NanoRacks-SMDC-Kestrel Eye IIM (NanoRacks-KE IIM) - 12.06.17

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NanoRacks-SMDC-Kestrel Eye IIM (NanoRacks-KE IIM) is a microsatellite carrying an optical imaging system payload, including a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) telescope. The investigation validates the concept of using microsatellites in low-Earth orbit to support critical operations. An overall goal is to demonstrate that small satellites are viable platforms for providing critical path support to operations and hosting advanced payloads.
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The following content was provided by Hardy Wheeler, and is maintained in a database by the ISS Program Science Office.
Experiment Details

OpNom: NanoRacks Kestrel Eye Satt

Principal Investigator(s)
Hardy Wheeler, AL, United States

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Maryland Aerospace Inc., Crofton, MD, United States

Sponsoring Space Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Sponsoring Organization
National Laboratory - Department of Defense (NL-DoD)

Research Benefits
Earth Benefits, Scientific Discovery

ISS Expedition Duration
April 2017 - February 2018

Expeditions Assigned

Previous Missions
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Experiment Description

Research Overview

  • The overall mission goal for NanoRacks-SMDC-Kestrel Eye IIM (NanoRacks-KE IIM) is to demonstrate small satellites are viable platforms for providing critical path support to operations and hosting advanced payloads.
  • The primary payload is an electro-optical imaging system.
  • If the NanoRacks-KE IIM mission is successful, it is expected missions of similar capability can be procured/operated at lower cost.

The NanoRacks-SMDC-Kestrel Eye IIM (NanoRacks-KE IIM) satellite bus is a monolithic design, dimensions of 15" X 15" X 38" with integrated command data and handling system, attitude controls and solar arrays for power. The NanoRacks-KE IIM primary payload is a medium resolution electro-optical imaging system, an element of which is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) telescope.

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Space Applications
This new satellite platform supports future missions in low-Earth orbit, providing medium-level capabilities at reduced cost.

Earth Applications
The new satellite platform could provide lower-cost Earth imagery in support of time-sensitive operations such as tracking severe weather and detecting natural disasters.

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Operational Requirements and Protocols
The NanoRacks-KE IIM mission requirements include crew resources for on-orbit assembly and pre-deployment logistics. Deployment is to occur as soon as possible after ISS reboost to maximize orbital lifetime. Video and photogrammetry services are required to characterize NanoRacks Kaber deployment kinematics and provide payload developer mission assurance feedback and ephemeris data at the time of deployment. ISS crew assembly procedures have been prepared to guide the crew through proper and safe assembly of the NanoRacks-KE IIM. JEM airlock and MSS SPDM operations are governed by the standard operations in place for those resources. Following deployment by the NanoRacks Kaber deployer, the NanoRacks-KE IIM begins nominal mission operations limited by its orbital lifetime expected to be approximately six months.

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Decadal Survey Recommendations

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Results/More Information

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