Tomatosphere 5 (Tomatosphere 5) - 06.28.17

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The Tomatosphere 5 investigation consists of a shipment of 1.2 million tomato seeds to the International Space Station (ISS), where they visit for a short while aboard a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft before returning to Earth. Approximately 15 000 students in schools across Canada and the United States receive the space-flown seeds, as well as seeds that remained on Earth, and grow both types in a blind study that measures their germination, growth rate, and general vigor.
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Experiment Details

OpNom: Tomatosphere 5

Principal Investigator(s)

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Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Saint-Hubert, Quebec, Canada

Sponsoring Space Agency
Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Sponsoring Organization
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Research Benefits
Earth Benefits, Space Exploration, Scientific Discovery

ISS Expedition Duration
September 2016 - April 2017

Expeditions Assigned

Previous Missions
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Experiment Description

Research Overview

  • The primary objective of the Tomatosphere 5 educational project is to increase student interest and learning in space science, while providing students with hands-on experience in research methodologies.
  • Following exposure of the tomato seeds to the environment of space, they are to be sent to thousands of students in classrooms across Canada and the United States.
  • Students plant the seeds and record their observations on the effects of spaceflight on seed germination rates, seedling vigour, and other growth parameters.

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Space Applications
The Tomatosphere investigation studies tomato seeds that have flown in space and compares their growth to seeds that remained on Earth. Results provide new information about how spaceflight affects seed and plant growth.

Earth Applications
The Tomatosphere educational project connects students in Canada and the United States to the ISS program in a unique way. Students learn about space science as well as the science of nutrition, ecosystems, and plants.

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Operational Requirements and Protocols
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Decadal Survey Recommendations

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Results/More Information

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