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Destination Station: Quotes
“The visit was truly amazing. Astro Scott Tingle was absolutely wonderful with the patients and families. We had one of the biggest groups of patients and families in the Patient Entertainment Center that I have ever seen.”
Carrie Card, Children’s Hospital Boston

“Astro Steve Bowen’s presentation was great. His talk was both personal and informative. The audience was 100% engaged. Erika was so good with the audience and very knowledgeable. She did a super job. Overall, the event was a great success. Parents were just as interested in the activities and talks as the younger visitors…which is always a goal.”
Alice Vogler, Boston Children’s Museum

“The event was incredibly successful! The adults were as mesmerized as the children. A staff member told me the event was the best “space” program we have ever done.
Amy Macdonald, JFK Presidential Library

“The event went very well. We achieved our event goals. We were able to officially present to the public the NASA/U.S. Forest Service (Smokey Bear) partnership through the meeting of Cosmo and Smokey, showcase the importance of the space station and the use of space technology in forestry, and provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for the campers and visitors at the Myles Standish State Forest.”
Maureen Brook, US Forest Service

“Just wanted to follow up and compliment you for the planning done around the outreach program. Your staff was amazing.
Bryan Morry, The Hall – Gillette Stadium

“Erika and Heather's space suit presentations and demos were excellent. They're both top-notch public speakers, and they spoke at the right level and pace for the audience.”
Julia Sable, Museum of Science