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Special Event Meals (Special Event Meals)


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Experiment Overview

This content was provided by Alain Maillet, and is maintained in a database by the ISS Program Science Office.

Information provided courtesy of the Erasmus Experiment Archive.
Brief Summary

This program will provide ISS crew with high quality European food for celebratory meals. These meals will be enjoyed for holidays, the arrival of a new crew, birthday's etc. These meals will provide the taste buds of the crew with something new for special events.

Principal Investigator(s)

  • Alain Maillet, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, Toulouse, France
  • Co-Investigator(s)/Collaborator(s)

  • Lionel Suchet, Ph.D., Center National D'Etudes Spatiales, Toulouse, France
  • Developer(s)

    Centre National d?Etudes Spatiales, Paris, , France

    Sponsoring Space Agency

    European Space Agency (ESA)

    Sponsoring Organization

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    Research Benefits

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    ISS Expedition Duration

    September 2006 - April 2007

    Expeditions Assigned


    Previous ISS Missions

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    Experiment Description

    Research Overview

    • The Special Event Meal will provide the taste buds of ISS crewmembers with a special meal for scheduled Special Events on ISS.

    • The Special Event Meals could possibly have a positive psychological effect on the crew, breaking the monotony of the typical food cycle.


    The goal of this project if to provide the ISS crew with high quality food cans that could be the core of celebration meals such as New Year, the arrival of new crew, birthdays, etc. This will give to the crew the possibility to break the monotony of ISS standard daily food, thus helping also for psychological support (useful for long duration flights).

    The food is provided in cans of 100 or 200 g. There are 13 different recipes available with 3 starter/side dishes, 6 main dishes (either meat or fish) and 4 desserts. Some of the recipes can be eaten either cold or warm.

    The delivery of these Special Event Meals for this mission is the first step, the final goal of the SEM Project is to provide these meals on a regular basis for ISS crew for celebrations, but also to support on - board physiological (linked to the EPM) or nutrition experiments that will need special food requirements (i.e. content knowledge and nutrition intakes).

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    Space Applications

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    Earth Applications

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    Operational Requirements

    To heat the cans, it is necessary to use the Russian heating system. The meals were prepared following the ISS Russian segment standards for food preparation. The 13 available recipes are as follows:

    • Tomatoe, Aubergine and Olive dip

    • Sand Carrots with a hint of Orange and Corriander

    • A light puree of celeriac with a hint of nutmeg

    • Shredded Chicken Parmentier

    • Swordfish -Riviera style

    • Red Tuna with candied Menton Lemon

    • Duck Breast confit, with capers

    • Quails roasted in Madiran wine

    • Spicy Chicken with stir-fried Thai vegetables

    • Semolina Cake with dried Apricots

    • Space Far (a Brittany tart)

    • Rice Pudding with candied fruit

    • Apple Fondant pieces

    Operational Protocols

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    Results/More Information

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    Related Websites
  • The information provided is courtesy of the ESA Astrolab Mission web page.
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    image NASA Image: S121E06239 - The STS-121 and Expedition 13 crewmembers gather for a group photo in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. From the left (front row) are European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Reiter, Expedition 13 flight engineer; cosmonaut Pavel V. Vinogradov, commander representing Russia's Federal Space Agency; and astronaut Jeffrey N. Williams, NASA space station science officer and flight engineer. From the left (middle row) are astronauts Stephanie D. Wilson, STS-121 mission specialist; Steven W. Lindsey, commander; and Lisa M. Nowak, mission specialist. From the left (back row) are astronauts Piers J. Sellers, Michael E. Fossum, both mission specialists; and Mark E. Kelly, pilot.
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    Information provided by the investigation team to the ISS Program Scientist's Office.
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