kinetics During Physical Training)
Exerc-Orthostatic Tolerance (Structured Exercise Training as Countermeasure to Space Flight-Induced Orthostatic Intolerance)
IPVI (Non-invasive assessment of intracranial pressure for space flight and related visual impairment)
IPVI for 1YM (Non-invasive assessment of intracranial pressure for space flight and related visual impairment)
Integrated Cardiovascular (Cardiac Atrophy and Diastolic Dysfunction During and After Long Duration Spaceflight: Functional Consequences for Orthostatic Intolerance, Exercise Capability and Risk for Cardiac Arrhythmias)
Midodrine-Long (Test of Midodrine as a Countermeasure Against Post-flight Orthostatic Hypotension - Long)
Midodrine-SDBI (Test of Midodrine as a Countermeasure Against Post-flight Orthostatic Hypotension - Short Duration Biological Investigation)
NOA-1 (Exhaled Nitric Oxide-1)
NOA-2 (Exhaled Nitric Oxide-2)
Neocytolysis (Effects of Microgravity on the Haemopoietic System: A Study on Neocytolysis)
PFE-OUM (Periodic Fitness Evaluation with Oxygen Uptake Measurement)
Pnevmocard (Pneumocard) (Examination of the Influencing Factors of Space Flight on Autonomic Regulation of Blood Circulation, Respiration and Cardiac Contractile Function in Long Duration Space Flight)
Profilaktika-1 (Prophylaxis-1) (Mechanisms of Action and Influence, and Effectiveness of Various Methods of Phrophylaxis Directed Toward Prevention of Disturbances of the Human Locomotion System in Weightlessness)
PuFF (The Effects of EVA and Long-Term Exposure to Microgravity on Pulmonary Function)
Puls (Pulse) (Vegatative (Autonomic) Regulation of the Cardio-Respiratory System of Humans in Conditions of Weightlessness)
Sonokard (Physiological Functions (cardio-respiratory) of Humans Using Contactless Methods During Sleep in Long Duration Space Flight)
Thermolab (Thermoregulation in Humans During Long-Term Spaceflight)
Treadmill Kinematics (Biomechanical Analysis of Treadmill Exercise on the International Space Station)
VO2max (Evaluation of Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Submaximal Estimates of VO2max Before, During, and After Long Duration International Space Station Missions)
Vascular (Cardiovascular Health Consequences of Long-Duration Space Flight)
Vascular Echo (Cardiac and Vessel Structure and Function with Long-Duration Space Flight and Recovery)
Vessel Imaging (Vascular Echography)
Wearable Monitoring (Wearable System for Sleep Monitoring in Microgravity)
Xenon1 (Effect of Microgravity on the Peripheral Subcutaneous Veno-Arteriolar Reflex in Humans)
  Crew Healthcare Systems
ISS Medical Monitoring (International Space Station Medical Monitoring)
IVGEN (IntraVenous Fluid GENeration for Exploration Missions)
Medical Consumables Tracking (Medical Consumables Tracking)
Onboard Diagnostic Kit (Evaluation of Onboard Diagnostic Kit)
Skin-B (Skin-B)
Space Tango Payload Card Glucose Test 1 and 2 (The Deconvolution of Biosensor Glucose Diffusion Contributions in Microgravity)
Stability-Pharmacotherapeutic (Stability of Pharmacotherapeutic)
  Dental Health
  Habitability and Human Factors
Astro Palate (Factors Contributing to Food Acceptability and Consumption, Mood and Stress on Long-Term Space Missions)
Body Measures (Quantification of In-Flight Physical Changes - Anthropometry and Neutral Body Posture)
Fine Motor Skills (Effects of Long-Duration Microgravity on Fine Motor Skills: 1 year ISS Investigation)
Habitability (Habitability Assessment of International Space Station)
Soyuz Occupant Risk (Soyuz Occupant Risk Characterization)
  Human Behavior and Performance
At Home in Space (Culture, Values, and Environmental Adaptation in Space)
BISE (Bodies In the Space Environment: Relative Contributions of Internal and External Cues to Self - Orientation, During and After Zero Gravity Exposure)
Behavioral Core Measures (Standardized Behavioral Measures for Detecting Behavioral Health Risks during Exploration Missions)
Circadian Rhythms (Circadian Rhythms)
Cognition (Individualized Real-Time Neurocognitive Assessment Toolkit for Space Flight Fatigue)
Comm Delay Assessment (Assessing the Impact of Communication Delay on Behavioral Health and Performance: An Examination of Autonomous Operations Utilizing the International Space Station)
Cult (Cultural Determinations of Co-working, Performance and Error Management in Space Operations)
HMD (Demonstration of Head Mounted Display (HMD) System for Crew)
Interactions (Crewmember and Crew-Ground Interaction During International Space Station Missions)
JAXA-AstroReport (Japan Aerospace and Exploration Agency - Astronaut Report)
Journals (Behavioral Issues Associated with isolation and Confinement: Review and Analysis of Astronaut Journals)
Lighting Effects (Testing Solid State Lighting Countermeasures to Improve Circadian Adaptation, Sleep, and Performance During High Fidelity Analog and Flight Studies for the International Space Station)
Pilot-Robot (Individual Characteristics of Psychophysiological Regulatory Status and Reliaility of Professional Activities of Cosmonauts in Long Duration Space Flight)
Reaction Self Test (Psychomotor Vigilance Self Test on the International Space Station)
Sleep ISS-12 (Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure on ISS-12)
Sleep-Long (Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight-Long)
Sleep-Short (Sleep-Wake Actigraphy and Light Exposure During Spaceflight-Short)
SpaceTex-2 (SpaceTex-2)
Special Event Meals (Special Event Meals)
Synergy (The elucidation of the re-adaptation on the attitude control after return from long term space flight)
Team Task Switching (Team Task Switching and Entrainment on the International Space Station: Exploring Multiteam Membership, Systems, and Networks to Understand and Enable Crew Functioning and Effectiveness)
Visual Performance (Human Factors Assessment of Vibration Effects on Visual Performance During Launch)
Vzaimodeistvie (Interaction) (Interactions: Monitoring of Space Crew Interactions During Extended Space Flight)
  Human Microbiome
Microbiome (Study of the Impact of Long-Term Space Travel on the Astronauts' Microbiome)
Sample (Study of Microbial Communities Exposed to Weightlessness)
  Immune System
BONEMAC (Differentiation of Bone Marrow Macrophages in Space)
CCM-Immune Response (Cell Culture Module - Immune Response of Human Monocytes in Microgravity)
CCM-Wound Repair (Cell Culture Module - Effect of Microgravity on Wound Repair: In Vitro Model of New Blood Vessel Development)
Epstein-Barr (Space Flight Induced Reactivation of Latent Epstein-Barr Virus)
Functional Immune (Functional Immune Alterations, Latent Herpesvirus Reactivation, Physiological Stress and Clinical Incidence Onboard the International Space Station)
Immuno (Neuroendocrine and Immune Responses in Humans During and After Long Term Stay at ISS)
Immuno-2 (Immuno-2)
Integrated Immune (Validation of Procedures for Monitoring Crewmember Immune Function)
Integrated Immune-SDBI (Validation of Procedures for Monitoring Crewmember Immune Function - Short Duration Biological Investigation)
Latent Virus (Incidence of Latent Virus Shedding During Space Flight)
Multi-Omics (Multi-omics analysis of human microbial-metabolic cross-talk in the space ecosystem)
Multi-Omics-Mouse (Multi-Omics Analysis of Human Microbial-Metabolic Cross-talk in the Space Ecosystem)
Probiotics (Study for evaluating the impact of continuous consumption of probiotics on immune function and intestinal microbiota in astronauts under closed microgravity environment)
Salivary Markers (The Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Microgravity on Salivary Markers of Innate Immunity)
  Integrated Physiology and Nutrition
ADUM (Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity)
BIMS (Assessment of the Efficiency of the Use of Telemedicine Technologies On-Board ISS)
Biochem Profile (Biochemical Profile)
Biological Rhythms 48hrs (The effect of long-term microgravity exposure on cardiac autonomic function by analyzing 48-hours electrocardiogram)
Biotest (Biochemical Status of Humans in Long Duration Space Flight)
Clinical Nutrition Assessment (Clinical Nutrition Assessment of ISS Astronauts, SMO-016E)
Diurez (Diuresis) (Fluid and Electrolyte Metabolism and Hormonal Regulaltion of Fluid Volume)
Dose Tracker (Dose Tracker Application for Monitoring Medication Usage, Symptoms, and Adverse Effects During Missions)
Energy (Astronaut's Energy Requirements for Long-Term Space Flight)
Food Acceptability (Food Acceptability, Menu Fatigue, and Aversion in ISS Missions)
Functional Task Test (Physiological Factors Contributing to Postflight Changes in Functional Performance)
Gematologia (Haematology) (Morphofunctional Characteristic of Blood Cells and the Intensity of Erythropoiesis in Humans by the Influence of Factors of Space Flight)
Hair (Biomedical Analyses of Human Hair Exposed to a Long-term Space Flight)
Nutrition (Nutritional Status Assessment)
Parodont (Parodentium) (Condition of Peridontal Tissues in Space Flight)
Pharma (Characteristics of Pharmacological Responses (absorption, distribution and elimination of acetominophene) in Long Duration Space Flight)
Pharmacokinetics (Pharmacokinetics and Contributing Physiologic Changes During Spaceflight, DSO 632B)
Pro K (Dietary Intake Can Predict and Protect Against Changes in Bone Metabolism during Spaceflight and Recovery)
Repository (National Aeronautics and Space Administration Biological Specimen Repository)
SOLO (SOdium LOading in Microgravity)
Space Food Nutrient (Changes in Nutrient Contents in Space Food After Long-term Space Flight)
Sprut-MBI (Octopus-MBI) (Determination of Intracellular and Extracellular Fluid Volume in Humans in Space Flight)
Stability-Nutrition (Stability of Nutritional Compounds)
Telomeres (Assessing Telomere Lengths and Telomerase Activity in Astronauts)
Twins Study (Human Exploration Research Opportunities - Differential Effects on Homozygous Twin Astronauts Associated with Differences in Exposure to Spaceflight Factors)
Twins Study - Bailey (Differential Effects on Telomeres and Telomerase in Twin Astronauts Associated with Spaceflight)
Twins Study - Basner (HERO Twin Astronaut Study Consortium (TASC) Project: Cognition on Monozygotic Twin on Earth)
Twins Study - Feinberg (Comprehensive Whole Genome Analysis of Differential Epigenetic Effects of Space Travel on Monozygotic Twins)
Twins Study - Lee (Metabolomic and Genomic Markers of Atherosclerosis as Related to Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Vascular Function in Twin Astronauts)
Twins Study - Mason (The Landscape of DNA and RNA Methylation Before, During, and After Human Space Travel)
Twins Study - Mignot (HERO Twin Astronaut Study Consortium (TASC):  Immunome Changes in Space)
Twins Study - Rana (Proteomic Assessment of Fluid Shifts and Association with Visual Impairment and Intracranial Pressure in Twin Astronauts)
Twins Study - Smith (Biochemical Profile: Homozygous Twin Control for a 12 Month Space Flight Exposure)
Twins Study - Snyder (HERO Twin Astronaut Study Consortium (TASC) Project:  Longitudinal Integrated Multi-omics Analysis of the Biomolecular Effects of Space Travel)
Twins Study - Turek (Metagenomic Sequencing of the Bacteriome in GI Tract of Twin Astronauts)
VIIP (Vision Impairment and Intracranial Pressure)
  Nervous and Vestibular Systems
3D-Space (Mental Representation of Spatial Cues During Space Flight)
Blind and Imagined (SLINK: move Short bLind plus shrink - Moving blind and throwing an imagery ball)
Cephalad Fluid Redistribution (Human Cerebral Vascular Autoregulation and Venous Outflow In Response to Microgravity-Induced Cephalad Fluid Redistribution)
Cogni (Cognitive Process for 3-D Orientation perception and Navigation in Weightlessness)
ELITE-S2 (ELaboratore Immagini TElevisive - Space 2)
ETD (Eye Tracking Device)
Field Test (Recovery of Functional Sensorimotor Performance Following Long Duration Space Flight)
GRASP (Gravitational References for Sensimotor Performance:  Reaching and Grasping)
H-Reflex (Effects of Altered Gravity on Spinal Cord Excitability)
Heart (Physiological Parameters that Predict Orthostatic Intolerance After Spaceflight)
Hypersole (Cutaneous Hypersensitivity and Balance Control in Humans)
MOP (Motion Perception: Vestibular Adaptation to G-Transitions)
Manual Control (Assessment of Operator Proficiency Following Long-Duration Space Flight)
Mobility (Promoting Sensorimotor Response Generalizability: A Countermeasure to Mitigate Locomotor Dysfunction After Long-Duration Space Flight)
NeuroMapping (Spaceflight Effects on Neurocognitive Performance: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases)
Neurocog (Directed Attention Brain Potentials in Virtual 3-D Space in Weightlessness)
Neurospat (Effect of Gravitational Context on EEG Dynamics: A Study of Spatial Cognition, Novelty Processing and Sensorimotor Integration)
OVAR (Off-Vertical Axis Rotation: Eye Movements and Motion Perception Induced By Off-Axis Rotation at Small Angles of Tilt After Spaceflight, DSO 499)
Otolith (Otolith Assessment During Postflight Re-adaptation)
PMDIS (Perceptual Motor Deficits in Space)
PMZ (Bioavailability and Performance Effects of Promethazine During Space Flight)
Passages (Scaling Body-Related Actions in the Absence of Gravity)
Ravnovesie (Ravnovesie)
Reversible Figures (Perspective Reversible Figures in Microgravity)
Sensory Adaptation (Study of Vestibular Function and Intersensory Interactions Under Altered Gravity)
Space Headaches (Space Headaches)
Spin (Validation of Centrifugation as a Countermeasure for Otolith Deconditioning During Spaceflight)
Straight Ahead in Microgravity (Straight Ahead in Microgravity)
TRAC (Test of Reaction and Adaptation Capabilities)
Tipologia (Typology) (Study of the Typological Characteristis of ISS Crew Operators Activity at the Stages of Long Term Space Flight)
V-C REFLEX (Plastic alteration of vestibulo-cardiovascular reflex and its countermeasure)
VECTION (The Effect of Long Duration Hypogravity on the Perception of Self-Motion)
Wayfinding (The Detrimental Effects of Long Duration Spaceflight on Human Wayfinding: The Behavioural and Neural Mechanisms Study)
Zag (Ambiguous Tilt and Translation Motion Cues After Space Flight)
  Radiation Impacts on Humans
ALTEA (Anomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts' Central Nervous System)
BBND (Bonner Ball Neutron Detector)
Chromosome-1 (Chromosomal Aberrations in Blood Lymphocytes of Astronauts-1)
Chromosome-2 (Cytogenetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation in Peripheral Lymphocytes of ISS Crewmembers)
DOSMAP (Dosimetric Mapping)
ESA-Active-Dosimeters (European Crew Personal Active Dosimeter)
EVARM (A Study of Radiation Doses Experienced by Astronauts in EVA)
Pille-ISS (Pille-MKS: Determine the Value of the Accumulated Radiation Dose in a Visiting Crewmember)
Prognoz (Prognosis) (Development of a Method of Operational Prediction of Work Load on Crew Piloting Objectives)
Torso (Organ Dose Measurement Using the Phantom Torso)
Fluid Shifts (Fluid Shifts Before, During and After Prolonged Space Flight and Their Association with Intracranial Pressure and Visual Impairment)
Iris (Image Reversal In Space)
Ocular Health (Prospective Observational Study of Ocular Health in ISS Crews)
One Carbon (Risk of visual impairment and intracranial hypertension after space flight: Evaluation of the role of polymorphism of enzymes involved in one-carbon metabolism )
Physical Science
  Combustion Science
ACME (Advanced Combustion Microgravity Experiment)
ATOMIZATION (Detailed validation of the new atomization concept derived from drop tower experiments--Aimed at developing a turbulent atomization simulator)
BASS (Burning and Suppression of Solids)
BASS-II (Burning and Suppression of Solids - II)
BASS-M (Burning and Suppression of Solids-Milliken)
CLD Flame (Coflow Laminar Diffusion Flame)
Cool Flames Investigation (Cool Flames Investigation)
E-FIELD Flames (Electric-Field Effects on Laminar Diffusion Flames)
FLEX (Flame Extinguishment Experiment)
FLEX-2 (Flame Extinguishment Experiment - 2)
FLEX-2J (Flame Extinguishment Experiment -2 JAXA)
Group Combustion (Elucidation of Flame Spread and Group Combustion Excitation Mechanism of Randomly-distributed Droplet Clouds)
ICE-GA (Italian Combustion Experiment for Green Air)
SAME (Smoke and Aerosol Measurement Experiment)
SLICE (Structure and Liftoff In Combustion Experiment)
SPICE (Smoke Point In Co-flow Experiment)
  Complex Fluids
ACE-H-1 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Heated-1)
ACE-H-2 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Heated-2)
ACE-M-1 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Microscopy-1)
ACE-M-2 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Microscopy-2 )
ACE-M-3 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Microscopy-3)
ACE-T-1 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Temperature control-1)
ACE-T-6 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Temperature-6)
ACE-T-7 (Advanced Colloids Experiment-Temperature-7)
ACE-T-9 (Advanced Imaging, Folding, and Assembly of Colloidal Molecules)
BCAT-3-4-CP (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 3 and 4: Critical Point)
BCAT-3-BA (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 3: Binary Alloys)
BCAT-3-SC (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 3: Surface Crystallization)
BCAT-4-Poly (Binodal Colloidal Aggregation Test - 4: Polydispersion)
BCAT-5-3D-Melt (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 5: Three-Dimensional Melt)
BCAT-5-Compete (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 5: Compete)
BCAT-5-PhaseSep (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test-5: Phase Separation)
BCAT-5-Seeded Growth (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 5: Seeded Growth)
BCAT-6-Colloidal Disks (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 6 - Colloidal Disks)
BCAT-6-Phase Separation (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 6 - Phase Separation)
BCAT-6-Seeded Growth (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 6: Seeded Growth)
BCAT-C1 (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - C1)
Capillary Beverage (Capillary Effects of Drinking in the Microgravity Environment)
Continuous Liquid-Liquid Separation in Microgravity ( Continuous Liquid-Liquid Separation in Microgravity)
DECLIC ALI-R (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - Alice Like Insert-Refurbishment)
DECLIC-ALI (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - Alice Like Insert)
EXPPCS (EXPRESS Physics of Colloids in Space)
InSPACE (Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions)
InSPACE-2 (Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions - 2)
InSPACE-3 (Investigating the Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions-3)
OASIS (Observation Analysis of Smectic Islands in Space)
PK-4 (Plasma Kristall-4)
SHERE (Shear History Extensional Rheology Experiment)
SHERE-II (Shear History Extensional Rheology Experiment - II)
SODI-Colloid (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument - Aggregation of Colloidal Solutions)
SODI-Colloid-2 (SODI-Colloid-2 )
SODI-DSC (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument - Diffusion and Soret Coefficient)
  Fluid Physics
ARTE (Advanced Research Thermal Passive Exchange)
BCAT-KP-1-Critical Point (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test Low Gravity Phase Kinetics-Critical Point)
BCAT-KP1-Shelf Life (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test Low Gravity Phase Kinetics-1-Product Shelf Life)
CCF (Capillary Channel Flow)
CFE (Capillary Flow Experiment)
CFE-2 (Capillary Flow Experiment - 2)
CVB (Constrained Vapor Bubble)
CVB-2 (Constrained Vapor Bubble-2)
DECLIC HTI-R (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - High Temperature Insert-Reflight)
DECLIC-DSI (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - Directional Solidification Insert)
DECLIC-HTI (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - High Temperature Insert)
Deconvolution of Biosensor Glucose Diffusion Contributions in Microgravity ( Deconvolution of Biosensor Glucose Diffusion Contributions in Microgravity)
Dynamic Surf (Experimental Assessment of Dynamic Surface Deformation Effects in Transition to Oscillatory Thermo capillary Flow in Liquid Bridge of High Prandtl Number Fluid)
EML Batch 2 - MULTIPHAS (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Non-equilibrium Multi-Phase Transformation: Eutectic Solidification, Spinodal Decomposition and Glass Formation)
Eli Lilly-Hard to Wet Surfaces (Hard to Wet Surfaces)
Eli Lilly-Lyophilization (Lyophilization in Microgravity)
FASES (Fundamental and Applied Studies of Emulsion Stability)
FASTER (Facility for Absorption and Surface Tension)
FLUIDICS (Fluid Dynamics in Space)
FMVM (Fluid Merging Viscosity Measurement)
FOCUS (Foam Casting and Utilization in Space)
Foam-Stability (Foam Optics And Mechanics - Stability)
Geoflow-1 (Simulation of Geophysical Fluid Flow Under Microgravity-1)
Geoflow-2 (Simulation of Geophysical Fluid Flow Under Microgravity - 2)
MABE (Microheater Array Boiling Experiment)
MFMG (Miscible Fluids in Microgravity)
Marangoni-Exp (Chaos, Turbulence and its Transition Process in Marangoni Convection-Exp)
Marangoni-UVP (Spatio-temporal Flow Structure in Marangoni Convection)
Microchannel Diffusion (Microchannel Diffusion)
NPBX (Nucleate Pool Boiling eXperiment)
NanoRacks-OSU-Zeolite (NanoRacks-The Ohio State University-Zeolite Crystal )
PBRE (Packed Bed Reactor Experiment)
SODI-IVIDIL (Selectable Optical Diagnostics Instrument-Influence of VIbrations on DIffusion of Liquids)
Surface Tension Containment Experiment-1 (Surface Tension Containment Experiment-1)
Two-Phase Flow (Interfacial behaviors and Heat transfer characteristics in Boiling Two-Phase Flow)
WMHP (Miniature Wire Heat Pipes: Study of the Processes of Fluid Dynamics in Microgravity)
ZBOT (Zero Boil-Off Tank)
  Fundamental Physics
ACES (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space)
DOSIS-3D (Dose Distribution Inside the International Space Station - 3D)
Impuls (1st stage)-IPO (Impulse (1st stage)-IPO) (Impulse)
Matroshka-1 (Matroshka-1)
PK-3 Plus (PK-3 Plus: Plasma Crystal Research on the ISS)
Plazma-MKS (Plasma-ISS: Examination of Plasmic Environments on the External Surface of ISS Through the Characterization of Optical Radiance)
TriTel (3D Silicon Detector Telescope)
  Materials Science
2D-NanoTemplate (Production of Two Dimensional NanoTemplate in Microgravity)
Alloy Semiconductor (Crystal Growth of Alloy Semiconductor Under Microgravity)
BCAT-6-PS-DNA (Binary Colloidal Alloy Test - 6: Polystyrene - Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
CETSOL (Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing)
CETSOL-2 (Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing-2 )
CLYC-Crystal Growth (Crystal Growth of Cs2LiYCl6:Ce Scintillators in Microgravity)
CSLM-2 (Coarsening in Solid Liquid Mixtures-2)
CSLM-3 (Coarsening in Solid Liquid Mixtures-3 )
CSLM-4 (Coarsening in Solid Liquid Mixtures-4)
DECLIC DSI-R (DEvice for the study of Critical LIquids and Crystallization - Directional Solidification Insert-Reflight)
Detached Melt and Vapor Growth of InI (Detached Melt and Vapor Growth of InI in SUBSA Hardware)
EML Batch 1 - CCEMLCC Experiment (EML Batch 1 - CCEMLCC Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - COOLCOP Experiment (EML Batch 1 - COOLCOP Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - MAGNEPHAS Experiment (EML Batch 1 - MAGNEPHAS Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - METCOMP Experiment (EML Batch 1 - METCOMP Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - NEQUISOL Experiment (EML Batch 1 - NEQUISOL Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - SEMITHERM Experiment (EML Batch 1 - SEMITHERM Experiment)
EML Batch 1 - THERMOLAB Experiment (EML Batch 1 - THERMOLAB Experiment)
EML Batch 2 - CCEMLCC (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Chill Cooling for the Electromagnetic Levitator in Relation with Continuous Casting of Steel)
EML Batch 2 - COOLCOP (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 – Undercooling and Demixing of Copper-based Alloys)
EML Batch 2 - ICOPROSOL (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Thermophysical Properties and Solidification Behaviour of Undercooled Ti-Zr-Ni Liquids Showing an Icosahedral Short-range Order)
EML Batch 2 - MAGNEPHAS (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Study and Modelling of Nucleation and Phase Selection Phenomena in Undercooled Melts:  Application to Magnetic Alloys of Industrial Relevance)
EML Batch 2 - NEQUISOL (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Non-Equilibrium Solidification, Modeling for Microstructure Engineering of Industrial Alloys)
EML Batch 2 - PARSEC (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Peritectic Alloy Rapid Solidification with Electromagnetic Convection)
EML Batch 2 - RESISTIVITY (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Electrical Resistivity Measurements of High Temperature Metallic)
EML Batch 2 - SEMITHERM (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - Investigation of Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Semiconductors in the Melt and in the Undercooled State under Microgravity Conditions)
EML Batch 2 - THERMOLAB (Electromagnetic Levitator Batch 2 - High-Precision Thermophysical Property Data of Liquid Metallic Alloys for Modelling of Industrial Solidification Processes)
ExHAM-Radiator Material Degradation (Exposure Experiment of Thermal Control Material for Radiator)
Facet (Investigation of Mechanism of Faceted Cellular Array Growth)
Foam (Viscous Liquid Foam - Bulk Metallic Glass)
Hicari (Growth of Homogeneous SiGe Crystals in Microgravity by the TLZ Method)
Hydrogel Formation and Drug Release in Microgravity Conditions ( Investigation of the Effects of Microgravity on Controlled Release of Antibiotics and Curing Mechanism of a Novel Wound Dressing)
I-FOAM (Italian-Foam)
Ice Crystal (Pattern Formation during Ice Crystal Growth)
Ice Crystal 2 (Crystal growth mechanisms associated with the macromolecules adsorbed at a growing interface - Microgravity effect for self-oscillatory growth - 2 )
Interfacial Energy 1 (Interfacial phenomena and thermophysical properties of high-temperature liquids-Fundamental research of steel processing using electrostatic levitation)
JAXA ELF (Electrostatic Levitation Furnace (ELF))
MICAST-2 (The Microstructure Formation in Casting of Technical Alloys under Diffusive and Magnetically Controlled Convective Conditions-2)
MSL SCA-Batch 2b-ESA (Material Science Lab Batch 2b)
MSL SCA-GEDS-German (NASA Sample Cartridge Assembly-Gravitational Effects on Distortion in Sintering)
MSL-CETSOL and MICAST (Materials Science Laboratory - Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition in Solidification Processing and Microstructure Formation in Casting of Technical Alloys under Diffusive and Magnetically Controlled Convective Conditions)
NanoRacks-COBRA PUMA GOLF Project (NanoRacks-COBRA PUMA GOLF Project)
NanoRacks-NanoTube Solar Cell (NanoRacks-Earth Abundant Textured Thin Film Photovoltaics)
NanoRacks-Vitae Project Vi-III (NanoRacks-Vitae Project Vi-III)
Nanoskeleton (Production of High Performance Nanomaterials in Microgravity)
PFMI (Toward Understanding Pore Formation and Mobility During Controlled Directional Solidification in a Microgravity Environment)
PMT (Photocatalyst Material Test)
PromISS-3 (Protein Crystal Growth Monitoring by Digital Holographic Microscope for the International Space Station-3)
SETA-2 (Solidification along a Eutectic path in Ternary Alloys-2)
SUBSA (Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules)
SVS-1 (SHS-1) (CBC: Self-Propogating Hyperthermal Synthesis in Space)
Soret-Facet (Study on Soret effect (thermal diffusion process) for the mixed solution by the in-situ observation technique facilitated at SCOF)
SpaceDRUMS (Space Dynamically Responding Ultrasonic Matrix System)
Strata-1 (Strata-1)
Synthetic Muscle (Synthetic Muscle: Resistance to Radiation; Ras Labs-CASIS-ISS Project for Synthetic Muscle: Resistance to Radiation)
Transparent Alloys-SEBA (Transparent Alloys-SEBA)
Technology Development and Demonstration
  Air, Water and Surface Monitoring
ANITA (Analyzing Interferometer for Ambient Air)
Aerosol Samplers (Aerosol Sampling Experiment)
Amine Swingbed (Amine Swingbed)
AquaMembrane (Aquaporin Inside Membrane Testing in Space)
Cavalier (NanoRacks-Cavalier Space Processor)
DIAPASON (Very high-accuracy environmental automatic control, and pollution monitoring and recording.)
DUST (Divert Unwanted Space Trash)
E-NOSE (Electric Nose Monitoring)
ENose (JPL Electronic Nose)
Ekon (Experimental Survey on Evaluating the Possibility of Using the Russian Segment of ISS for Environmental Inspection of Work Areas of Various Facilities (Features))
Formaldehyde Gas Monitor (Technology Demonstration of Real-Time Formaldehyde Gas Monitor)
I-ENOS (Italian-Electronic NOse for Space exploration)
ISS Acoustics (International Space Station Acoustic Measurement Program)
LIRIS Demonstratror (LIRIS Demonstratror)
LOCAD-PTS (Lab-on-a-Chip Application Development-Portable Test System)
LOCAD-PTS-Exploration (Lab-on-a-Chip Application Development-Portable Test System - Exploration)
Multi-Gas Monitor (Multi-Gas Monitor)
NanoRacks-Gadsden State-Organic Solvents in H₂O (NanoRacks-Gadsden State-Organic Solvents in H2O)
Personal CO2 Monitor (Personal CO2 Monitor)
RainCube (RainCube)
SATS-Interact (Supervision of Autonomous and Teleoperated Satellites - Interact)
Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor (Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor)
VCAM (Vehicle Cabin Atmosphere Monitor)
Water Monitoring Suite (Water Monitoring Suite)
  Avionics and Software
AMO-EXPRESS 2.0 (Autonomous Mission Operations EXPRESS 2.0 Project)
ARAMIS (Augmented Reality Application for Maintenance, Inventory and Stowage)
CAST (Crew Autonomous Scheduling Test)
DTN (Disruption Tolerant Networking for Space Operations)
ExPRESS Payload Simulator (ExPRESS Payload Simulator)
Honeywell-Morehead-DM-7 (Honeywell-Morehead-DM-7 )
Iskazhenie (Determination and Analysis of Magnetic Interference on ISS)
NanoRacks-ArduLab-1 (NanoRacks-ArduLab-1 Tech Demo)
SG100 Cloud Computer (SG100 Cloud Computing Payload)
SHARC (Spacecraft for High Accuracy Radar Calibration)
SNFM (Serial Network Flow Monitor)
STP-H5 CSP (STP-H5-Center for High-performance REconfigurable Computing (CHREC) Space Processor)
STP-H5 Space Cube - Mini (STP-H5-SpaceCube - Mini)
Spaceborne Computer (High Performance Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Computer System on the ISS)
Telescience Resource Kit (Flight Demonstration of Telescience Resource Kit)
  Characterizing Experiment Hardware
BPC-1 (BioServe Protein Crystalography-1)
Barrios PCG (Barrios PCG)
CBOSS-FDI (Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support Systems: Fluid Dynamics Investigation)
CHEFSat (Cost-effective High E-Frequency Satellite)
Cell Bio Tech Demo (Cell Bio Tech Demo)
Cyclops Demo (Cyclops Hardware Validation Demonstration)
ESA-Haptics-1 (ESA-Haptics-1)
Holter ECG (Digital Holter ECG)
IN SITU (ISS Non-invasive Sample Investigation and results Transmission to ground with the Utmost easiness)
LEON-2 (On-Orbit Demonstration of a Novel LEON-2 Based Computer System and Its Application for Acquisition and Transmission of Milli-g Environment and Acoustic Noise Data in the Columbus Attached Pressurized Module, SDTO 15010-E)
MVIS Controller-1 (MVIS Controller-1)
MemSat (MemSat)
Microflow1 (Microflow 1 technology demonstration)
NanoRacks-Kentucky Space Test-1 and -3 (NanoRacks-Kentucky Space Test-1 and -3)
NanoRacks-Micro-gRx (NanoRacks-Fluorescent Polarization in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-Remove Debris (NanoRacks-Remove Debris)
OCT Tech Demo (Optical Coherence Tomography Technology Demonstration)
ODK2 (Evaluation of Onboard Diagnostic Kit 2)
PACE (Preliminary Advanced Colloids Experiment: 100X Oil Test Target)
PACE-2 (Preliminary Advanced Colloids Experiment - 2: 3D Particle Test)
PACE-LMM-Bio (Preliminary Advanced Colloids Experiment - Light Microscopy Module: Biological Samples)
PAPELL ( Pump Application using Pulsed Electromagnets for Liquid reLocation)
Portable On Board Printer 3D (Portable On Board Printer 3D)
ROSA (Roll-Out Solar Array)
STPSat-4 (Space Test Program Satellite - 4)
Sidekick (Sidekick: Investigating Immersive Visualization Capabilities)
SpinSat (SpinSat)
Vzglyad (Photographing the Interior of ISS)
  Commercial Demonstrations
Buzz Lightyear (Buzz Lightyear)
ESA-EPO-Convection (European Space Agency-Education Payload Operations-Convection)
Golf (Photo and Video Filming Onboard the Russian Segment of ISS)
Made In Space Fiber Optics (Optical Fiber Production in Microgravity)
NanoRacks-ArduSat-1 (NanoRacks-ArduSat-1)
Popular Mechanics (Commercial Promotion of Popular Mechanics Journal)
SCN (Space Cup Noodle)
SkinCare (SkinCare)
  Communication and Navigation
3D VIT (3D Visual Training)
Akustika-M (Acoustics-M) (Acoustical Investigation of Voice and Audio Links (Conncections) of the Crew on ISS)
CAT (CubeSat Assessment and Test)
DOD SPHERES-CSAC (Department of Defense Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Chip Scale Atomic Clock)
DOD SPHERES-RINGS (Department of Defense Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-RINGS)
ENEIDE (Esperimento di Navigazione per Evento Italiano Dimostrativo di EGNOS)
GTS-2 (Global Transmission Services 2)
ISARA (Integrated Solar Array and Reflectarray Antenna)
ISTAR Comm Delay Prep (ISS Testbed for Analog Research Communication Delay Preparation )
ISTAR Crew Autonomous Procedures (ISS Testbed for Analog Research Crew Autonomous Procedures)
InfoTekh (S Band Radio Signal Passage Through ISS and Test of Data Downlink)
LONESTAR (Low Earth Orbiting Navigation Experiment for Spacecraft Testing Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking)
MOBIPV (Mobile Procedure Viewer)
Maritime Awareness (Global AIS on Space Station (GLASS))
OCSD (Optical Communication and Sensor Demonstration)
OPALS (Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science)
SCAN Testbed (Space Communications and Navigation Testbed)
Sextant Navigation (Sextant Navigation for Exploration Missions)
Small Sat Deploy-Demo (Small Sat Deploy Demo)
Ten-Mayak (Shadow-Beacon) (Study of Transmit/Receive Radio Signal Conditions in the Russian Segment of ISS Using the World-Wide Ham Radio Network)
Vektor-T (Study of a High Precision System for Prediction Motion of ISS)
Vessel ID System (Vessel ID System)
  EVA Systems
UD Space Suit Layup (Improved EVA Suit MMOD Protection using STF-ArmorTM and self-healing polymers)
  Fire Suppression and Detection
DAFT (Dust and Aerosol Measurement Feasibility Test)
Saffire-I (Spacecraft Fire Experiment-I)
Saffire-II (Spacecraft Fire Experiment-II)
Saffire-III (Spacecraft Fire Experiment-III)
  Food and Clothing Systems
EveryWear (EveryWear)
FIS (Sensory (Taste) Evaluation of Malaysian Food on Earth and in Space)
ISSpresso (ISSpresso)
IVA Clothing Study (Intravehicular Activity Clothing Study)
Skinsuit (Operational and Technical Evaluation of Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit)
  Imaging Technology
3DA1 Camcorder (Panasonic 3D Camera)
ERB (Erasmus Recording Binocular)
ERB-2 (Erasmus Recording Binocular - 2)
ESA NightPod (ESA NightPod)
ExHAM-Array Mark (On-orbit demonstration of target marker for space robotics)
HDEV (High Definition Earth Viewing)
JAXA-HDTV (Activation and Test Downlink of HDTV System)
Matritsa-Z1 (Matrix-Z1) (Study of the Condition of CCD Matrices of Video Cameras On-Board ISS)
Moon Imagery (Moon Imagery)
NanoRacks-CID (NanoRacks-CID)
NanoRacks-KE IIM (NanoRacks-SMDC-Kestrel Eye IIM)
SS-HDTV (Super-Sensitive High Definition TV)
  Life Support Systems and Habitation
AMO-EXPRESS (Autonomous Mission Operations EXPRESS Autonomous Operations Project)
AMO-TOCA (Autonomous Mission Operations TOCA Autonomous Operations Project)
Aquapad (Aquapad)
Arges (Atomic Densities Measured Radially in Metal Halide Lamps Under Microgravity Conditions with Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy)
Bar-1 (Choice and Development of Methods and Instruments to Detect the Location of a Loss of Pressurization of a Module on ISS)
Capillary Structures (Capillary Structures for Exploration Life Support)
FOB (Forward Osmosis Bag)
Infrazvuk-M (Infrasound-M) (Integrated Research of Electromagnetic and Acoustical Fields of Extremely Low Frequency Bands Inside the Russian Modules on ISS)
JEM Water Recovery System (Demonstration of JEM Water Recovery System)
LDST (Long Duration Sorbent Testbed)
MED-2 (Miniature Exercise Device)
SSLM (Solid State Lighting Module, SDTO 15008U)
Space Tango Payload Card Cactus (Cactus-Mediated Carbon Dioxide Removal in Microgravity)
UBNT (Ultrasonic Background Noise Test)
UPA (Urine Processor Assembly Hardware Improvements )
  Microbial Populations in Spacecraft
Biomolecule Sequencer (Biomolecule Sequencer)
MATISS (Microbial Aerosol Tethering on Innovative Surfaces in the International Space Station)
SWAB (Surface, Water and Air Biocharacterization - A Comprehensive Characterization of Microorganisms and Allergens in Spacecraft Environment)
Toxichnost (Toxicity) (Development of a Metod of Express Monitoring of Toxicity of Water in Space Flight)
  Microgravity Environment Measurement
ARIS-ICE (Active Rack Isolation System - ISS Characterization Experiment)
Brados (Acquisition of Data About the Radiological, Electromagnetic and Different Physical Environments on Board ISS, and Their Effects on the Safety of the Crew, Space Equipment and Materials)
Identifikatsia (Identification) (Identification of the Sources of Dynamic Loads on ISS )
Izgib (Effect of Performance of Flight and Science Activities on the Function of On-Orbit Systems on ISS (Mathematical Model))
STP-H5 SHM (STP-H5-Structural Health Monitoring)
Scorpion (Scorpion: Development and Acquisition of Multifunctional Control-Measurement Device for Controlling the Environment of Scientific Experiments Inside a Pressurized Station)
Sreda-MKS (Environment-ISS) (Examination of the Features of ISS as an Environment for Conducting Research)
Tenzor (Tensor) (Definition of Dynamic Characteristics of ISS)
Wireless Leak Detection ( Joint Leak Detection and Localization Based on Fast Bayesian Inference from Network of Ultrasonic Sensor Arrays in Microgravity Environment)
  Power Generation/Distribution Systems
Universal Battery Charger (Universal Battery Charger)
  Propulsion Systems
  Radiation Measurements and Shielding
ALTCRISS (Alteino Long Term Cosmic Ray Measurements on board the International Space Station)
ALTEA-Dosi (Anomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts' - Dosimetry)
ALTEA-GAP (Anomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts' Central Nervous System-GAP)
ALTEA-Shield (Anomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts' Central Nervous System - Shield)
Active Tissue Equivalent Dosimeter (Active Tissue Equivalent Dosimeter)
Alteino (Space Radiation Effects on the Central Nervous System)
Area PADLES (Area Passive Dosimeter for Life-Science Experiments in Space)
DOSIS-DOBIES (Dose Distribution Inside ISS - Dosimetry for Biological Experiments in Space)
DOSTEL (DOSimetry TELescopes)
FNS (Fast Neutron Spectrometer)
Free-Space PADLES (Space Radiation Dosimeter by Free-Space PADLES in ISS JEM Exposed area)
HiMassSEE (Spacecraft Single Event Environments at High Shielding Mass)
ISS Internal Radiation Monitoring (International Space Station Internal Radiation Monitoring)
Miniaturized Particle Telescope (Miniaturized Particle Telescope)
NanoRacks-Gumstix (NanoRacks-Evaluation of Gumstix Performance in Low-Earth Orbit)
NanoRacks-Kentucky Space Test-2 and-4 (NanoRacks-Kentucky Space Test-2 and -4)
PERSEO (PErsonal Radiation Shielding for intErplanetary missiOns)
PS-TEPC (Establishment of dosimetric technique in the International Space Station (ISS) with Position Sensitive Tissue Equivalent Proportional Chamber)
Radi-N2 (Radi-N2 Neutron Field Study )
Radiation Environment Monitor (Radiation Environment Monitor)
STP-H5 RHEME (STP-H5-Radiation Hardened Electronic Memory Experiment)
Space Tango Payload Card Radiation (Space Shields: The Inhibition of Gamma Rays via Passive Shielding)
  Repair and Fabrication Technologies
3D Printing In Zero-G (3D Printing In Zero-G Technology Demonstration)
AMF-ABS Design Values (Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) Design Value Test Plan for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS))
CRE-1 (Component Repair Experiment - 1, SDTO 17012U)
SoRGE (Soldering in Reduced Gravity Experiment, SDTO 17003-U)
Astrobee (Astrobee)
Avatar Explore (Avatar Explore: Autonomous Robotic Operations Performed from the ISS)
ESA-Haptics-2 (Haptics-2:  Real-time teleoperation experiment conducted by crew from Space to control robotic components on Earth with force-feedback)
Gecko Gripper (Gecko Gripper)
HET-Smartphone (Human Exploration Telerobotics Smartphone)
JEM Internal Ball Camera (JEM Internal Ball Camera)
Kontur (Contour) (Development of a System of Supervisory Control Over the Internet of the Robotic Manipulator in the Russian Segment of ISS)
ROKVISS (Robotic Component Verification on the ISS: Verification of Lightweight Robotic Hinge Elements in Space)
RRM (Robotic Refueling Mission)
RRM-Phase 2 (Robotic Refueling Mission Phase 2)
Robonaut (Robonaut)
STP-H5 Raven (Raven)
SUPVIS-E (Supervisory Control of EUROBOT)
Smartphone-MM (HET Smartphone-MM)
Surface Telerobotics (Surface Telerobotics)
  Small Satellites and Control Technologies
CaNOP (Canopy Near-infrared Observing Project)
DRAGONSat (Dual RF Astrodynamic GPS Orbital Navigator Satellite)
Femto Satellites In Zero-G (Femto Satellites In Zero-G)
GEARRSAT (Globalstar Experiment And Risk Reduction Satellite)
I-APE (Italian-Astronaut Personal Eye)
Kolibri-2000 (Hummingbird-2000) (Developmental Testing of the Kolibry Microsatellite Deployment Profile)
LAICE (Lower Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Experiment)
MACE-II (Middeck Active Control Experiment-II)
NanoRacks-AAUSat5 (NanoRacks-AAUSAT5)
NanoRacks-ALTAIR™ Pathfinder (NanoRacks-ALTAIR™ Pathfinder)
NanoRacks-ArduSat-2 (NanoRacks-ArduSat-2)
NanoRacks-ArduSat-X (NanoRacks-ArduSat-X)
NanoRacks-CADRE (NanoRacks-CADRE)
NanoRacks-CSUNSat1 (NanoRacks-CSUNSat1)
NanoRacks-Centennial-1 (NanoRacks-Ground-Based Sodium Laser Guide Star Imaging of 1U CubeSats)
NanoRacks-FPTU CubeSat-1 (NanoRacks-FPT University CubeSat-1 )
NanoRacks-GOMX-2 (NanoRacks-GOMX-2: Small Photon Entangling Quantum System)
NanoRacks-GOMX-3 (NanoRacks-GOMX-3)
NanoRacks-IceCube (NanoRacks-IceCube)
NanoRacks-LEMUR-2 (NanoRacks-LEMUR-2)
NanoRacks-LitSat-1 (NanoRacks-LitSat-1)
NanoRacks-LituanicaSAT-1 (NanoRacks-LituanicaSAT-1)
NanoRacks-MicroMAS (NanoRacks-Microsized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite)
NanoRacks-MinXSS (NanoRacks-Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer CubeSat)
NanoRacks-NODeS (Network & Operation Demonstration Satellite (NODeS))
NanoRacks-NovaWurks-SIMPL-Microsat (NanoRacks Kaber Mission 1-NovaWurks-Satlet Initial Mission Proofs and Lessons)
NanoRacks-Planet Labs-Dove (NanoRacks-Planet Labs-Dove )
NanoRacks-Planetary Resources-Arkyd-3 (NanoRacks-Planetary Resources-Arkyd-3)
NanoRacks-QB50 (NanoRacks-QB50)
NanoRacks-SkyCube (NanoRacks-SkyCube)
NanoRacks-UAPSAT-1 (NanoRacks-UAPSAT-1)
NanoRacks-Λ-Sat (NanoRacks-Λ-Sat Hellenic Satellite)
PSSC (Pico-Satellite Solar Cell Experiment)
RTcMISS (Radiation Tolerant Computer Mission on the ISS)
RadSat-g (RadSat-g)
Radioskaf (Creation of Preparation and Launch in the Prcess of Mini -Satellites)
SGSat (Validation of a CubeSat Stellar Gyroscope System)
SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites)
SPHERES Halo (Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites - Halo)
SPHERES Tether Slosh (SPHERES Tether Slosh)
SPHERES-UDP (Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites-Universal Docking Port)
SPHERES-VERTIGO (Synchronized Position, Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites - VERTIGO)
STMSat-1 (St. Thomas More School Cathedral Satellite-1)
STP-H2-MEPSI (Space Test Program-H2-Microelectromechanical System-Based (MEMS) PICOSAT Inspector)
STP-H2-RAFT (Space Test Program-H2-Radar Fence Transponder)
STP-H3-DISC (Space Test Program - Houston 3 - Digital Imaging Star Camera)
TechEdSat (Technology Education Satellite)
TechEdSat-3P (The Development of On-Demand Sample Return Capability (SPQR))
TechEdSat-4 (The Development of On-Demand Sample Return Capability (SPQR))
TechEdSat-5 (Development of On-Demand Sample Return Capability–Small Payload Quick Return)
TechEdSat-6 (The Development of On-Demand Sample Return Capability-Small Payload Quick Return)
  Space Structures
BEAM (Bigelow Expandable Activity Module)
REBR (ReEntry Breakup Recorder)
RED-Data2 (Thermal Protection Material Flight Test and Reentry Data Collection)
  Spacecraft Materials
EMCH (Elastic Memory Composite Hinge)
ExHAM-CFRP Mirror (Space Environmental Testing of Lightweight and High-Precision Carbon Composite Mirrors)
ExHAM-MDM2 (Material Degradation Monitor on ExHAM)
ExHAM-PEEK (Space Environmental Testing of PEEK and PFA sample)
ExHAM-Solar Sail (Space Environment Exposure Tests of Functional Thin-Film Devices for Solar Sail)
Expert-1 (Investigation of Early Symptoms of Microdestruction of Structures and Instrument Modules in the Russian Segment of ISS)
ISSI (In Space Soldering Investigation)
Kromka (Verification of the Effectiveness of Devices for the Protection of the Exterior Surface of ISS from Contaminants Deposited by Pulsed Cycling of Liquid-Jet)
MISSE-1 and 2 (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 1 and 2)
MISSE-3 and 4 (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 3 and 4)
MISSE-5 (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 5)
MISSE-6A and 6B (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 6A and 6B)
MISSE-7 (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 7)
MISSE-8 (Materials International Space Station Experiment - 8)
REBR-W (Reentry Breakup Recorder with Wireless Sensors)
RIGEX (Rigidizable Inflatable Get-Away-Special Experiment)
STP-H5 ICE (STP-H5-Innovative Coatings Experiment)
  Spacecraft and Orbital Environments
ANDE-2 (Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment - 2)
Asgardia-1 (Asgardia-1)
BLT (Boundary Layer Transition, Detailed Test Objective 854)
HTV-Environmental Monitoring (Transport Environment Monitoring Package at HTV Cargo Transfer Bag)
I BALL (Reentry data acquisition using I Ball Reentry Recorder)
ISS External Leak Locator (ISS Robotic External Ammonia Leak Locator)
MAUI (Maui Analysis of Upper Atmospheric Injections)
Meteoroid (Recording Meteoroidal and Technogenic Particles on the External Surface of the Service Module of the Russian Segment of ISS)
Plasma Interaction Model (Analysis of International Space Station Plasma Interaction)
Privyazka (Development of High Precision Orientation of Scientific Devices in Space with Reports of Deformation of the ISS Hull)
RAMBO (Ram Burn Observations)
RAMBO-2 (Ram Burn Observations - 2)
RFID Logistics Awareness ( RFID-Enabled Autonomous Logistics Management (REALM))
SEITE (Shuttle Exhaust Ion Turbulence Experiments)
SIMPLEX (Shuttle Ionospheric Modification with Pulsed Localized Exhaust Experiments)
SPHERES Tether Demo (SPHERES Tether Demo)
STP-H2-ANDE (Space Test Program-H2-Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment)
STP-H3-Canary (Space Test Program - Houston 3 - Canary)
STP-H4-ATT (Space Test Program-Houston 4-Active Thermal Tile)
STP-H4-FireStation (Space Test Program-Houston 4-FireStation)
STP-H4-GLADIS (Space Test Program - Houston 4 - Global Awareness Data-Exfiltration International Satellite)
STP-H4-ISE 2.0 (Space Test Program-Houston 4-ISS SpaceCube Experiment 2.0)
STP-H4-MARS (Space Test Program-H4-Miniature Array of Radiation Sensors)
STP-H4-SWATS (Space Test Program-Houston 4- Small Wind and Temperature Spectrometer )
STP-H5 APS (Space Test Program-H5 Automated Plume Sentry)
STP-H5 GROUP-C (Space Test Program-H5-GPS Radio Occultation and Ultraviolet Photometry Co-located)
STP-H5 LITES (STP-H5-Limb-Imaging Ionospheric and Thermospheric Extreme-Ultraviolet Spectrographs)
STP-H5 iMESA-R (Space Test Program-H5-integrated Miniature Electro-Static Analyzer-Reflight)
Space Debris Sensor (Space Debris Sensor)
ZPM (International Space Station Zero-Propellant Maneuver (ZPM) Demonstration)
  Thermal Management Systems
Cemex (Assessment of the Technical Characteristics of a Capillary Evaporator in Microgravity)
Passive Thermal Flight Experiment (Passive Thermal Flight Experiment)
Phase Change HX (Phase Change Heat Exchanger Project)
STP-H3-MHTEX (Space Test Program - Houston 3 - Massive Heat Transfer Experiment)
STP-H3-VADER (Space Test Program - Houston 3 - Variable emissivity radiator Aerogel insulation blanket Dual zone thermal control Experiment suite for Responsive space)
STP-H5 EHD (STP-H5-Electro-Hydro Dynamics)
Space Tango Fan ( Space Tango Fan)
TEM (Transport Environment Monitor Packages)