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Facility Summary

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Brief Summary

The Wet Lab Kit provides consumables and tools to support on-orbit sample processing.  The Kit's contents can be selected from a set list of certified items with quanitities adjusted to fit each National Lab's experiment need.  The Kit can contain disposable glove bags to provide containment during sample processing and experiment operations.

Facility Manager(s)

  • Jamian Lattin-Sims, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, United States
  • Facility Representative(s)

  • Kevin MacNeill, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, United States
  • Developer(s)

    Wyle Laboratories, Houston, TX, United States

    Sponsoring Space Agency

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

    Sponsoring Organization

    National Laboratory (NL)

    ISS Expedition Duration

    September 2012 - September 2013

    Expeditions Assigned


    Previous ISS Missions

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  • Onboard
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    Facility Overview

    The Wet Lab Kit decreases the dependency on returning samples to the Earth for processing.  The Kit helps to provide tools and consumables to process samples on-orbit. The Wet Lab Kit consists of a softgoods caddy, equivalent in volume to a full Cargo Transfer Bag.  The Wet Lab Kit can be configured to provide general lab consumables from a certified list depending on the current complement of experiment needs.  It can also be configured to accommodate sample-manipulation items including the Disposable Glove Bag (DGB) and associated hardware.  Once the Wet Lab Kit is on-orbit, it can be resupplied using the Wet Lab Resupply Kit, which consists of a 24” x 24” Bitran® Ziploc bag. The Wet Lab Resupply Kit can be configured to contain any item from the certified list or quantity required.  Multiple resupply kits can be sent at once since not all required items may be able to fit in one resupply kit. The certified list contains contents such as vials, syringes, needles, gloves, and blunt needles.

    The Disposable Glove Bag (DGB) is a custom made sealable teflon bag with sleeves to enable glove attachment with tape.  If required, the DGB may be modified to accommodate an air filter to allow deflation of the bag after it is used.  The DGB is designed to enable the user to manipulate samples in a separate atmosphere than the ISS.  It prevents any fly away fluids and particulates.  The bags are also modified to add external attachment points allowing attachment to the frame and work surface, and internally to provide anchor points for investigational items (e.g., vials, syringes, etc.).  Additionally absorbent material is included in the Wet Lab Kit allowing for cleanup of any sample or reagent that may escape within the DGB during sample processing operations.  The DGB does not provide a sterile environment.


    Facility Operations

    • Provides general lab processing consumables and tools from a certified list

    • Contents and quantities selected are dependent on the current complement of experiment needs

    • Disposable glove bags are provided for containment of processing tools, consumables and samples during experiment operations

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    Results/More Information

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    The Wet Lab Kit containing tools and consumables for on-orbit general lab processing. Image courtesy of NASA.

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    A Disposable Glove Bag attached to the Glove Bag Frame is designed to enable the user to manipulate samples in a separate atmosphere than the ISS.  Image courtesy of NASA.

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