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The Spacecraft and Modern Technologies for Personal Communications (MAI-75) educational experiment is dedicated to developing and validating the structural principles, an information and telecommunications system that offers real-time video information from space to a broad circle of users within the framework of the educational community. MAI-75 creates science-based methods and specialized software and hardware supporting the interaction of various categories of users with the International Space Station (ISS) crew via specialized communication channels through the use of remote user terminals.
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Talk about distance learning. This investigation tested communications between the space station and ground for educational and commercial uses. Previously recorded and real-time video images sent from the space station via an amateur radio channel were received in various places on Earth.  This kind of communication could improve teaching in the natural sciences and help inform the public about applications of space research. Results show the station’s great potential as a platform for a variety of educational experiments. The investigation is part of the suite of communication equipment housed on station.

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Experiment Details


Principal Investigator(s)
O. M. Alifanov, International Educational-Research Center Cosmos

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Sponsoring Space Agency
Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

Sponsoring Organization
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Research Benefits
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ISS Expedition Duration
April 2005 - October 2005; October 2008 - May 2012; September 2012 - March 2014

Expeditions Assigned

Previous Missions
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Experiment Description

Research Overview
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Space Applications
The system makes it possible to implement step-by-step development of a satellite video-information system. During the experiment, work is performed to confirm the possibility of transmitting video information from space in real time to publicly accessible ground-based user terminals, including various users in the aerospace-education system.

Earth Applications
Participants and students gain the opportunity to master methods of recognizing typical elements of the landscape, to perform georeferencing of the photos using maps and atlases, and to use the obtained images within the framework of interdisciplinary communications.

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Operational Requirements and Protocols
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Decadal Survey Recommendations

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Results/More Information

During the course of the experiment, images in SSTV format were received in various regions of the world. The use of information from space for educational purposes makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of teaching disciplines in the natural-science curriculum, to attract the public’s attention to the progress of the space program and the possibilities of obtaining direct, practical returns. The experience from the work performed within the framework of MAI-75 shows the great potential of the ISS RS as a platform for a broad array of educational experiments.

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Results Publications

    Alifanov OM, Biryukova MV, Odelevskiy VK, Firsyuk SO, Yurov AM, Samburov SN, Spirin AI, Shakhparonov VM.  Main Results and Development Prospects for the Space Educational Experiment MAI-75 on Board the ISS Russian Segment. K. E. Tsiolkovskiy Memorial Scientific Lectures, Kaluga, Russia; 2010

    Alifanov OM, Firsyuk SO, Khokhulin VS, Odelevskiy VK, Samburov SN, Spirin AI.  The MAI-75 Experiment Space Program Basic Results and Prospects of its Progress. Kosmonavtika i Raketostroenie (Cosmonautics and Rocket Engineering). 2007; 49(4): 145-149.

    Alifanov OM, Odelevskiy VK, Firsyuk SO, Khokhulin VS.  The Practice of Using Space Information in the Personnel-Training System for Rocket-Space Enterprises. 34th Academic Lectures on Cosmonautics; 2010

    Alifanov OM, Lamzin VA, Odelevskiy VK, Firsyuk SO, Khokhulin VS.  Space Experiment MAI-75. 4th International Conference on Aviation and Cosmonautics; 2005

    Alifanov OM, Odelevskiy VK, Samburov SN, Spirin AI, Firsyuk SO, Khokhulin VS.  SOVIK Satellite Educational Video Information Complex and Educational Experiments on the ISS. 8th International Forum on High Technologies of the 21st Century, Moscow, Russia; 2007 April 23-26 43.

    Alifanov OM, Firsyuk SO, Odelevskiy VK.  Use of the Results of Space Activity in Education. Polyot. 2011(4): 157-165.

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Ground Based Results Publications

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